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How to Start Dropshipping in 2022?

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What is Dropshipping in The Philippines?

Thanks to the penetration of the Internet and mobile,
it's worth it to dropshipping in the Philippines.

The Easiest E-Commerce Business

Dropshipping is one of the easiest e-commerce businesses. You don't need to hold your own products or worry about stocking them. All you need to do is place an order for a product with a supplier and sell it in your dropshipping store at a higher price and you will make a profit. If you're not sure what products to sell, take inspiration from FindNiche's dropshipping product research articles.

Dropshipping Philippines: The Easiest E-Commerce Business

Dropshipping in The Philippines

In a survey, 50.48% of Filipino respondents said that they regularly shop at branded dropshipping stores. This shows that it is easy for Filipinos to accept shopping at dropshipping stores.

But that doesn't mean it's easy to carry out dropshipping in the Philippines. You may have heard some dropshippers complain that it not only takes quite a long time for overseas suppliers to ship their products to the Philippines, but it is also expensive. This is not absolute, some suppliers guarantee fast and inexpensive delivery. But you still need to be careful about the choice of shipping methods, which can become the biggest challenge when you are dropshipping in the Philippines.

Dropshipping Philippines: Dropshipping in the Philippines

Why Should You Dropship Philippines in 2022?

The Philippines dropshipping market is set to grow and prosper rapidly. As a Filipino, you should not give up on the local market.

01 Potential Market

With a total population of 101.47 million and an urbanization level of 44%, the Philippines has 47.13 million active Internet users and the penetration rate is 46%. The high Internet penetration rate and low online shopping rate prove that the Philippines e-commerce market has enough room for growth. The high level of urbanization will make logistics and distribution less difficult.

02 Government Support

In 2020, the contribution of e-commerce to the Philippines' GDP is 3.4%. And the government wants to increase this figure to 5.5% in 2022. Therefore, in order to increase the number of e-commerce businesses and enhance the trust of Filipino consumers in online shopping, the Philippines government launched the "Philippine E-Commerce Roadmap 2022" in January 2021.

03 Growth of Online Payments

By far, the most common payment method used by Filipino consumers is cash payment/cash on delivery (COD). However, offering COD as a payment option during Covid-19 may pose a risk.

Thus, despite the threat of the epidemic, the Philippines has seen a steady growth in cashless and digital payments, with more and more Filipinos embracing online shopping as an alternative to brick-and-mortar shopping during this particular period.

04 Local Dropshipping Supplier Appear

Many dropshipping companies in the Philippines have discovered this niche market and are committed to helping dropshippers in the Philippines solve the problem. Using these companies as your dropshipping suppliers in the Philippines will help you solve your the problems.

We provide you with a dropshipping supplier directory with local dropshipping suppliers in the Philippines in this article.
💡Top 14 Dropshipping Suppliers in Philippines

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How to Start Dropshipping in The Philippines with FindNiche?

Find Profitable Niches

Whether your target market is in the Philippines or globally, dropshipping product research is a critical thing.

A great dropshipping product research tool can increase your dropshipping store sales by 200%! Google Trends, SEO tools and the #1 dropshipping niche finder, FindNiche, making it easier for you to get the hottest trending products in Philly.

According to FindNiche's product analysis for 2021, the hottest product categories in the Philippines are Home & Garden, Cellphones & Telecommunications, Consumer Electronics, Lights & Lighting, Beauty & Health.

If you need trending products from other target countries around the world, you can use this niche finder tool to get them.

Dropshipping Philippines: Find Profitable Niches

Set Up a Dropshipping Store

Once you have chosen your niche, it's time to build a unique and easy-to-use online store to show your products. But obviously, building a high-quality online store by yourself can be quite a challenge.

Using a dropshipping store builder will make things easier. Many people will use Shopify, Woocommerce and Oberlo, but that doesn't mean that these are your only options. Spocket, Alidropship and Salehoo are also the best dropshipping store builders.

Some of these tools also offer dropshipping automation services such as Oberlo, Spocket, Alidropship and Salehoo. These tools can save you a lot of time.

