Dropshipping Product Research Guide: Best 20 Tools, Tips, and Tricks
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Dropshipping Product Research Guide: Best 20 Tools, Tips, and Tricks

Why you should pay attention to dropshipping product research?

The success rate in the business model of dropshipping generally varies between 10% and 20% according to statistics in the market. Wrong niche choice is the most significant underlying factor. Highly competitive or low-profit items mean failure at the end of the day.

Therefore, winning products matter the most.

In this article, you will find tons of useful software used especially through AliExpress and Shopify, and some hacks on them. Enjoy the ride:)

Dropshipping Product Research Guide

Jumpstart Your Dropshipping Product Research with FindNiche!

Table of contents for this article.


Best Product Research Tools For Dropshipping 

When it comes to finding the right dropshipping product research tool alternatives, there are a bunch of them out there. General information about the tool, features, and pricing plans will be provided to give you insights into why they are crucial.


The best all-in-one niche finder across the market, FindNiche is here to help dropshippers to explore the best dropshipping products and put them into practice through databases it provides ad spying alternatives.

It has the perfect features for both AliExpress and Shopify, enabling you to find the items, check out the most selling products, find great niches so as to start your own dropshipping business, monitor analytics, and many more on both platforms.

Best Product Research Tools For Dropshipping-FindNiche

The tool is also unique in the fact that it provides over 80 million ads for spying on your competitors and learning about their winning products. It allows users to monitor what is trending on social media platforms such as Instagram and YouTube.

What is really cool about Find Niche is specifying your niches from nearly all dropshipping platforms to get the best out of it. This niche finder will walk you through the fundamentals of discovering the best dropshipping niches for sure.

As for the pricing plans, it has four plans depending on the needs of customers, all of which are paid versions. They start from $9 and go up to nearly $500 with VIP Enterprise. Elite and Premium versions are for $1 for three days for a perfect start.

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For this tool, it is easy to find how to drop ship products and process them depending upon the request of customers. It offers sellers on Shopify to track and discover competitor analysis at the touch of a button.

It has Classic, Live, Tracker, and many more tools that allow sellers to keep track of what is happening instantly in the marketplace at the touch of a button. Potential sellers are also supported by YouTube and ebook resources for a better experience.

Best Product Research Tools For Dropshipping-Ecomhunt

The pricing comes with both paid ones and a free one. The Basic plan starts from $29 monthly and it has Pro and Suite plans as well to get the most out of it. Keep in mind that users can save up to 45% on a yearly plan for long-term goals

Dropship Rabbit 

This tool seems like an ideal option when it comes to finding products to dropship through trying out free versions of product research, ad spying tools such as Tik Tok. Dropship Rabbit provides users with pro versions at affordable prices as well.

As with most product research tools, it has winning items that allow sellers to get the edge over other competitors and grow their business. Resources like tutorials and affiliate programs are other important aspects to consider.

Best Product Research Tools For Dropshipping-Dropship Rabbit

It has the standard and premium plans with plus options which you can save 50% off on a yearly budget. Some free features are worth a shot. Here is the dropship rabbit pricing:

  • Standard: $14.99 per Month.
  • Premium: $19.99 per Month.
  • Standard Plus: $89.94 per Year.
  • Premium Plus: $119.94 per Year.


It gives you the items that are trending, and winning items can be found easily through live results and product performance tools. AliShark gives users top country analysis of the specific items and most reputable dropshippers in this particular niche.

Best Product Research Tools For Dropshipping-AliShark

Matching pages with the tool are perfect to find out what your competitors are searching for in the market. Advanced filters help you to narrow your niche alternatives down so that you will be able to focus on what exactly you are looking for.

You will be charged $20 monthly for the plan offering access to all features after you try it for 2 days for $1.


This tool supports its customers with winning products renewed on an hourly basis, which seems like a great idea to be able to keep up to date. It is the gateway to becoming a successful dropshipping store owner.

Best Product Research Tools For Dropshipping-Ecomprofithub

As for the pricing plans, only one option is presented to users with a seven-day free trial version. It is $19.97 monthly, and in the long run, you can save more than %50 off with the yearly plans, letting you experience it firsthand for a long time. The annual plan costs $97.


If you are looking for a great niche finder, there you go. This tool would be the thing that you need to achieve your goals when it comes to how to do product research for dropshipping. It basically uses the analysis for products.

The winners' section on the website is all about what dropshippers want to achieve in their business. It provides fruitful insights into what kind of items winners in the marketplace are using and, more importantly, searching for.

