How to Find Low Competition Niches with High Profit in 2022?
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How to Find Low Competition Niches with High Profit in 2022?

How to Find Low Competition Niches with High Profit in 2022?

It is an indisputable fact that one of the first questions that will come to your mind after you step into e-commerce and decide to sell online is "Which products should I sell". However, this question can vary significantly depending on the country you are selling to, the shoppers’ demands, your dropshipping supplier, your budget or your materials.

Besides, the items you decide to sell after making all the evaluations may not be the most profitable choice for you. Because you might not be able to cope with the competition in that product group. Consequently, you will not achieve a good sales rate. 

But, how can you hit the bull’s eye? This is where the niche market comes into play. So, what are the low competition niches with high profit in 2022? Read our article to discover the best niches that suit you most.

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E-Commerce Niche Marketing 

If you are looking for low competition niches with high earnings potential, you must have heard of the concept of niche. However, it is still useful to be reminded. As a matter of fact, an e-commerce niche is an area that other vendors often overlook. 

Examples of niches include handmade goods, pet products, home office products, trendy clothing, eco-friendly products, beauty, soaps, candles, or other trending items. However, you can find fields and sections that have not been entered yet. These are called low competition niches.

How to Find Low Competition Niches with High Profit in 2022-E-Commerce Niche Marketing

Once you find these niches, you can build a business with a high chance of success. You will not necessarily be able to stand up to strong e-commerce companies. But the vital point is to find areas that others neglect and take advantage of these low competition niches.

5 Advantages of Finding a Low Competition Niche 

How to Find Low Competition Niches with High Profit in 2022-5 Advantages of Finding a Low Competition Niche
  1. Low competition niche products will enable you to increase your profit margin by reducing your competition with big marketing companies, brands, and especially platforms.
  2. When you concentrate your products on a particular area, you will be one of the few national suppliers of this product, thus paving the way for you to be the industry leader.
  3. Since there are few sellers of that product with low competition niche product sales, it will be much easier for the consumer to come across your products when a search is done for this product in search engines.
  4. If you have niche products, you must provide trust and service quality to create a brand perception on consumers. As a result, you will become a seller that is growing day by day by having the title of seller sought in the market with your niche product.
  5. When you decide to market a low competition niche product since few manufacturers are supplying this product to the market, you will be the pioneer in determining the price, and you will be the one who directs the market. This shows us again that niche product marketing is an advantageous way.

E-commerce Sales By Country

You discovered the advantages of finding niche products for the online shopping world. So, is every niche you decide to sell profitable for you? How can you find low competition niches?

Niche areas will change depending on the country you want to dropship or sell products. Thus, you should discover the e-commerce market in the world by country. Here is the table that explains the world's biggest e-commerce markets (in terms of sales) by country and the state of the ongoing e-commerce trends there according to Oberlo.

No Country Annual online sales E-commerce share of total retail sales (%)
1 China $2779 billion 52.1
2 United States $843 billion 19
3 United Kingdom $169 billion 4.8
4 Japan $144 billion 3
5 South Korea $120 billion 2.5
6 Germany $101 billion 2.1
7 France $80 billion 1.6
8 India $67 billion 1.4
9 Canada $44 billion 1.3
10 Spain $37 billion 0.8

Now that you've learned about the countries where your focus can bring you success, let's look at how to find niches with high-profit margins.

4 Steps to Find Niches with High Profit

Here is our guide:

  1. Go to
  2. Hover on “NICHES” from the Top Bar menu.
  3. Click “ Dropshipping Niches” from the drop-down menu.
How to Find Low Competition Niches with High Profit in 2022-4 Steps to Find Niches with High Profit-1

Now, you will see the product list published daily by FindNiche experts. You should focus on the “ Profit Margin” tab in order to compare profits. Scroll down the page and discover all listed products.

How to Find Low Competition Niches with High Profit in 2022-4 Steps to Find Niches with High Profit-2

How to Find Low Competition Niche With High Profit?

After following our guide, you learned how to find a profitable niche. But what about their competition? We prepared a guide to assist you with discovering high profit niches with low competition in 2022. In our niche guide, we use three tools to use stats.

  1. Google Trends: Google Trends provides access to a largely unfiltered sample of actual search requests sent to Google. This data is available anonymized (no identifiable information), classified (identifies the topics of search queries), and aggregated (clustered). This allows us to show you which topics are widespread globally and by city.
  2. SEO Tools: You can use any SEO Tools like SEMRush, Ahref, etc, or Google Keyword Planner in order to view keyword competency and search volume.
  3. FindNiche: provides quality tools for e-commerce analysis to grow your business or launch new ideas. It’s a spectacular tool to explore low competition niches with high-profit potential.