Dropshipping Store Builders

Shopify, Woocommerce, Oberlo, Spocket, Alidropship, Salehoo

Dropshipping Automation Software

Oberlo, Spocket, Alidropship, Salehoo

Dropship Malaysia: Set Up a Dropshipping Store

Find Dropshipping Suppliers

Finding the best dropshipping supplier is a critical part of a successful dropshipping business in the Philippines. So what is a good supplier?

A good supplier will provide you with a good product at a good price and a commitment to provide efficient and inexpensive shipping services. In addition, smooth and consistent communication is very important. No dropshipper wants his supplier to be suddenly "out of touch" one day. Therefore, a dropshipping supplier from the Philippines and neighboring countries is more reliable.

We provide you with a directory of dropshipping suppliers in the Philippines. You can select the right supplier for your dropshipping business in the Philippines. Try to order a product you want to sell from these suppliers to test the quality of the product, delivery service and after-sales service.

Dropshipping Philippines: Find Dropshipping Suppliers

Promote Your Dropshipping Store

Getting your store and products seen by potential customers can greatly increase the turnover of your dropshipping store. There are many ways to do this, such as SEO, paid advertising, email marketing and social media marketing.

It is worth noting that the majority of millennial consumers in the Philippines are heavy users of social media, spending an average of more than 4 hours a day on social media. Therefore, if your target market is the Philippines, definitely don't neglect social media marketing.


Paid Advertising

email Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Start Ad Spy

Dropshipping Philippines: Promote Your Dropshipping Store

Top 14 Dropshipping Suppliers in The Philippines

The most complete directory of dropshipping suppliers
for your dropshipping business in the Philippines.

OJMD Dropshipping is the dropshipping business of OJMD Solutions. OJMD dropshipping is located at Km 20 The Fern Triangle Ortigas Avenue Extension, Cainta, 1900 Rizal and specializes in dropshipping business in Philippines.

OJMD Dropshipping offers cash on delivery (COD) service for all products sold. You can use OJMD Dropshipping to manage your dropshipping store and automate your dropshipping business in Philippines. With OJMD Dropshipping, you can dropshipping for Shopee, Lazada, Woocomerce and Shopify.

Their services start at $40 per month (PHP 1,955) and $360 per year (PHP 17,600), according to their Shopify pricing plan.
Dropify is a dropshipping suppliers website for dropshippers in Philippines, dedicated to promoting dropshipping in Philippines. Dropify claims they are the first dropshipping website in Philippines to offer cash on delivery (COD) services. Therefore, you don't need to worry about payment.

If you use Lazada and Shopee to build your dropshipping website, Dropify will be the perfect supplier for you. However, Dropify does not currently support Shopify and Woocommerce, they are working on related features. You can find suppliers of sneakers, sleep products, baby products, pet products, kitchen products and many more products on Dropify.

Selling products on Dropify requires a subscription and you need to pay a subscription fee to Dropify, which will deduct a percentage of the service fee from you based on the sales volume and its fees (discounts, coupons and promotions) minus the pass-through costs. For Lazada subscribers, the percentage is 5%, and for Shopee subscribers, the percentage is 2%.
Bags On Demand is a local supplier of luggage and money bags in Philippines, located at B22 L23 Ph6 Mabuhay Subd. Brgy. Mamatid Cabuyao Laguna.

Bags On Demand provides services to dropshippers. They can ship products worldwide and the customer will never know the supplier's information. With Bags On Demand, you can sell bags & wallets & accessories, beauty & health, masks & PPE, apparel and dust bags & eco bags & packaging in your dropshipping store.
MamaBearPH is a haven for dropshippers who focus on selling baby products. With the support of MamaBearPH, your dropshipping business in Philippines will be much easier.

MamaBearPH offers reseller services and supports dropshipping on MamaBearPH. All you need to do is register a MamaBearPH account and upload at least 15 pictures of your products to your dropshipping store, then place at least 3 orders on MamaBearPH and you can enjoy MamaBearPH's reseller service.
AliExpress is one of the world's most famous e-commerce companies from China. It is a B2B company of Alibaba. In China, AliExpress is the supplier of many Taobao sellers. Therefore, AliExpress is one of the most suitable suppliers for dropshipping.

