How To Find The Winning Product Through ADSPY?
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How To Find The Winning Product Through ADSPY?

With the rapid development of the cross-border e-commerce industry, the mature cross-border e-commerce platform can no longer meet the development needs of all sellers, and more and more sellers are choosing the independent station track as a launching pad.

One of the most important means of attracting traffic to an independent site is ad placement, without traffic there are no sales. By looking at the hotness of the ads that are being placed, you can determine which are the hottest items in the market right now. This allows you to plan your own business categories and advertising strategies to greatly increase your shop sales.

In this article, we'll take a look at how to find the popular products in the advertising channels with the help of the FindNiche analysis tool.

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Browse ads through the ad database

Ad data covering over 40 platforms was crawled by FindNiche, including the popular Shopify and WooCommerce independent site platforms. Most of these ads are placed on mainstream social platforms, including Facebook and Instagram. The billion-dollar ad data volume helps you to easily gain insight into all the ads that are being placed. The following teaches you how to use this feature.

Method 1: Search for popular ads by filtering

Most sellers test their products by running ads in bulk. But with so many different products, you can't run all of them, it's bound to be more than you can afford. If it is a product that has been tested by someone else recently and is performing well, and we have the resources readily available, then the cost and efficiency of choosing to test the ads will be greatly increased.

  • Screening of the most popular channels, such as Shopify channels and Facebook platforms
  • Target countries for advertising are generally the US
  • The most common CTA term is Shop Now
  • Ads that have been placed for a while and have a few likes are more informative and can be filtered for those with more than 100 likes.
  • The most recent ads are more immediate, so filter for ads that have been placed in the last 7 days.

Looking at the search results, we can see the following information.

  • Click on the CTA button to view product information
  • Shop link to see the shop where the ad was placed
  • Duration of the ad and the results of the ad, to determine if it is the latest popular ad placed
  • A link to the original posting address, where you can view the latest ad reviews

By viewing the details page, we are able to access more information about the products and advertisements directly.

  • Information about the shop or product that the ad is for, and even sales data for the Shopify product
  • Audience data for the ad to determine if the product fits your audience
Method 2: query popular advertisements through search

You can directly search the advertiser name and advertiser link to view all advertisements of the store, or you can view advertisements by searching the store name and store link, or Shopify commodity link.

Dropshipping product recommendation

For Dropshipping sellers, even if they find popular advertisements, they suffer from no supply or the risk of brand infringement. This function module recommends advertising products with high-quality suppliers for you. While selecting potential popular models, greatly improves the efficiency of product launches.

  • Recommend the latest popular advertising products
  • Find the best express suppliers

Come and try these methods to find your own potential winning products!