Let's start:

1. Montessori Toys

When you scroll down the product list, you can compare profitable niches. Let’s say “ Montessori Toys” grabbed your interest with a $32.02 Profit Margin.

Low Competition Niche With High Profit-Montessori Toys-1

The first thing that you should do is to click the “ Show Me The Money” button.

Low Competition Niche With High Profit-Montessori Toys-2

Now, you will see the Product Overview that is consisted of:

  • Resell Profits: Shows selling price, product cost and profit margin. 
  • Aliexpress: Here, you may observe the Aliexpress stats including orders, reviews, rating and external links.
  • Engagement: Reports the Facebook Engagement stats that cover the total number of likes, comments and shares of the top one competitor among all.
  • Sales: It is the overall sales report
  • Shopify Competitors: This part shows your competitors that have Shopify stores. It also includes their selling price and profit margin of them.
How to Find Low Competition Niche With High Profit-Montessori Toys Shopify Competitors

So, you analyzed the high profit niche in detail. However, Do you think it is enough to decide the product to sell? Probably, your answer is no. Because you did not search for the demand of this product since you should learn whether this is a low competition niche or not.

Hence, you should use “ Google Trends” here. You can even select your desired country according to the table above or you can just select “ Worldwide” to examine the whole demand around the world.

Low Competition Niche With High Profit-Montessori Toys on Google trends

When looking at what Google Trends says about Montessori toys, even a small decrease in the current year, it is clear that their popularity has really been gaining momentum for the past 5 years. You can also analyze the search volume by country and keyword difficulty using any SEO tool.

You will see that the global search volume is high enough and amounts to almost 47K. And to top it off, look at the keyword difficulty – it’s consistently high! To sum up, there is a high demand for Montessori toys especially in the United States and the United Kingdom. However, you should work hard to compete with other sellers. So, it is not a low-competition niche.

Low Competition Niche With High Profit-Montessori Toys Keyword Overview

2. Dog Harness

The next niche is pet products which have enormous demand around the world. When you examine the product list, you will see the Personalized Dog Harness with a $23.15 profit margin.

Low Competition Niche With High Profit-Dog Harness

Then, apply trends to explore user intent for the 5 years.

Low Competition Niche With High Profit-Dog Harness on Google trends

Here you can see that the interest in this niche is not growing steadily, meanwhile, it is already high enough and keeps this position for many years. So, a dog harness is also a logical candidate to be an ideal niche. If you are confused with the Google Trends graph, it is very useful to compare high profit niches. 

Low Competition Niche With High Profit-Dog Harness VS Montessori Toys on Google trends

For instance, when you compare Montessori toys with dog harnesses, you will see that the pet niche is far above the Montessori toys in terms of shoppers' search intent. Keep in mind that, bigger search volume does not guarantee success. Besides, you should focus on competition. So let’s find out:

Low Competition Niche With High Profit-Dog Harness Keyword Overview

You can figure out that the competition is quite high although the profit margin and shopping demand for dog harnesses are high. Therefore, if you are going to sell in this niche, you will have to incur very serious advertising costs. Besides, competition with large eCommerce companies will also be inevitable. Therefore, this area is not an ideal product for a low competition niche.

3. Portable Juicer

Now it's time for a product that brings high profit considering low product cost. While exploring the product list, this time you come across a portable juicer with a profit margin of $35.65.

Low Competition Niche With High Profit-Portable Juicer

Let's analyze this niche, which can immediately attract the attention of sellers with these numbers.

Low Competition Niche With High Profit-Portable Juicer on Google trends

When you examine the search trends, you come across a fluctuating graph. Therefore, it can present a good selling opportunity for times of high demand. What about the competitive situation?

Low Competition Niche With High Profit-Portable Juicer Keyword Overview

As you can see from the report, the portable juicer is an ideal product for a high profit niche with low competition. In addition, if you are going to sell this product, you need to determine the target countries well since portable juice is more popular in Asian and Middle Eastern countries such as India, Indonesia, United Arab Emirates.

✔️Sometimes, it may be confusing to use many tools at the same time. Then, why don’t you try using Aliexpress analytics and Shopify Database? Here are some more low competition niches:

4. Contour Gauge

You can use AliExpress Database to explore low competition niches.

Low Competition Niche With High Profit-AliExpress Database

The FindNiche enables you to filter all products by competition. Besides, you can also filter by these features:

  • Category
  • Price
  • Total Orders
  • Order&Growth
  • Shipping
  • Rating
  • Wishlist
  • Reviews
  • Video Options
  • Dropshipping

So, when you scroll down the shortlisted products you will find out low competition niches. Let’s say you find Contour Gauge.