Thanks to a complete supply chain in China, you can find any product you know at AliExpress. The prices of these products are lower than you can imagine, which can bring you more profit. If you are confused about the product selection, you can get inspired by the 10 best trending dropshipping products for 2021. In addition, AliExpress has suppliers from all over the world, including local dropshipping suppliers in the Philippines. Many of the suppliers on AliExpress from China also have warehouses in the Philippines. This can save you a lot of money on shipping costs when you dropship Philippines.

If you use Shopify and Bigcommerce to build your dropshipping store, you can import products from AliExpress directly into your store.

AliDropship has partnered with AliExpress to develop features and best-of-breed plugins. In fact, AliDropship is an e-commerce site that connects AliExpress to your store and is not a dropshipping supplier. If you are using AliExpress as your supplier, AliDropship is a great choice.
Chinabrands is one of the most popular dropshipping suppliers in the Philippines. Located in China, Chinabrands offers 100,000 SKUs from over 5,000 suppliers with a wide range of products at low prices. Best of all, Chinabrands does not set a minimum order amount, which is quite friendly for newbie dropshippers to try new products. Chinabrands supports 12 shopping platforms, including Shopify, eBay, Lazada, etc.

However, Chinabrands has recently been declining in ratings because of product out-of-stock and long shipping times. If you're dropshipping in the Philippines, the risk of using Chinabrands as a supplier is relatively high.
Cjdropshipping is an amazing e-commerce platform that can compete with AliExpress. It offers product shopping, shipping, custom packaging and more.

Also established by a Chinese wholesaler, Cjdropshipping has more than 10 product categories including Computer & Office, Health, Beauty & Hair and Consumer Electronics, all of which are popular in Philippines.

In addition, you can find products on Cjdropshipping that are also sold on AliExpress and China Taobao, so you can compare the prices of the products and choose the one with the lower price! Like Lazada, Cjdropshipping offers cash on delivery (COD) service, which will put your customers' doubts to rest and increase the likelihood of a deal.

Compared to AliExpress, Cjdropshipping has a much smaller number of products. But the services of Cjdropshipping are more suitable for dropshipping business in Philippines.
DHgate is another large e-commerce supplier platform from China. Similar to AliExpress, DHgate is a B2B company but serves customers worldwide.

DHgate has over 30 million products in a wide variety of categories including apparel and accessories, computers and networking, consumer electronics, toys and hobbies, health and beauty, luggage and jewelry, home, automotive, and more. The suppliers of these products promise to sell the same products at the same low prices as elsewhere. However, for dropshippers, using DHgate as a supplier is likely to face pirated products and product copyright issues.
Banggood, based in Guangzhou, China, is the world's leading online store for gadgets and fashion. You can buy 3D printers, remote control toys, cell phones, home appliances, TV boxes, home and garden and clothing on Banggood.com. Like most Chinese suppliers, products are available at lower prices and are shipped worldwide. Banggood partners with logistics companies including but not limited to DHL, EMS, UPS, GLS, DPD and TOLL.

If you use Banggood as your dropshipping supplier for Philippines , you can get a 5-20% discount. The most important thing is that you join Banggood's dropshipping program is totally free. You can import Banggood products to your Shopify and eBay stores with one click. Banggood provides you with automation tools: Banggood API/eBay API.
Lazada is one of the most popular e-commerce companies in the Philippines and even in Asia. It has a large number of profitable products.

If your target market is local to the Philippines, Lazada can offer you with cash on delivery (COD) services. Lazada is one of the few e-commerce sites that offers cash on delivery (COD) services for online payment issues in the Philippines. However, using Lazada as a dropshipping supplier in the Philippines, you will have a lot of competitors.

If your target market is overseas, Lazada is a available dropshipping supplier. In markets outside of Asia, Lazada's inexpensive products can be very profitable for you.
Rather than a dropshipping supplier, Esources is a roster of suppliers. Esources does not offer any dropshipping services, but it offers the same number of products and suppliers as AliExpress. However, the price of the products on Esources is much higher than AliExpress. Also, since Esources is located in the UK, not all suppliers on Esources offer shipping to Philippines. Even if they do, the shipping times can be long.

But, if your target market is overseas or even Europe, Esources would be a good dropshipping supplier.
FashionTIY is an online supplier of wholesale apparel, accessories, and trinkets from the United States. You can select reliable products from 100,000+ non-repeat products to sell in your dropshipping store. These products include apparel, jewelry, accessories, beauty, bags & shoes, home & garden, weddings & parties, mom & kids, etc. Compared to other suppliers, the price of FashionTIY products is 30% cheaper , which can provide you with more profit margin.

