34+ Best Dropshipping Tools For Product Finding and Spying
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34+ Best Dropshipping Tools For Product Finding and Spying

34+ Best Dropshipping Tools For Product Finding and Spying

Dropshipping is among the few online businesses that witness a huge boost during and after Covid-19. One of the many attractions of having a dropshipping business is that it does not require a lot of investment, to begin with.

However, like any other business, dropshipping requires strategic planning and useful software systems to perform various functions like product finding, keyword research, and spying. 

With many tools available right now, it can confuse a beginner to pick the right tools. To make the process less complicated, we have listed 34+ best dropshipping tools that are essential. Keep on reading to discover the most suitable one for you.

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Benefits of Using Software for Dropshipping?

Dropship software is essential to make it a successful business and outrank your competitors. After the boom in the dropshipping industry, the margin of standing out in any niche is getting more difficult due to the situation.

However, you can have the edge over others with the right tools/software for dropshipping. Like any other business, dropshipping requires planning before listing the products on your site, and that is where the benefits of tools come in.

Using these tools, you can perform crucial functions like analyzing your competitors, hunting products, SEO, Keyword research, and spying on ads. All of these functions are required to make dropshipping successful.

Top 34 Dropshipping Tools to Discover: Paid & Free

With the sheer number of tools available in the market right now, it can get pretty confusing which one to choose or not. We have listed the top 29 paid and free tools in each category to make dropshipping easy and successful for you.

Best Product Research Tools For Dropshipping 2022

Product research is a crucial step in dropshipping. No matter how good your store is, if the products in it are not something the audience likes, it will not work. Product research tools are required to find the goods in demand or with low competition. Here are some of the best product research tools in 2022.


Best Product Research Tools For Dropshipping 2022-FindNiche

Picking the right niche is the first and crucial step in dropshipping. If you discover high profit products with low competition, it makes the rest of the process achievable. FindNiche is a popular premium tool used to hunt either trending products or have stable sales related to your niche.

FindNiche was developed to help startups stepping into dropshipping find a suitable niche and help them rank against strong competitors. FindNiche evaluates over 210 Million products of AliExpress. Furthermore, it offers Shopify product analysis with more than 3 million Shopify stores.


  1. FindNiche can track product sales over the last 30 days.
  2. FindNiche offers trending niches for AliExpress and Shopify. Plus the list is updated every day.
  3. FindNiche comes with an ‘Ad Spy’ feature that can help you track competitors' successful ads.
  4. Easy to use with the availability of many features for an in-depth analysis.
  5. FindNiche points out the products for you that are in high demand and those that have potential but do not have enough suppliers.


FindNiche users can opt for either monthly or yearly packages. The monthly package includes:

  1. Basic - $9. Ideal for those who just want to perform product hunting.
  2. Elite - $59.Complete package for Shopify and AliExpress, including all the stats, tracking, and insights.
  3. Premium - $99. Contains all of the elite packages with increased limitations and Ad Spy on 3 platforms.
  4. VIP Enterprise - $199 - $499. Contains more product platforms, seller platforms, Ads, API integration, and more.

💰 You can save up to 40% if you purchase yearly. If you are not sure which is best for you, you can try premium features for 3 days for just $1.

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Niche Scraper

Best Product Research Tools For Dropshipping 2022-Niche Scraper

Niche Scraper is a beginner-friendly option for hunting products on Alibaba and other dropshipping stores. It has features like daily handpicked products for those who do not want to spend a lot of time finding products.

The platform offers a free account option, but it also has limitations. Niche Scraper also comes with Video Ad Maker. By using it, you can create attractive videos that can convert visitors.


  1. Easy to use, comes with a lot of useful scrapping options.
  2. Dedicated support Facebook group for members.
  3. The free Account option is there for those who are new to dropshipping or do not have money to buy a premium account.
  4. Unique features like Daily picked products to assist sellers.
  5. Comes with a Video ad maker that is beginner friendly and effective


The Niche Scraper comes with three different plans for you to choose from.

  1. Free Plan - Provides limited access. 
  2. Pro Monthly Membership - $49.96. It shows trending and best-selling products with all their data. Unlimited access to the Facebook video maker tool
  3. Pro Yearly Membership - $299. Shows estimated revenues of stores and unlimited access to hand-picked, best-selling, and potential product data.

Product Mafia

Best Product Research Tools For Dropshipping 2022-Product Mafia

Product Mafia provides detailed and latest information on random and trending products. With over 1000 dropshipping products listed from Alibaba, this tool allows users free access to many of its features.

