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Product Announcements|AliExpress niches and market insight are online now

AliExpress has updated with two new functions around 12.13, with this update focusing on:

  • Product recommendation of AliExpress niches.
  • A category analysis of the marketplace.

AliExpress niches

  • Recommend products according to different niche categories.
  • Daily recommendations for potential hits.

What can AI algorithmic recommendations do for you?

  • The quality of data is guaranteed, compared to the AliExpress database, you can guarantee that the order data for each product is not less than 50 orders, even if your resale can bring good revenue.
  • Predicting the future trend of orders, the chance of finding a potential product is significantly increased.
  • Daily non-stop updates on new product trends, so that you have a new harvest every day.

Market Insight

Not sure which category to sell? Then try Market Insight that is accessed by VIP members and let the data help you make decisions. There are a lot of items that are linked to on AliExpress but not for the purpose of making an order, so the top 100 items at the head are selected for local analysis, and the changes and fluctuations in the head items are enough to trend the product categories. How does this data assist you in making decisions?

  • Order volume: The size of the order can help you to determine the volume of a market. Of course, it is more accurate to obtain sales with the price parameter. The larger the order volume, the bigger the cake.
  • Opportunity Index: Represents the recent changes in the list of top100 products. The larger the index, the more new products will enter the top100, and the more active the category, the greater the opportunity.
  • Monopoly Index: Represents how much of the top100 the top10 orders are, the bigger the index, the bigger the profit of becoming top10, but there is a certain monopoly, there is a difficulty.
  • The number of stores: A reference indicator of monopoly, the smaller the number, the stronger the monopoly.
  • Avg. Rating /Avg. Reviews: What operational results do you need to achieve to become a top 100 item, and how much operational cost can be predicted

How do you find a category with high opportunities? In just three steps!

Step 1: Find a primary category, such as furniture items. It is not particularly difficult to monopolize and operate for a primary category, as there are different secondary categories that may bring surprises!

Step 2: Check out the secondary categories and sort them by opportunity index. You will find that although the orders for gardening supplies are not the highest, they have a good opportunity index, the category is active, the operation is less difficult and the competition is small, which is perfect for newbies to start. Also, holiday party supplies has the highest order volume, but orders are more concentrated in the head top10 (monopoly index up to 54), without some operational experience and low-cost sources, it is difficult to create their own category explosion.

Step 3: Check out the quality items in the category and pick potential pop-ups to place.

That's all that's in this update, go and try it out~