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Do You Know The Free Aliexpress Spy Tool?-FindNiche

Maybe you are doing the Amazon store, maybe you are doing the Shopify store, the most important part is that you need to find a supplier, this is a big problem.

Especially for start-up companies that are just starting out, with the world In the development of China, Alibaba of China has provided us with a platform for global supply, Aliexpress, which facilitates the delivery of Chinese products to the world, as well as the delivery of global goods to China. But how to find good products? Many friends are confused, don’t worry, the free Aliexpress spy will help you solve the problem and no longer confuse you.

So why do we need such tools to help us? Let me first tell you why.
When you go directly to Aliexpress to find a business, the premise is that you need to talk too much time to find a manufacturer. After you find a manufacturer, you need to maintain real-time communication with him, ask about the time and ability to supply, and for this, you have the uncertainty and uncontrollable factors of the series.

1. What kind of goods should I choose? Suppliers will give priority to recommending products that can drive their sales, which is blind.

2. How can I trust the quality of their products?

3. My budget will be huge, and I need to purchase it at one time, which brings huge risks.

4. It took a lot of time to find a suitable manufacturer and product.5. I don’t know how their strength is, whether it is stable or not.

The above problems will bother you to choose a supplier, you have to spend a lot of energy to contact, the efficiency is too low, I am very annoyed.

What if I am? Here I simply share my experience, I hope you can gain something.
First of all, I need to use a free Aliexpress spy tool to illustrate the example, it is called FinNiche, opening it, finding the product section, you will see a lot of products, you can choose one page in the product fission, You can also enter your product keywords in the search box by keyword and choose to determine your product.

Then, you can determine the sales volume in the product list per unit time. Here is a small skill. Try to choose the products that are behind, because the competition of the previous products is also relatively large.

For example, if you have identified one of the following products, click on the product. Into the product details, there will be a corresponding list of product information for your analysis and analysis, specific price, sales information, recent display volume and other data, through the selection of several products.

Finally, after selecting the products you have identified, click “show on Aliexpress” and you will be able to directly enter your Aliexpress for your business communication.

Of course, there is also a way to directly enter the “Niche” column, which has a lot of high-priced, easy-to-sell goods, which brings higher risk costs. Also enter the Aliexpress through the “show on Aliexpress” in the product details. Among them.

Does it seem that efficiency has improved a lot? Have you learned it? And this product is already sold, there is no risk of being controllable. Use this free Aliexpress spy tool to get started and experience it!