Using Product Mafia is pretty simple, as it is geared towards audiences from all levels of dropshipping. If you are starting in a niche, Product Mafia might be ideal. It provides everything you need to dominate your niche, like keywords, where the audience is coming from, profitability, and product and dropshipping stores.

💡Product Mafia’s free membership gives users access to all the features available in Pro mode. However, there is a 3 days delay in product suggestions, giving pro members an edge.


  1. Up-to-date data with daily winning products
  2. Provides detailed product information, including Keywords, potential, and profitability report.
  3. The free version has almost all the functionality you need to begin dropshipping.
  4. Easily integrate with Shopify or WoCommerce stores
  5. Pro Membership provides many exclusive products according to your niche.


Product Mafia provides 3 Packages for pricing.

  1. Free - Users can access many features in Product Mafia with free access, but the product suggestion is delayed by 3 days.
  2. Gold - $7/month. Provides access to all of the features of Product Mafia with daily special products
  3. Premium - $49 Month - Same features as Gold, but comes with exclusive product suggestions daily.

Sell The Trend

Best Product Research Tools For Dropshipping 2022-Sell The Trend

Sell The Trend is relatively new to its competitors, but it's making its mark by providing data on trendy products from Amazon, AliExpress, CJdropshipping, and many other Shopify stores.

This product-finding tool lets you easily filter out the product you want from almost all dropshipping providers.


  1. Products detail from all of the major dropshipping providers.
  2. Dropshipping website builder, which lets you build your store within a few minutes,
  3. Ability to make videos for your product easily.
  4. Engagement Rating Calculator is a handy feature to find an influencer’s rating and engagement with their audience.
  5. Facebook Audience Builder suggests ideas to target the relative audience.


Sell the Trend provides 2 simple package plans with access to all their features.

  1. Monthly Plan - $39.97
  2. Yearly Plan - $395.64


Best Product Research Tools For Dropshipping 2022-Intelligynce

Intelligynce contains a bundle of software and tools specially geared towards Shopify stores. If you are starting or already working with Shopify, Intelligynce might be the perfect fit.

With data on over 2 Million+ products at their disposal and many other handy features, you can find a winning product for dropshipping and how to rank and price it.


  1. Unlimited import of products and their reviews from Shopify and WooCommerce
  2. With Intelligynce you can generate Keywords relative to your product that will help it rank.
  3. Provides instant data of a product over the last 14 days.
  4. Can perform store analysis to find out about competitors’ strategies
  5. Easy to use. Even a beginner can easily use the features Intelligynce provides, as most of them are automated.


Intelligynce provides 3 simple price plans.

  1. Monthly - $39.99
  2. Yearly - $79
  3. Special One time Offer - $99

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Best Spy Tools For Dropshipping

Spy tools help you find your competitors' strategies and how you can use them to outrank and dominate. If your product is in a saturated market, you will need these tools to strategize a plan.

Here are some best spy tools for dropshipping that you need to know


Best Product Research Tools For Dropshipping 2022-BigSpy

BigSpy is a freemium and one of the most popular ad spy tools. It covers almost all famous platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, and many others.

The database of BigSpy contains a huge amount of creative ads to get inspired. You can also use this data to find out what is working for your competitor and lay out a similar or better strategy for Ads to dominate the niche.


  1. Database with a lot of Ads creatives in almost every niche. Rather than creating an Ad from scratch, users can use these creatives for inspiration.
  2. Covers all the major Ads platforms, including YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and many more.
  3. Provides detailed analysis of the Ad to understand the promotional strategy better.
  4. Easy to use, it can track competitors' advertising strategies with just a few clicks.
  5. Users of BigSpy get daily ad updates that are trending.


BigSpy pricing is segregated into monthly and yearly plans. The monthly plans include

  1. Basic for $9/month. Gives access to basic ad tracking from Facebook & Instagram only
  2. Pro for $99/month. Involves basic offerings with increased limitations and Ads from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and Yahoo
  3. VIP Enterprise for $300+/month. Unlimited access to all the features includes ads from PRO, AdMob, YouTube, TikTok, and Unity.

If you buy an annual plan, you will save up to 30%.


Best Product Research Tools For Dropshipping 2022-Aliinsider

Aliinsder is an excellent tool that you can use to spy on competition on Shopify, Amazon, and eBay for any AliExpress product. It is an excellent AliExpress product analysis tool to find competitors' data like target market, revenue, prices, sourcing, etc.

Aliinsider's free version is also filled with many features that a pro version offers. It is ideal for beginners who want to start dropshipping with AliExpress. Using this tool, they can spy on the competition and plan accordingly.


  1. Comes with a chrome extension that provides one-click performance data of any AliExpress product.
  2. Provides a detailed competition summary, including Price history, sales, and logistic tracking.
  3. Spy on competitor’s store to track the AliExpress product.
  4. Ability to find the best suppliers for a product with just a click.


  1. $19.95 for a month.
  2. $46.90 for 3 months.
  3. $79.90 for 6 months.
  4. $139.90 for 1 year.


Best Product Research Tools For Dropshipping 2022-DropshipSpy

DropshipSpy is another widely used tool for spying on competitors' stores. However, it is not limited to this function only, as it is packed with many other important functions that will help you in dropshipping.

This tool gives you access to suppliers, a list of influencers, trendy products, ad copy, and many more. All of this makes DropshipSpy, a versatile tool in dropshipping.


  1. Provides in-depth details to spy on competitors
  2. User can create their product ads using the built-in Video creator
  3. DropshipSpy comes with an ad copy feature that can write multiple ad copies for a product.
  4. The Facebook Audience builder lets the user create an effective ad strategy for the target audience.
  5. Provide the updated list of influencers within the same niche of the product.


The Pricing plans for DropshiSpy are:

  1. Monthly Membership for $39
  2. Yearly Membership for $119


Best Product Research Tools For Dropshipping 2022-DropiSpy

DropiSpy is a simple tool for learning competitors' ad strategies or using the same on your product. The highlighted feature of DropiSpy is ad search, which you can use to find the ad that is already doing well according to your product.

The tool collects and provides thousands of ad creatives daily to get inspiration. Using the DropiSpy is pretty easy and beginners friendly. You just need to put on the data relevant to your product and target audience rest will be done by DropiSpy.


  1. A huge number of ad creatives that are relevant to your product.
  2. The free plan includes all the basic needs to spy on the competition.
  3. Provides detailed information on ads. 
  4. Beginner friendly and comes with a Google Chrome extension.


  1. Free Plan - Provides unlimited searches but restricts shop spy tools, advanced filters, and ad filtering.
  2. Premium Plan - $30.36/monthly. Allow unlimited use of all the features but limit the shop spy tool to 150,000 credits a month.
  3. Business Plan - $253.71/monthly. Unlimited access to all the features with shop spy tool credits of 1.8 Million per month.


Best Product Research Tools For Dropshipping 2022-AdSpy

AdSpy is a budget-friendly advanced ad spying tool that comes packed with a lot of features. It lets you analyze competitors' ads in detail, and the database of AdSpy contains a huge amount of ads in various niches.

The search option for ads in AdSpy is very comprehensive and can track down all the relevant ads according to the niche.


  1. AdSpy has massive ad data across all social media platforms that you can use according to the product.
  2. Provides comment search, enchanted basic search, and the target audience details of the relevant ad.
  3. Smart Search filters to find what you are looking for.


  1. $149 per month for unlimited usage.

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Best Dropshipping Tools For AliExpress

When it comes to dropshipping, AliExpress is the majority’s first choice. Given that it has the largest number of products and sellers, many tools are available too. Here are the best dropshipping tools for AliExpress that you need to know about.

FindNiche AliExpress Analytics

Best Dropshipping Tools For AliExpress -FindNiche AliExpress Analytics

FindNiche AliExpress analytics makes the complicated process of finding profitable niches simple. It offers an exceptional filtering system to explore the proper products. You can shorten the product list by price, total orders, shipping destination, star rating, wish list number, reviews, and competition. 

Additionally, you can analyze your competitors with the AliExpress Store tool. You are able to examine their dropshipping strategy thanks to this easy-to-use tool.

Last but not least is the AliExpress category analysis tool. It gives you market insights for your desired niches. 


  1. You will find the trending products, stores, and potential niche details.
  2. A plethora of products to pick from AliExpress that are doing well
  3. It offers competitor and category analysis.


  1. Basic - $9
  2. Elite - $59/monthly and $420-$720 Yearly
  3. VIP Enterprise - $199 - $499 Monthly. $2388-$5988 yearly.

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Best Dropshipping Tools For AliExpress -AliDropship

AliDropship is a popular platform that creates a custom dropshipping store for you with AliExpress products. It is widely used by those who want to auto-pilot everything in the dropshipping module.

