Why Choose FindNiche
Over Ecomhunt?

Ecomhunt is designed to provide product research service for dropshippers, and it offers a curation of the best dropshipping products on a daily basis, typically 2 products per day.

However, FindNiche daily updates thousands of products and offers product details analysis from multiple perspectives. If you are going to conduct product research, the data provided by FindNiche is more insightful. Let's start with a detailed look at EcomHunt first.

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EcomHunt VS FindNiche 2022: Which is the Best Niche Finder?

Ecomhunt Review - What is Ecomhunt?

Ecomhunt is a winning product tool dedicated to helping you find those dropshipping winning products from the AliExpress marketplace. Ecomhunt not only provides you with in-depth product analysis, but also provides you with all kinds of learning resources, including e-books, video courses, clubs, etc. With the help of Ecomhunt, your dropshipping business will grow faster.

Ecomhunt Review - Features of Ecomhunt

  • Ecomhunt Classic: A large selection of winning products for you by professional winning product finders. These products make up a winning product database containing nearly 40 categories. You can find the products you want through intelligent filtering and searching. You can also view product information, cost, suggested selling price and saturation level. By becoming a Pro member of Ecomhunt, you can view even more product analytics, including Facebook ads, social media influencers and more.
  • Ecomhunt Live: With Ecomhunt Live, you can view the top 30 hottest products out of more than 2,300 winning products in real time every day. Click on each product to easily access buyer interest trends, order change trends, daily sales trends and top countries by interest/orders.
  • Ecomhunt Lucky: You don't have to worry about product research anymore when you win one lucky product in the Ecomhunt draw every day. Of course, you can set up filters to your liking, such as trends, high profits, top scores and low visits.
  • Ecomhunt Tracker: With the Ecomhunt tracker, you can track products on AliExpress, Facebook ads and stores on Shopify that interest you. Continuously tracking the performance of products will enable you to not miss out on good opportunities again in the future.
  • Ecomhunt Adam: Adam is your virtual assistant for AliExpress products, updated daily with new AliExpress products for you to view. In essence, it is a daily updated list of products that you can add to the Ecomhunt tracker for monitoring.
  • Ecomhunt Extension: With the free Ecomhunt extension, you can monitor Facebook ads for products as well as Shopify stores.

  • Ecomhunt Review - Pros And Cons of Ecomhunt

    Ecomhunt Pros

  • Detailed product analysis to help you with product research.
  • A list of products updated daily.
  • A wealth of learning resources for you and your dropshipping business to grow together.
  • More than just product research, ad monitoring and store tracking to grow your business on all fronts.

  • Ecomhunt Cons

  • The features of the free plan are quite limited. A real dropshipper requires at least $20 to experience the full features.
  • The product database has fewer filtering options, and people may not be able to filter to the products they want.
  • Dropshipper can only select products for sale from AliExpress.
  • Fewer sources of advertising. Users can only monitor Facebook ads and cannot monitor ads on other platforms.
  • Fewer product categories.The categories of products are not consistent with AliExpress.

  • Ecomhunt Review - Ecomhunt Pricing

    The free features are very limited.
    This means you need to spend at least $20 to fully experience Ecomhunt.


    2 products per day
    Very limited data
    5 saved products
    3 days delay on new products
    No access to the community


    Unlimited products per day
    Full data access
    Unlimited saves
    Part of our private community
    Zero delay!


    For the first month
    Instead of $29/mth

    Ecomhunt VS FindNiche Overview

    FeaturesFindNiche Ecomhunt
    AliExpress Products
    All AliExpress Categories
    Daily UpdatesUnlimited2 per day
    Product Detailed Analysis
    Shopify Competitors Analysis
    Shopify Products
    Advanced Filtering and Sort Options
    Product Performance
    Sell with Oberlo
    Competition Inspector
    Resell Profits
    Facebook ad links
    Niches Picked by Algorithm
    Target Countries
    Product Feature Description
    Paid MasterClass
    Product Tracking
    Recommend Filter Settings
    Dropshipping Ad Spy
    Free Chrome Extension
    Pricing$1 Monthly$29 Monthly

    Ecomhunt VS FindNiche: In-Depth Analysis

    Ecomhunt VS FindNiche-Dropshipping Products Research

    The dropshipping products in both Ecomhunt and FindNiche's database are all come from AliExpress.

    However, Ecomhunt only selects some of them and updates 2 products daily. While FindNiche, as the best alternative, has fetched most of them and update hundreds of the product details daily.

    When it comes to conducting product research on AliExpress, FindNiche can provide more products and multiple metrics analysis regarding each product.

    Ecomhunt VS FindNiche-Analyze Products in Bulk

    Compared to Ecomhunt, FindNiche is more user-friendly. It provides more accurate and concise filter criteria (more than 400+). You can customize the filter based on your preference to narrow the results down. Besides, it also offers 5 default filter setting recommendations for beginners. So you can easily find and analyze the products in bulk.

    Ecomhunt VS FindNiche-Niches Daily Recommendation

    Ecomhunt updates 2 new curated dropshipping products daily.

    FindNiche also has this feature, but it updates 20 dropshipping niche products picked by a powerful algorithm. However, their features only available for Pro/Elite members. But it's also cost-effective because it has saved you tons of time on searching and testing.

    Anyway, it's relatively easy to access potential winning products in this way.

    Ecomhunt VS FindNiche-Saturation Inspector

    Ecomhunt provides a saturation inspector to check how many stores are selling the product at the same time and whether the market for the product is saturated, but Ecomhunt doesn't explain the types of the stores (Shopify or other sites). It seems there is no chance for you to link directly into the shops, nor to check the competitors of the store.

    But on FindNiche, things become extremely simple. Although FindNiche doesn't have a saturation inspector tool, it has a similar function: it lists all the Shopify stores that are selling the product and their profit margins. You can directly link to the store to check its operating status. If you happen to be a Shopify store owner, FindNiche seems to be more suitable.

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