Best Product Research Tools For Dropshipping-Droppoint

Droppoint comes in fairly affordable prices, starting from $5 per month and even cheaper through the yearly payment. What is best about it ensures satisfaction guarantee protocols to make sure that dropshippers are fully content with the experience. Here are their offers:

  • $5 for a monthly plan
  • $25 for 6 months plan
  • $50 for the annual plan.

Product Mafia 

It is a great helper for discovering trending dropshipping products and making this a part of your life actually. It offers items curated daily for people in this business model. Product Mafia is ideal to select the best products from a wide range of sources.

The winning products here are supported by real-time data, covering many aspects of how to do market research for dropshipping product alternatives. You will see the bigger picture when your competitors are looking for items totally different than yours.

Best Product Research Tools For Dropshipping-Droppoint

When it comes to dropshipping product research, a database full of insights backed by daily curated figures is all you need to gain an advantage in this competitive marketplace. It helps dropshippers take the guesswork out of this research process.

Free membership is available as long as you provide your email address. Besides free trial, Product mafia pricing plans are straightforward. It has 2 plans:

  1. Gold membership, which is only $7 per month, 
  2. The platinum membership is $49 per month.

What makes different platinum from the gold plan is that platinum members get access to special products.

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The tool will take you to the next level by hunting trending items best suited for your niche. It has great features such as conversion rate and sales analysis, marketing, dropshipping product research software, and a lot more.It feels like autopilot when you know Pexgle uses an AI system as effectively as possible to make sure that it caters to the best. Plus, it prevents you from wasting your time on items that do not sell.

Best Product Research Tools For Dropshipping-Pexgle

As for the Pexgle pricing, the packages start from $69.95, which is not reasonable, especially for fresh starters. It goes up to $199.95 and $499.95 for the Guru and Business plans respectively. For annual plans, 2 months will be free, perfect for the long-term goals.

Niche Scraper

It will be the next best step to discover how to find winning products on AliExpress with this tool. In this regard, product ideas and market research for best winning products are great assistants. They analyze the stores and find top niches.

Best Product Research Tools For Dropshipping-Niche Scraper

In terms of marketing tools, video ad makers will be of perfect assistance to dropshippers to display their items. Resources are other important elements to get the basics of how the tool functions effectively.

When it comes to niche scraper pricing, the membership costs $49 monthly. The good thing is that dropshipper can cancel anytime.

Sell the Trend

It is a one-in-all winning product hunting tool supported by AI, giving the edge over other dropshippers. To dominate the niche market for dropshippers, it allows them to do product analysis as detailed as possible.

Best Product Research Tools For Dropshipping-Sell the Trend

It is one of the best product research tools for dropshipping in terms of store automation, marketing tools, store intelligence, and success stories. 

Sell the Trend employs one fixed price policy, $39.97 per month. If you want to be a part of the winning items, you can get two months free on a yearly budget.

💡If you need to analyze the deep review kindly visit here: Sell The Trend Shops Review 


It is powerful in dropshipping product finder alternatives which will give you what you want in terms of taking the lead in your marketplace. It has the perfect three, namely, scale, scope, and accuracy, providing you with many opportunities.

Best Product Research Tools For Dropshipping-Allfactor

It is quite easy to understand how the system works with Allfactor. It is market insights, advanced analytics, and real-time tracking that make it distinct from other competitors. Top stores are another element to take into consideration.

Allfactor pricing plans work best with the Elite plan with the price of $99 for full access to all features included. The mid-range membership is a professional plan that costs $29 per month. The essential plan is totally free to see the difference. 


What makes it special is the proven Facebook ad capabilities for those using social media platforms as effectively as possible. Pexda is really good at exploring hot products just before they are trending. A perfect advantage, indeed.

Best Product Research Tools For Dropshipping-Pexda

It has an affordable pricing policy as a matter of fact. It will cost you nearly $15 dollars per month to start your business with the Standard package of it. Plus for the first 14 days, the standard plan only costs $1.95.

Premium and Ultimate plans are also available for growing and scaling your business for $24.95 and $99.95 respectively.


It comes with a wide range of features and dropshipping resources. It is mainly aimed at discovering top suppliers in the dropshipping arena. Spocket provides dropshippers with winning products with high-profit margins.

Best Product Research Tools For Dropshipping-Spocket

It makes the process easier with the free version. The best part is you can try the paid version for free for 14 days. The paid Starter package starts from $29.99 and gives you the basics you need to grow your business. 

The most popular Pro plan comes for $49.99 per month and the all-inclusive Empire plan costs $99.99.

