How To Find Winning Products And Niche With FindNiche--Shopify Guide
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How To Find Winning Products And Niche With FindNiche–Shopify Guide.

Table of contents

  • Explanation of some functions
  • How to gain a general analysis of products on AliExpress ?
  • How to find niche products on AliExpress ?

Explanation of some functions

Shopify database

This page shows all the products on sale in Shopify stores, with tens of millions of data and updated daily. Users can filter and view the shopify data according to their own needs, and analyze the changes of Shopify market.

  • Filter: product category, country of sale, product price, shopify product orders, release date, competition of shopify store, with FB ads.
  • Export results: when you find your target data, you can export the data to a CSV file for further commodity data analysis.

Shopify store


This page can help you find Shopify stores and provide some indicators to judge whether the stores are good or bad. Monitor the latest online store classification to obtain Shopify market intelligence.

  • Ads in 30 days: represents the total number of ads launched in the last 30 days. The more the number of advertisements, the larger the scale of the shop to do drop shopping.
  • FB likes: indicates the number of like people in the store's advertising account. The more the number of people, the more the advertising audience of the store.
  • Rank: indicates the ranking of the website traffic of the store. The higher the ranking, the larger the user scale of the store, which belongs to the head store.

How to gain a general analysis of products on Shopify ?

FN product is a big data cluster with a lot of data. You can find the data you want by adding some filtering conditions. But for novices, it is difficult to find the products they want without certain experience. Here I recommend some common screening combinations for novices, which can help you get started quickly.

Here are some common screening combinations for you.

List of high profit products

Find the most profitable products for Dropshipper. According to the 7-day profit growth rate and order base, judge whether the commodity is profitable. You can also find the profit growth rate of different categories of products according to your own needs.

The operation is as follows:

7-day sales list

On the Shopping Database page, you can sort the 7-day order quantity, filter different categories, view the sales situation of different categories of products, and find niche products of different categories

The operation is as follows:

New hot products list

On the shopping database page, you can filter the products that have recently been put on the shelves and sort their sales volume. Combined with competition and advertising, we can judge whether the product is niche product.

The operation is as follows:

Quality shop

On the shopping store page, you can find high-quality stores and see what the head stores are selling. You can judge by advertising and traffic indicators.

The operation is as follows: