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Do you want to find the best dropshipping products on Aliexpress and successfully run your own Shopify store?

Fortunately, FindNiche can help you find your niche, target the right audience, and finally succeed in the e-commerce market.

FindNiche is a free analytics tool that can help you in finding the winning dropshipping niches. The tool uses data from AliExpress and the database contains more than 2 million niche products and 700000+ Shopify stores.

Now FindNiche analyzes the Led-Strip 6920L-0001C 6916L-1113A product's performance from multiple aspects and helps you find the trending dropshipping products. In this report, FindNiche analyzes recent trends in Led-Strip 6920L-0001C 6916L-1113A orders and their popularity with Aliexpress. For more details, you can check the website dropshipping center aliexpress .

1. Led-Strip 6920L-0001C 6916L-1113A's  Aliexpress basic information 

Added time:Sep 19,2019 

Title description:Led-Strip 6920L-0001C 6916L-1113A 60leds LC420EUE-SEF1 for LG 42-V12-edge/6920l-0001c/6922l-0016a/.. 

Category :Industrial Computer & Accessories 


Total orders:5 

Added to wishlist:26 

AliExpress rating:5

2. Led-Strip 6920L-0001C 6916L-1113A's analytics 

There are several key indicators of whether a product has the potential to become an explosion: the number of orders in the short term, the number of reviews, the number of wishlists, etc. These determine whether the product matches your target audience and store positioning. FindNiche provides everything you need.

Led-Strip 6920L-0001C 6916L-1113A's total numbers of orders in the last 3 days is 0, the order volume in the last 7 days is 0, and the order volume in the 30 days is 0.

Led-Strip 6920L-0001C 6916L-1113A's number of wishlists in the last 3 days is 0, the number of wishlists in the last 7 days is 0, and the number of wishlists in the last 30 days is 0.

Led-Strip 6920L-0001C 6916L-1113A has 7 reviews on Aliexpress.

In conclusion, if the order volume of a certain product has greatly increased in the short term, but the number of reviews and wishlist is not high, then a high probability indicates that the product is not yet known by most people, but has great potential. This product may be your winning product.

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Led-Strip 6920L-0001C 6916L-1113A Sales Country Summary


Led-Strip 6920L-0001C 6916L-1113A Summary of Shippable Countries


Based on the basic information of dropshipping products provided by FindNiche, you can filter out your potential winning items.

3. Aliexpress top selling products analysis 

Product analysis with the highest sales of similar products in the past 30 days :

Product_nameLED Backlight strip Led-Backlight 42LB3910 6916L-1709A Backlight-Strip Led-Screen D2GE-320SC0-R3
Title description LED Backlight strip 8 Lamp For LG 42 inch TV INNOTEK DRT 3.0 42" 6916L 1709B 1710B 1957E Led-Backlight 42LB3910 6916L-1709A Strip-Bar 42inch LC420DUE INNOTEK Drt-3.0 for LG 42lb3910/Innotek/Drt-3.0/.. Backlight-Strip Led-Screen D2GE-320SC0-R3 Samsung TV UE32F5020AK for Inchs D2ge-320sc0-r3/25299a/25300a/..
Category Industrial Computer & Accessories Industrial Computer & Accessories Industrial Computer & Accessories
Price 19.20 19.04 14.56
30days orders 16 55 12
Growth rate N/A N/A N/A
Added to wishlist 330 635 113
Votes 489 886 111

The products that have been in the top three sales charts for a long time must be proven successful products. By comprehensively analyzing the various data of these winning products, we can summarize some rules to discover the hot products before they go viral.

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  • Title description analysis

The product name is the key information of the product obtained by the user for the first time. A good product name description will increase our conversion rate. By analyzing the top three products sold in the Industrial Computer & Accessories category, we can draw the following rules:

    ·  Product name description words between 14-20.

    ·  Clearly write key information such as product name, product model, etc.

    ·  The key information is ordered by importance. For example, "what is the product" is placed at the top; "product performance/model" is placed at the second place.

Finally, you can check dropshipping center aliexpress for other information.

For example LED Backlight strip 8 Lamp For LG 42 inch TV INNOTEK DRT 3.0 42" 6916L 1709B 1710B 1957E

  • Price analysis

Without considering the net profit, the products with high sales volume must be very low in price. This is what we call "small profits but quick turnover." We can see that among the products in the Industrial Computer & Accessories category, the price range of products with high sales volume is basically between $ 0.01 and $ 3.

This type of product is often suitable for the store in the early stages of attracting users,and it also suitable for more mature stores with large traffic.

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  • How to choose winning products

How to choose winning products is an issue that all e-commerce merchants must consider. In addition to writing the product name description and choosing the right price product, we can also analyze based on other product data. The key indicators are growth rate, orders, votes, wishlist.

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    ·   Products with high order volume often prove to be successful, but the competition is fierce and you may not have many opportunities.

    ·   Order’s growth rate is important. From the rise or fall of the growth rate of the product order, we can see how this product will be sold in the future.

    ·   If there is a certain amount of Aliexpress reviews and wishlists for a certain product, but the number is not too many. At the same time, the 7-day order for this product is very high, and the growth rate is also on the rise.  It will have a chance to become the next blockbuster product.

The above is a free Led-Strip 6920L-0001C 6916L-1113A's  Aliexpress analysis report. To do a good job of Shopify store operation and Aliexpress dropshipping business, long-term accumulation is required, and you should always check top dropshipping stores to learn from them. We need to constantly check the latest trends and product data. With the use of tools, we can improve our operational efficiency and conversion rate. I hope that this Aliexpress product analysis report will allow you to gain more.

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