Dropshipping India
How to Start Dropshipping Business in 2022?

Start Dropshipping in India with the best dropshipping niche finder - FindNiche!

What is Dropshipping Business in India?

Thanks to the booming economy, dropshipping in India is one of the most promising things.

An Online Business With Low Risk

Dropshipping is a low-risk retail business. Starting a dropshipping business in India means you don't have to worry about high employee costs, warehouse holding costs and shipping costs. In the triangle of a dropshipping business, the dropshipping supplier will handle production, warehousing, and provide shipping services and after-sales services to your customers. And you can focus your attention on the segments that generate more profit. For example, dropshipping product research, marketing, etc.

Starting a dropshipping business in India will minimize your risk and maximize your profits.

Dropshipping India: An Online Business With Low Risk

Is Dropshipping Profitable in India?

Absolutely lucrative! Dropshipping is saturated in Europe and the US, but in India, the dropshipping business is just beginning.

During a boom of India's economic and technology, dropshipping in India has become one of the most popular online businesses. In fact, many dropshippers in India have reached the peak of their lives through dropshipping. We always believe that the growth of dropshipping will skyrocket the e-commerce business in India, which is the best proof of the great success of the Indian market.

Dropshipping India: Is Dropshipping Profitable in India

Why Should You Dropship India in 2022?

As an Indian, there is no better time than now to start dropshipping.

01 Potential Market

As we know, India is the second most populous country in the world and is about to overtake China as the world's number one market. Along with India's economic leap, the purchasing power of Indians is growing and online shopping is now very popular. India's e-commerce market is expected to reach $111 billion by 2024 and $200 billion by 2026, ranking among the highest annual growth rates in the world.

02 Government Support

The e-commerce market and Dropshipping market are booming, thanks to a series of initiatives by the Indian government. For example, initiatives such as Digital India, Make in India, Startups, and the India Skills and Innovation Fund, were all implemented by the Indian government in 2014. These initiatives have accelerated the growth of e-commerce and dropshipping in India.

03 Lower Product Prices

Thanks to the size of India's labour force, Indian products have a strong price advantage around the world. The long history and diverse culture have created the unique appeal of Indian products. This has a huge appeal to overseas dropshipping customers. Any dropshipper of India can sell products from India to the world through dropshipping.

04 High Penetration of Online Payments

India is a world leader in Internet-based online payments. Starting a dropshipping business in India, you don't have to worry about paying your suppliers and charging customers, you can get your profits very smoothly. The available payment gateways in India are PayPal India, PayUmoney, Paytm, CCAvenue and many more.

Increase Your Dropshipping Profitability by 200%!

How to Start Dropshipping Business in India?

Find Profitable Niches

As we mentioned, a dropshipper in India can target both the domestic and overseas markets. Therefore, there are many choices of products and suppliers for a dropshipper in India. However, for a newbie, it's not easy.

Ask yourself these questions:
❓Which niche market are you interested in?
❓What products do you think would be profitable to sell?
Then put your answers on a list.
Next, you can find your best options from the list in several ways.
👉Google Trends
👉SEO Tools
👉Dropshipping Niche Finder

💡According to FindNiche, the top product categories in Shopify stores in India (2021): Cell Phones & Telecommunications, Home & Garden & Kitchen, Beauty & Health, Clothing, Shoes & Jewelry, and Home Improvement. All products from these top Shopify stores can be exported by the free Shopify spy tool!


Dropshipping India: Find Profitable Niches

Find Dropshipping Suppliers

Once you have identified the products you will be selling, you need to find reliable suppliers.

You can use Google to search for suppliers who offer the products. Of course, you can also choose your nearest local suppliers and visit them to determine if they are reliable. We will also provide you with some optional suppliers later on.

👉 Top 14 Dropshipping Suppliers in India

What kind of supplier is reliable?

A reliable supplier must be able to provide a satisfactory service to customers. For example, fast and reliable shipping services, 24/7 customer service, etc.

Efficient communication is also very important. The supplier must be able to communicate with you fluently in English.

In addition, the supplier's support for the dropshipping business will solve many problems for you. For example, the supplier is willing to provide you with samples and guarantees that the supplier's information will not be disclosed in the product.

Dropshipping India: Find Dropshipping Suppliers

Set Up a Dropshipping Store

Starting a dropshipping business in India, you don't need to spend time for warehouse management and staff management, instead, you can do what you can to make your store design better.

The uniqueness and beauty of the interface determines the first impression of your store and products to your customers. There are countless store templates available online and you can also use some store building tools such as Shopify, Oberlo, Woocommerce, etc. Shopnix, the Indian dropshipping tool for building a store, is also a good choice.

In addition, you need to provide all the payment gateways you can in your store to solve the payment difficulties for your customers.