💡Discover this analysis before purchasing: Spocket Dropshipping Reviews [2022]: Features, Pros&Cons, Pricing 


This multi-functional product research tool takes you to a higher level through unique features such as Easy Source and Love-Hate which are ideal to delve into product research analysis of best-selling items.

Best Product Research Tools For Dropshipping-ZonGuru

The tool is also instrumental in providing free resources like Keywords on Fire, Profit Calculator, and many more to give you the experience you need to get the sense of achievability. Events and weekly training sessions for free are also great benefits.

It has two paid pricing plans which are Researcher and Seller packages. For the yearly budgeting plans, you can save up to %40 off for growth. If you want to buy monthly here is ZonGuru pricing:

  • Research: $39 per month
  • Seller: $49 per month

Jungle Scout

It is mainly aimed at finding trending items on Amazon. It offers multiple features to take advantage of such as Opportunity Finder and Product Database. These can be used to boost your business and to get more traffic into your store.

Best Product Research Tools For Dropshipping-Jungle Scout

As for the Jungle Scout pricing, the plans are all paid although it offers a 7-day money-back guarantee with the standard plans. The starting price is $29 per month on a yearly basis, saving up to %55 off, which is perfect in the long run.  

If you want to go with monthly pricing you should pay these fees:

  • Basic: $49
  • Suite: $69
  • Professional: $129

Dropship Spy

Gaining access to thousands of winning products is made available through this spy program. Finding your desired niche is just at the touch of a button. Trending data, key indicators, and suppliers list are only some of the features to seize.

Best Product Research Tools For Dropshipping-Dropship Spy

As the pricing policy goes, Dropship Spy uses an exceptional strategy. While the monthly payment is $39, dropshippers can save up to %75 off if the payment is on a yearly budget with a price of $119. It would be a good option to opt-out of the yearly plan.


This is not only for dropshipping purposes but also for online shopping items. It has killer features such as real user metrics, and premium product images which are real game changers for the dropshipping business. A supplier finder is also beneficial.

Best Product Research Tools For Dropshipping-Thieve.co

The pricing policies of Thieve, it is a secret unless you share your email address. It seems like a great disadvantage because dropshippers may want to try it out.

Google Product Research

This google tool is backed up by Google Trends and you can search for anything to do with dropshipping products. The best thing about it is that you can get the results of the trends in virtually every region of the world.

Google Product Research

Since Google Trends is free of charge, it would be a kickstart point for newbies in the dropshipping arena in terms of product research. They can experiment with strong and weak parts of the process without having to pay anything.

💡If you want to boost your conversion rate and discover a proper niche based on seasonal trends, Google Trends Dropshipping 2022: Definitive Guide with Handy Tips is the most beneficial guide to follow.

AliExpress Dropshipping Center

The Aliexpress DS Center gives dropshippers a broad range of selection of winning products. It enables them to see the trending items on a global scale. Plus, it is totally free of charge.

AliExpress Dropshipping Center

After having seen this selection of best-selling products, dropshippers at this level will be able to have a clear picture of what it is like in their minds. They are likely to get the perspective on shipping costs and other costs and fees as well.

💡Good to discover this free product research tool: AliExpress Dropshipping Center: How to Access, Activate and Use? (2022 Updated) 


This totally free tool is designed to provide users with product sales statistics, search for sellers, search for products by specific criteria, competitor product research, and a couple more. It is a perfect starting point for newbies.

Order tracking, and exporting to any device are also possible with Asify. It doesn't hurt to give it a try:) It would be a turning point for some would-be dropshippers.

How To Find Winning Products On AliExpress?

Now that the general features of top dropshipping product research tools are described, it is high time to jump into some detailed AliExpress product analysis using one of the most reputable tools, FindNiche’s AliExpress Product Analysis

First off, it gives basic data such as category, price, total orders, and shipment details. Moreover, for advanced options, order, and growth, the destination point of shipment, star rating, wishlist, reviews, and competitions are included for the insights.

How To Find Winning Products On AliExpress?

When you want to tag the item, you can select the criteria such as dropshipping procedures, sold on Shopify, top brand, availability, and quality score are taken into account to get every significant detail about the product.

Release dates, total and 7-day orders of the item, and the trend of it are analyzed to make the most out of it. Last but not least you can export CSV and compare dates thoroughly for the full potential of the product.

💡You can also explore top Aliexpress best sellers thanks to the FindNiche analytics tool.

Shopify Product Research 

Shopify is another giant in the market and it should be analyzed comprehensively in order to get a full understanding of the product. Shopify Product Analysis tool is a great helper when it comes to identifying the important aspects of a winning item.

In the first place, we have to look at the basic and advanced features of a specific product such as category, price, store address, 7-day orders, and, of course, competition whether the item is thriving among others or not.

