How to find your own winning product in 5 minutes on AliExprss?
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How to find your own winning product in 5 minutes on AliExprss?

As the largest global cross-border e-commerce marketplace with billion-dollar merchandise data, AliExpress is a good choice for finding niches, both as a market transformation and as a supplier platform. So how can you find the winning product through this platform?

  • Search through the database to dig deeper into potential winning products.
  • Check the list of recent hot items to explore your strengths.
  • Select your favorite product that is recommended by AliExpress Niche.

Method 1: Search the database by filtering

First thing to declare - the differentiated update mechanism of products by Findniche:

  • For newly released products, we will update them daily within a week;
  • For most products, we will update data weekly;
  • For products searched by users, we will supplement relevant data with priority within 24 hours based on the user's "search keywords", and maintain high-priority supplementation within a week.

If you have products that you are more concerned about, it is recommended that you can use the "Add to Favourite" function, as we will daily update the products or stores in "Favourite".

1, Through different filtering combinations, you can filter out the results of products that meet different requirements. Commonly used filtering combinations are as follows.

  • Low Competition: filter the products with categories, 7-day order growth >50%, and competition of 1 to 5. This is a combination of items that have less competition but are currently selling well in the marketplace and continue to increase in demand.
  • Optimization Potential: filter the products with a rating of 3 to 4 and 7-day orders >50, check order trends. This combination filters for items that have high market demand, but the product features do not meet the needs of the user and can be re-optimized for product features or pages through reviews.
  • New Hot-Selling: filter the products released in the last 30 days, 7-day orders > 50, and 7-day order increase > 50%, see order trend. The items filtered in this category are the newest items that have sold well in the last 30 days, and these new items could be potential breakout items.

There are many other filters to support different purposes, such as delivery locations to support the filtering of sales target countries, the Shopify Sell tab to view items sold on Shopify, and many more. The combination of over 20 filters allows you to find potential winning products that no one else is looking at.

2, View competitor's merchandise sales through shop search. We support searches for.

  • Shop name keyword, e.g. UR Sugar Official Store
  • Shop ID, e.g. 2950077
  • Shop home link, e.g.

Method 2: View recent winning products with the list

The list is divided into a Hot List and a Growth List. The Hot List represents all items sorted by order or growth rate values. The New Products list represents the latest items on the shelves sorted by orders or wish list. By filtering by category, you can further refine the market and increase efficiency.

Method 3: Recommend potential winning products for you through AI intelligent algorithms

Don't know how to find which potential winning products? No problem, our AI intelligent algorithm suggests potential pop-ups for you! These items have a guaranteed basic weekly order volume and are predicted by our algorithm to show a growth trend after that item. By filtering by category, you can narrow down the pop-up range and find the pop-ups in your category more precisely.

Come and try these methods to find your own potential winning products!