Other than custom-made stores, AliDropship can create a similar store to your competitor with some changes. The AliDropship plugin can integrate with WordPress and WooCommerce.


  1. Custom-made and ready-to-use dropshipping stores
  2. A one-click plugin that can be integrated into WordPress
  3. Autopilot dropshipping stores


  1. Custom-made basic store - $299
  2. Advanced Store - $499
  3. Ultimate Store $899

This pricing does not include hosting, which charges $48 per year.


Best Dropshipping Tools For AliExpress -AliShark

AliShark is a product hunting tool for AliExpres, with many filtering functions to pick the right product for dropshipping. It comes with a product video generator along with its in-depth product tracking.

If you are unsure whether you will like the product, you can opt for the AliShark trial for 2 days for only $1.


  1. In-depth filtering option for a product.
  2. Comes with a video generator that you can use for creating videos of the product.


  1. Monthly subscription for $20.


Best Dropshipping Tools For AliExpress -DSers

DSers is an official AliExpress E-Commerce solution. Using DSers, users can make dropshipping easy by processing orders and paying in bulk. Additionally, DSers enable users to connect with sellers relevant to their products.


  1. DSers allow the user to manage multiple stores across several platforms with the ease of its one-page interface.
  2. Makes the bulk order placement and payment process much faster
  3. Help the users find suppliers
  4. Import bulk list to your E-Commerce stores


  1. Advanced - $19.99 monthly or $190.8 Annually
  2. Pro - $49.99 monthly or $478.8 Annually
  3. Enterprise - $499 monthly or $4788 Annually

ZIK Analytics

Best Dropshipping Tools For AliExpress -ZIK Analytics

Zik Analytics provides tools to find profitable niches and products in AliExpress and other E-Commerce platforms. The tools consist of everything you need to build a successful dropshipping business.

Competitor analysis, product research, profitability calculators, and many other integral tools come with ZIK analytics.


  1. Easy to use
  2. Many trending and profitable products are available, and new ones are added daily.
  3. AliExpress market in-depth research


  1. Pro - $14.99 per month or $299.88 per year
  2. Pro plus - $29.99 per month or $599.88 per year
  3. Enterprise - $44.99 per month or $899.88 per year

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Best Dropshipping Tools For Shopify

Just like AliExpress, Shopify has a huge number of tools available. We will list only the best dropshipping tools for Shopify that you need to start with.

1. FindNiche Shopify Spy

Best Dropshipping Tools For Shopify -FindNiche Shopify Spy

Advertising strategies are one of the game-changer factors in maximizing conversion in the Shopify dropshipping model. Thus, spying on the ad campaigns of successful Shopify sites has utmost importance if you are dropshipping beginner or have not been able to achieve satisfactory ordering goals for a while.

At this point, the FindNiche Shopify Spy tool allows you to analyze your competitors in detail with many filtering features.


  1. You can inspect Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube ads
  2. You are allowed to select the country of competitors and the types of ad campaigns.
  3. You are able to shorten the results by ad engagements and CTA types.


  1. Basic - $9
  2. Elite - $59/monthly and $420-$720 Yearly
  3. VIP Enterprise - $199 - $499 Monthly. $2388-$5988 yearly.

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2. Importify

Best Dropshipping Tools For Shopify -Importify

With Importify, users can import products from dropshipping providers like Amazon, AliExpress, and many others to your Shopify store. 

Importify comes packed with features like changing vendors on the go, a description editor, order fulfillment, and many more that make it vital for your Shopify dropshipping store.


  1. Import products from the dropshipping marketplace to your Shopify store within seconds.
  2. Research tool to review product sales and history
  3. Ideal for dropshipping beginners


  1. Basic - $14.95 Monthly or 
  2. Premium - $27.95 Monthly 
  3. Gold - $37.95 Monthly

If you opt for annual packages, you will get a 20% discount on each package.

3. Modalyst

Best Dropshipping Tools For Shopify -Modalyst

Modalyst provides hand-picked suppliers for each product from different markets. It is ideal for those who want to target European countries as most of the suppliers on Modalyst are from the US and Europe. 

This way, the product can deliver faster to the customer than waiting for weeks if you choose Alibaba. 


  1. Hand-picked dealers from the US and Europe
  2. Integertable to Shopify
  3. Modalyst has a facility for Private label dropshipping.