Dropshipping Store Builders

Shopify, Woocommerce, Oberlo, Spocket, Shopnix, Salehoo

Dropshipping Automation Software

Oberlo, Spocket, Alidropship, Salehoo

Dropshipping India: Set Up a Dropshipping Store

Promote Your Dropshipping Store

Good things need you to shout and let others know. Once you can get your dropshipping business in India up and running, you can start promoting your store. Branding, SEO, email marketing, paid advertising and social media marketing will get your store visitors up and increase your store sales.


Paid Advertising

Email Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Start Ad Spy

Dropshipping India: Promote Your Dropshipping Store

Top 14 Dropshipping Suppliers in India

The most complete directory of dropshipping suppliers for your dropshipping bussiness in India.

My CDS, once known as "Bluember", is one of the best dropshipping suppliers in India. My CDS is the bridge between droshippers and Indian suppliers, linking over 2000 platforms and suppliers, making your dropshipping business automated. Most importantly, My CDS is the only one in India who offers automation services.

💰NANO: Rs.999/ 30 Days
💰MINI: Rs.999/ 30 Days
💰DELUXE: Rs.6,999/ 30 Days
💰ENTERPRISE: Rs.10,999/ 30 Days
💰ANDROID APP: Rs.7,499/ 3 Months
💰IOS APP: Rs.10,499/ 3 Months
IndiaMART is the largest B2B online marketplace in India. You can find local suppliers on IndiaMART located in any city in India. On IndiaMART, you can find over 50 categories of products including Drugs & Pharmaceuticals, Hospital & Diagnostics, Food & Beverages, Industrial Plants & Machinery, Industrial Supplies, Building & Construction, Apparel & Garments, and more.

Of course, if you don't want to spend time looking for products, you can also contact verified sellers directly to get the lowest offer.

In addition, IndiaMART takes care of your payments. IndiaMART supports almost all major credit/debit cards, online banking and wallet options.

Price: 💰free
TradeIndia is one of the best Sourcing marketplaces in India, providing "Assisted e-commerce" services to India's dropshipping sellers.

You can post your requirements on TradeIndia. Their best selling suppliers will contact you and provide you with the lowest quotes. Apart from this, you can also initiate contact with suppliers of more than 80,000 products.

However, most of the products offered on TradeIndia are raw materials and industrial products and most of them have a minimum order quantity.

Price: 💰free
Similar to TradeIndia, JimTrade is the largest enterprise dictionary of India, containing both a product dictionary and a supplier dictionary.

Among them, the supplier dictionary includes 21 categories of products such as agriculture, automotive, electronics, health and beauty, jewelry, sports toys, etc. When you start dropshipping in India, you can find the suppliers you need and contact them in JimTrade.

Price: 💰free
Tradeford is an online B2B marketplace that contains suppliers from all over the world. If you are starting dropshipping in India and want to import products from overseas to India, or if your target market is overseas, you can find your dropshipping suppliers on Tradeford.

Price: 💰free
ExportersIndia is also a reliable B2B marketplace. The suppliers on ExportersIndia cover more than 100 cities in India. Of course, on ExportersIndia you can also work with suppliers from several countries around the world, such as Australia, Malaysia, Canada, Singapore, USA, Saudi Arabia and many more. You can actively search for reliable suppliers or post to get instant quotes from verified suppliers.

Price: 💰free
Baapstores is the largest dropshipping platform in India and is a DIPP recognized startup and ISO certified company by the Government of India.

Baapstores provides you with the following features.
💡Wholesale prices of over 50,000 Indian products.
💡Automatic inventory updates.
💡Free shipping across India.
💡Support for shipping to overseas.
💡Dropshipping website building and hosting.
💡Free marketing tools.
💡Support for selling on any platform.
💡White label products
💡High-margin products.
💡Supported Feeds: Woocommerce, Shopify, Amazon, CSV, OpenCart

💰Bronze: Rs.17,495 (First time fee)
💰Gold: Rs.35,988 (First time fee)
💰Diamond: Rs.59,899 (First time fee)
Hothaat is one of the oldest websites dedicated to dropshipping business in India. On Hothaat, you can choose your niche products from more than 5000 products. Hothaat supports almost all major e-commerce platforms including ebay, Amazon, Walmart, Shopify, Etsy and many more. In addition to that, Hothaat supports worldwide shipping and provides discounts for members.

Price: 💰free
Snazzyway is India's #1 supplier of women's lingerie and fashion apparel, established 7 years ago, offering products such as bras, clubwear, panties and fashionable women's clothing.

Snazzyway supports dropshipping and will provide you with the following services.
💡Snazzyway integration with the best e-commerce platforms, including Woocommerce, Shopify, Squarespace, Big Cartel, OsCommerce and Ecwid.
💡Support for in-person product trials.
💡Ultra-fast delivery.
💡Free marketing tools.
💡Top international brands

💰Basic: Rs 2999/- one time set up fee
💰PLUS: Rs 5000/- one time set up fee
💰PRIVILEGE: Rs 15,000/- one time set up fee
💰PREMIUM: Rs 25,000/- one time set up fee
💰WHITE LABEL: Rs 50,000/- one time set up fee
💰WHITE LABEL (PRO): Rs 100,000/- one time set up fee
Seasonsway.com was founded in 2012 and launched dropshipping in India simultaneously to sell apparel, electronics, household appliances and other products to dropshipping sellers in India. When you place an order with Seasonsway, Seasonsway will ship your products to your customers. Seasonsway promises free registered shipping on all orders nationwide, except for household appliances.

To date, Seasonsway has served over 4,200 dropshipping stores and is an experienced partner.

Price: 💰free
Brithika is a wholesaler of all kinds of dress materials, sarees, dresses, reproductions, Kurtis, Lehengas and lingerie, and supports the delivery of products worldwide. Notably, Brithika promises free shipping and 7-day returns throughout India. Brithika supports all major payment methods including online banking, all major credit cards, debit cards and cash cards. If you want to sell luxury Indian clothing, Brithika is a great choice.

Price: 💰free
FragranceX is a perfume discount site that sells top brand perfumes at lower prices and guarantees 100% authority.

You can sign up for their dropshipping account on FragranceX and start working with them. FragranceX will pack and ship your products for you and FragranceX's information will not appear anywhere on the shipment. You only pay for the product and shipping.

Price: 💰free
Wholesale Box is an online wholesale marketplace based in India, selling over 300,000 products. wholesale Box promises to guarantee the lowest ex-factory prices and save you 25%-35% on your purchasing costs.

For dropshipping business in India, Wholesale Box offers COD, home delivery, easy returns and more.

If you want to find the lowest price dropshipping supplier in India, choose Wholesale Box!

Price: 💰free
Dropshipzone is the best dropshipping supplier from Australia, offering specialized services for the Indian market.

You can find the most popular products sold on the internet on Dropshipzone and be promised the lowest prices. You can quickly find the products you want to sell on Dropshipzone and view the detailed product information before downloading and importing them to your dropshipping store. The operation is simple and fully automatic.

Price: 💰free

Frequently Asked Questions

When you start dropshipping business in India, you may have these problems.

Is Dropshipping Legal in India?

The answer is "Yes", Dropshipping is legal in any country, you don't need to worry about that at all. But this does not mean that you can do whatever you want when you start a dropshipping business in India, there are some things you have to do.
✔️Get a license
✔️Pay taxes on time
❌Not sell prohibited products
❌No selling pirated or infringing products
If you want to learn more about the legal aspects of dropshipping in India, you can read this article. 👉Is Dropshipping Legal? A Few Things You Should Never Do in 2022!

Do I Need to Obtain a Business License/permit to Start Dropshipping in India?

Several licenses/permits are required to start a dropshipping business in India.
✔️GSTN No. (required, need to pay around Rs. 2000)
✔️Certificate of Incorporation (fee depends on the type of your company)
✔️Company bank account number
✔️Proof of company address
✔️Company PAN card (need to pay Rs. 110)
✔️Some other personal details are what you need to have ready.

What are the Most Profitable Dropshipping Niches in 2022?

According to FindNiche, the best dropshipping product research tool, the most popular categories of dropshipping products in India in 2021 are.
💡Beauty & Health
💡Home & Garden
💡Underwear & Sleepwears
💡Jewelry & Accessories

You can also monitor profitable dropshipping niches for 2022 in real-time.

How to Dropship in Amazon from India?

You can start your dropshipping business on Amazon. You need to register an Amazon seller account and showcase your products honestly.

To reduce your shipping costs, you'd better join Amazon FBA, which means shipping your products to Amazon and having them shipped to your customers. Other than that, you'd better not offer cash on delivery. You will have a huge headache if the customer doesn't like the product and refuses to pay for it.

How Much Does it Cost to Start a Dropshipping Business in India?

To start a dropshipping business in India, you may need to spend money on these steps.
💰Prep work, including applying for permits, etc. (around Rs. 2000)
💰Product research (FindNiche: Rs. 76/month)
💰Buying samples (depends on the niche you choose)
💰Marketing (depends on the marketing tools you use)
💰Some other tools and expenses (such as automation tools, etc.)

Of course, you can also try to start a dropshipping business in India with no money, but this may be difficult and inefficient. It depends on your budget.

How Does a Dropshipping Business in India Get Profitable?

The profits of a dropshipping business are generated by the money that customers pay you and the money that you pay your dropshipping supplier. Therefore, in a dropshipping business, you must anticipate your costs in advance and balance your pricing and costs to ensure your profits.

FindNiche will provide you with prices from suppliers and pricing from dropshipping stores on Shopify for your reference. Remember that, choosing products with low competition and high margins will reduce your risk.