FindNiche, The Amazing Dropship Spy Alternative

Are you running a dropshipping business? We know that building a successful eCommerce business is not easy unless you have some wonderful marketing strategies. Most of the time, we need some tools to help us discover new business opportunities and take strategies to overtake the market. Among so many dropshipping tools, Dropship Spy is one of the best. It could help you find winning products, connect your Shopify store and add products to your online store.
As the amazing Dropship Spy alternative, FindNiche has more features for dropshippers. You are not only allowed to find more potential dropshipping items, but also your competitors' business strategies. With FindNiche, more business opportunities could be found in seconds.

Winning & Promising Products Library

Product Research means a lot for a dropshipping business. Both Dropship Spy and FindNiche provide massive potential products for dropshippers. On Dropship Spy, products are handpicked, they are might be creative but the quantity is limited. So there has a high possibility that you choose the same product as your competitors.
However, as Dropship Spy's alternative, FindNiche reduces such probability because it provides more than 1,000K dropshipping products and updates daily. Don't worry, it presets advanced filters to help you narrow the result down, and find the best one for your online store.

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Easily Connect Shopify Stores

Standalone sites like Shopify are popular among dropshippers. And things could be easier if the dropshipping tool could help you connect Shopify (dropshipping) store. With Dropship Spy, you can import the products that you find while conducting product research directly to your Shopify (however, you can’t manage your orders with it). As Dropship Spy's alternative, FindNiche connects more Shopify stores for one product, you will have the ability to check your Shopify competitors' selling price, resell profits, and Facebook ads. Also, you are able to check more top Shopify stores on FindNiche.

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Smart Filters & Sort Options

Compared to FindNiche, although Dropship Spy has search features, the sorting and filtering ability are relatively poor. You only have four filters to filter winning products, but it's enough when considering the product quantity. While as an alternative to Dropship Spy, FindNiche provides more than 400+ filter options (you can filter products by countries, price, growth rates, targeting countries, etc.), which can be set to narrow the result down and help you find the most suitable products for dropshipping business.

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FeaturesFindNicheDropship Spy
Winning Products
All AliExpress Categories
Links to Multiple Platforms
Training Resources
Shopify Connect
Favorite Products
Sort Products by Niche
Product Detailed Analysis
Shopify Competitors Analysis
Shopify Products
Advanced Filtering and Sort Options
Product History Performance
Resell Profits
Niches Picked by Algorithm
Advert Analysis
Winning Facebook Ads
Instagram Influencer
Preset Filter Settings
Smart Match
Top Shopify Stores
Pricing$29/$59 Monthly$20 Monthly

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