Low Competition Niche With High Profit-Contour Gauge-1

Contour gauge has an increasing orders trend as shown in the graph. Furthermore, it had 483 orders in the last 7 days. Shoppers left mostly positive feedback 132 times. Thus, you can select contour gauge as a low competition niche especially for dropshipping.

Low Competition Niche With High Profit-Contour Gauge-2

5. Shoe Covers

Who wouldn't want to protect a newly bought shoe from heavy rain or mud? Protecting your shoes from bad situations also extends their usage time. Sounds good, doesn't it? So let's take a look at shoe covers.

Low Competition Niche With High Profit-Shoe Covers

6. Watch Strap

Nearly everyone wears a watch on their wrist. Some people turn wearing into a collection. As watch usage expansions, watch straps will wear out and there will be a demand to purchase revivified ones. At this point, straps that draw attention with their multicolored designs can offer you a reasonable opportunity.

Low Competition Niche With High Profit-Watch Strap-1

614 orders in 7 days are good data for dropshipping with this product. Therefore, the watch strap is an acceptable item for the low competition niche.

Low Competition Niche With High Profit-Watch Strap-2

✔️ How about checking out the low competition niches sold on Shopify? Then visit Shopify Database.

7. Back Massager

Most of the day is spent at desk work. As such, some parts of our bodies suffer from pain. The most prominent of these is the back area. So many people are looking for massage tools to relax their back. Let's take a closer look at the back massager as a seller.

Low Competition Niche With High Profit-Back Massager-1

The first thing that catches our eye is that it is a low competition niche as well as a high profit rate. The increased graphic in orders also makes this product ideal for sellers.

Low Competition Niche With High Profit-Back Massager-2

8. Cup Warmer

Most people complain about their drinks getting cold. While working, studying, doing other things, drinks get cold in just minutes and we hate it. So, the drink will no longer be cold thanks to the cup warmer. Does it make sense?

Low Competition Niche With High Profit-Cup Warmer

The cup warmer is a spectacular good for low competition niche. What’s more, it has 1955 orders in just 7 days and with nearly $90K revenue. Hence, the seller should take the cup warmer into consideration.

Discover AliExpress High Profit Niches

You seek low competition niches with high profit to sell on Aliexpress, but do you find it difficult to analyze using a few internet tools? Then we recommend an all-in-one tool: FindNiche AliExpress Niches.

How to Find Low Competition Niches with High Profit in 2022-FindNiche Aliexpress Niches

Let's say you will look for hair circles on AlExpress. Then click on the details.

How to Find Low Competition Niches with High Profit in 2022-hair circles on AlExpress

Now, you can analyze Quick View for the item. Here you can observe orders and wish lists on Aliexpress. There is also an opportunity for sellers to view this product on Aliexpress or sell with Oberlo. Besides, you will also examine the Product Performance.

How to Find Low Competition Niches with High Profit in 2022-Product Performance

The chart shows the number of orders for the item per day. It is important to note that FindNiche cannot record the daily orders for the item until it is discovered by FN.

Moreover, The tool provides you the circle chart that explains all countries or regions where this product can be shipped and the proportion of orders.

5 Key Consumer Trends by Google

Selling online is not just about finding a low competition niche. Besides, you should take customers' expectations into consideration to run a successful business. 

Google analyzed thousands of retail search trends and insights from 23 markets across Europe, the Middle East, and Africa on Google Trends to identify five key consumer trends:

  1. Consumers are taking window shopping online
  2. Customers are carefully considering who they buy from
  3. Consumers expect better value than ever
  4. Shoppers expect extensive delivery options for everything
  5. Buyers demand will remain dynamic

Final Thoughts

Finding a high profit niche is a tough job in eCommerce and especially dropshipping. Buti if you, However, finding a highly profitable niche is not enough in an environment of millions of sellers. The key to success is also to explore low competition niches. It is obvious that this is not easy either. For this goal, you need to do analysis and research and use some internet and SEO tools. But don't worry, FindNiche, which has all the features in one tool, is next to all sellers and dropshippers in order to discover high profit niches with low competition.

Frequently Asked Questions for Niches

1. What are the free tools for searching low competition niches?

Besides many paid tools, some Google tools are free to seek for low competition niches. They are Google Trends and Google Keywords Planner. You can also experience using a free trial of paid SEO tools.

2.  How can I search for a high profit niche with low competition?

You can use FindNiche Dropshipping Tool, Aliexpress Niche Tool, or Shopify Niche Tools in order to examine up-to-date products.