FashionTIY provides flexible shipping services to customers all over the world, including DHL, UPS, FedEx, air freight, ocean freight, USPS, DHL e-commerce, etc. Generally speaking, the faster the shipping method, the higher the cost. You need to calculate which method is the most cost-effective for you.
Spocket is designed to help dropshippers from around the world dropship products from the United States and Europe. More than 60,000 dropshippers around the world find suppliers on Spocket. A large number of products from Spocket are shipped all over the world and also to Philippines. Spocket is able to sync with your dropshipping store in one click. Spocket works with Shopify, BigCommerce, Wix, WooCommerce, Aliexpress, Squarespace Ecwid, Alibaba, and Square.

Of course, these services are not free. You'll need to pay Spocket a minimum fee of $24.99 (PHP 1,280.61) after 14 days trial, depending on the number of products you need. On top of that, since 80% of the suppliers on Spocket are from the US and Europe, the products may cost more than Asian products. This may lower your profit if you choose to use Spocket as your dropshipping supplier for Philippines.
SaleHoo provides reliable dropshipping suppliers for successful dropshippers. SaleHoo offers over 8,000 suppliers and over 2.5 million products for dropshippers. SaleHoo has a global network of suppliers and dropshipping suppliers in the Philippines are listed in SaleHoo's directory.

However, SaleHoo's service is not free. If you just want to check out SaleHoo's directory, you need to pay at least $67 (PHP 3,434) per year. If you want to enjoy professional dropshipping services, you need to pay at least $27 (PHP 1,384) per month.

Frequently Asked Questions

When you start dropshipping in the Philippines, you may have these problems.

Is Dropshipping Legal in the Philippines?

Of course it is! A dropshipping business in the Philippines is not only not against the law, but is encouraged by the Philippines government. This is exactly why we recommend that you start a dropshipping in the Philippines.

However, you still need to be aware of some of the legal issues that exist in a dropshipping business in the Philippines. We have listed a few things you should never do in your dropshipping business in 2022.

Does Shopee Philippines allow dropshipping?

Shopee dropshipping is only available for dropshipping Malaysia, it does not support dropshipping in the Philippines. If you want to dropship Malaysia, Shopee is an optional supplier.

In fact, there are more suppliers for dropshipping in the Philippines, they can completely replace Shopee. You can choose the one that suits you best as your dropshipping suppliers in the Philippines.

What are the Most Profitable Dropshipping Niches in 2022?

According to FindNiche, AliExpress' trending products in the Philippines are Home & Garden, Cellphones & Telecommunications, Beauty & Health, Underwear & Sleepwear, Shoes, Toys & Hobbies. The top 10 stores in the Philippines on Shopify sell Clothing, Shoes & Jewelry, Consumer Electronics, Beauty & Health, Home & Garden & Kitchen.

You can use product research tools to monitor trending products and niche products for 2022 in real-time.

Do I need to obtain a business license/permit to start dropshipping in the Philippines?

If you are just starting dropshipping in the Philippines and your business is small, a business license is not required. Once your business expands and you need to submit legitimate invoices, you need to apply for a business license.

Have to pay customs duties if I ship products from overseas to the Philippines?

Generally, all products imported into the Philippines are subject to customs duties.

This is the reason for the high cost of shipping overseas products to the Philippines. The amount of tariff depends on the product. The situation becomes more complicated if the product being shipped is classified as regulated. If the product is not registered with the Bureau of Customs, it is considered an "unofficial entry". This is another type of charge. It is up to the shipper or consignee to decide who will pay the duty.

What is My Target Country?

Starting dropshipping in the Philippines doesn't mean your target market has to be in the Philippines.

If you are determined to target the Philippines market, I suggest you to choose those dropshipping suppliers in the Philippines, such as OJMD Dropshipping, Dropify, etc. These dropshipping companies in the Philippines support cash on delivery (COD).

If your target market is overseas, you can use e-commerce companies from China as dropshipping suppliers. The low price of their products can create higher profits for you. Of course, you can also start your high ticket dropshipping on dropshipping suppliers' sites from Europe and America.