Shopify Product Research

Secondly, tags like getting matched on AliExpress, with FB ads, and availability of the product and release dates and exporting criteria will be critical in specifying what other factors can affect the item.

As a final set of factors, 7-day orders and revenues are compared to see whether the product has been worth it. The price range of the item is also significant in terms of competitiveness. As understood, the tool identifies all the data involved.

💡Are you unsure about what to sell on Shopify? Here is an outstanding assistant: 21 Top-Selling Dropshipping Products to sell on Shopify 

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Dropshipping Product Research Checklist 

In order to be able to have a great checklist in terms of researching winning products in dropshipping, there are criteria to be met. 

1. Select the Most Suitable Tool

Proper tools to manage a dropshipping business is of vital importance to dropshippers. Whether it is a product analysis tool or an Instagram spy ad program, they definitely make a great difference in getting you ahead of other competitors in the arena.

2. Focus on Low Competitive Products

Trying to find a low-competitive niche such as anime items is what you need when it comes to being one of the key players in your field of dropshipping. That's why your niche should be narrowed down as much as possible to get the best results. 

3. Analyze Your Top Competitors

Competitor analysis for the winning items is what makes you different from others. You have complete control of what they are searching for or using at that time. It is highly likely that you will get some best-selling products before they go viral:)

4. Choose Platforms to Sell Online

There are a load of platforms out there to market your niche. Some of them are surprisingly free of charge so that you can take the advantage of selling your products both on your shop and on social media platforms for instance.

5. Be Careful about Suppliers

Bear in mind that you partner with dependable suppliers so as to make sure that your customers will be satisfied with the item they have purchased. Some product research tools also provide trustworthy sellers. 

6. Determine Your Refund Policy

Depending on your product, you should have a clear refund policy, specifying every step in detail so that shoppers are not perplexed by the ambiguities involved. They should have a clear picture of what a refund process is like in their minds.

7. Explain the Shipping Process

It should be clearly stated in advance whether shipping is free or not. If the shipment is across countries, customers may be charged large amounts of shipment fees. You have to give detailed info regarding the shipment process. 

Final Words 

Dropshipping is an integral part of today's eCommerce world. When run properly, it may turn into a lucrative business. So as to realize this goal, dropshippers are to follow certain steps for success in this competitive market.

Doing comprehensive dropshipping product research in this regard is key to reaching out to audiences out there. Discovering winning products and putting them into practice are the following steps to be taken by dropshippers for thriving in your business.

The best tools for product analysis have been explained in this article to give you an insight into what it feels like to have these tools. Some other checklist items have been explained to scaffold the benefits of using tools.

It is beyond doubt that it is up to the reader to choose the best product analysis tool for themselves. As seen in the explanations, some tools cost little or no charge at all. It would be wiser to start experiencing it in small steps.

Dropshipping: Success or Not?

Dropshipping business model is still one of the most lucrative ones once the criteria have been met in this regard. Using the right winning tools to boost your business seems like a great option in the long term. 

Statistics show that dropshipping is more likely to thrive in the years to come. It is projected to get bigger and bigger due to the fact that shoppers are opting out for online shopping alternatives way more than traditional shopping methods.

By the year 2026, dropshipping market size is expected to go up to $476.10 billion when compared to only $196.78 billion, more than double. Plus, the region in which you do dropship is another important element to consider.

Over the years till 2026, there is a constant increase in the market size of this business model with proper strategies. It would be critical to use extensive product research tools, work with dependable suppliers, and employ comprehensive marketing methods.

Of course, it is not a bed of roses or a pleasure cruise. It entails a great deal of hard work and dedication. And if you discover high-profit margin products to sell online, success is inevitable. Let's take a look at living proof of this case. 

Kate is a dropshipper in a very rare niche, Japanese comics, in other words, anime. She offers strategies such as offering a wide range of items possible, always being in pursuit of new and winning products, and duplicating and modifying them for the best use.

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Frequently Asked Questions

It is basically research into what products are trending in dropshipping business. It gives dropshippers an edge over others actually.

There is no correct answer to that. It depends on what platform you are going to be actively involved in. As for Shopify and AliExpress, FindNiche can be considered to be among the best. 

Handcrafted items and personalized products are the ones that get higher ratings from customers. Jewelry and electronics are quite popular as well. 

Product research tools are what you need to discover winning products. They provide you with the trending and best-selling items.

Downloadable items and light products are usually considered to be the easiest ones.

It changes on a daily, even an hourly basis. It would be better to check them out every day so as not to miss the trending and winning items.

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