AliExpress Tutorial|AliExpress Database has been updated
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AliExpress Tutorial|AliExpress Database Has Been Updated

AliExpress Database was updated and launched on November 13. This update focuses on:

  • Optimize the overall interface design.
  • Simplify the data items of commodities and make your selection process more efficient.

List Page Optimization

  1. The list page focuses on the data of orders
  2. Increase order trend within 30 days

The list page focuses on the data of orders

The order of each period was arranged in The historical version. There are many data reference points, but it does not allow you to intuitively understand the changing trend of orders. You can choose common options to focus on more core periods.

  • If the main idea of your selection is "fast update and short frequency test", the 7-day order is very suitable for you!
  • If the main idea of your selection is "small profit and quick turnover, hot selling", then the 30-days order is very suitable for you!

Increase order trend within 30 days

Only recent commodity orders can not directly see the fluctuation of commodities. The selection of popular products depends not only on the order quantity but also on the order issuing trend of commodities:

  • Through the screening of order quantity and growth rate, we can judge the recent status of commodities (generally, commodities that may become popular, orders fluctuate around 50, and the growth rate fluctuates around 100%)
  • The order trend can help you judge whether the commodity is rising shortly or in the cycle.

Card list optimization

Simplify the card style, so that you can quickly and intuitively obtain commodity information and improve the efficiency of selection.

How to effectively find the potential explosion of AliExpress?

  1. enter your niche keywords or filter categories to narrow the scope.
  2. [Order & Growth] - select 7-day orders > 30, and the growth rate > 50%. This kind of commodity has the opportunity to become the winning product.
  3. Screening time - generally, for newly released commodities, the order issuing rate is relatively low and the reference data is limited. The screening items published within 30 days can be checked.
  4. Finally, browse your favorite products by order volume or growth.

The above is all content of this update of FindNice. Go and have a try!