  1. Hobby - $0 Monthly- charges per product
  2. Start-up - $35 Monthly
  3. Pro - $90 Monthly

4. Spocket

Best Dropshipping Tools For Shopify -Spocket

Spocket is a famous dropshipping marketplace with products and manufacturers worldwide. It is a web-based app that can integrate with Shopify and many other platforms.

What makes Spocket unique is its focus on providing a huge amount of products, all within relatively budget pricing.


  1. No starting cost
  2. Products with heavily discounted rates
  3. Personal branding invoices
  4. Integration to almost all platforms


  1. $24 Monthly or $288 Annually
  2. $49 Monthly or $684 Annually
  3. $99 Monthly or $948 Annually

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5. DSM Tool

Best Dropshipping Tools For Shopify -DSM Tool

DSM Tool is a dropshipping management platform that integrates with Shopify and other marketplaces. It connects your Shopify store with the product listing on Alibaba, Amazon, and many more.

Not only this, DSM Tool gets you direct customer message feedback. Furthermore, this tool can add, edit, or remove bulk items.


  1. Provide users with top supplies across Amazon, Walmart, eBay, and Alibaba to start importing products.
  2. The Rapir tool of DSM imports listing with images of the product quickly.
  3. Suggest the best title according to the market for your product.


  1. Basic $24.97 Monthly 
  2. Business $99.97 Monthly
  3. Enterprise $499.97 Monthly

Best Dropshipping Tools For Amazon

The online is filled with tools for Amazon dropshipping. We have picked the best that is all you need. Here are the best dropshipping tools for Amazon.

AMZ Chart

Best Dropshipping Tools For Shopify -AMZ Chart

AMZ Chart is the leading tool used for Amazon dropshipping. It provides all the relevant data you need to increase your Best Seller Rank (BSR). The tool is packed with many different features that you need to increase your ranking and sale.

The features of AMZ Chart contain but are not limited to, Keyword research, product tracking, different marketplaces details, and many more. Making it one of the best tools to start dropshipping on Amazon.


  1. Product search with many advanced filters.
  2. The keyword research feature provides you with trendy and ranking keywords.
  3. Charts functions provide the highest selling products, products with demand but the shortage of availability, and many more.


  1. Monthly Basic - $9. Provides access to basic features with limitations to 20 searches per day 
  2. Monthly Pro - $49. Access to all features with 100 searches per day.
  3. VIP Enterprise Yearly - $3600+. Access to everything, including exclusive marketplaces and products.

AMZ Scout

Best Dropshipping Tools For Shopify -AMZ Scout

AMZ Scout is a set of tools that makes the process of Amazon dropshipping easy for you. It contains the Amazon database with all the relevant information like sales, keywords, history, supply, and many more, making it a complete package.

Besides many other features, AMZ Scout has a helpful chrome extension that can make things simple and easy for a user.


  1. Easy to use and comes with a lot of features
  2. Chrome extension is effective
  3. Huge data of Amazon products to choose from and filter from.


  1. Monthly Extention - $45.99.
  2. Annual Extention - $197.99
  3. Lifetime Payment - $499

Jungle Scout

Best Dropshipping Tools For Shopify -Jungle Scout

Jungle Scout provides you with all the features like Keyword research, product hunting, sales, and competitor spying, all within a user-friendly dashboard. It is one of the widely used tools used for Amazon drop shipping.


  1. Niche hunter allows the user to identify profitable and in-demand niches.
  2. The product Tracking feature of Jungle Scout provides a product’s sale history.
  3. Product Database lets users dive into all the offerings of Amazon products and uses filters to pick what they are interested in the most.
  4. Keyword Scout is another amazing function that comes with the Jungle Scout package. It provides data on what customers are searching for on Amazon.
  5. An excellent browser extension that makes all the processes easy and quick


Jungle Scout Monthly package includes

  1. Basic - $49
  2. Suite - $69
  3. Professional - $129

You can save your money up to 50% if you buy annually.

Helium 10

Best Dropshipping Tools For Shopify -Helium 10

Helium 10 is a widely used tool in Amazon dropshipping because it's a one-stop solution for everything required. It is filled with features and has many tools you need to create a successful dropshipping model and outrank your competitors.


  1. Helium Cerebo helps the user with a product history. Using it is very simple. You just need to paste the URL into it, and Cerebro will do the rest.
  2. The magnet of Helium 10 allows users to expand their keyword research by providing them with relevant results.
  3. Frankenstein allows the user to filter out irrelevant keywords.
  4. BlackBox lets the user dive deep into the different niches.


  1. Starter Package - $29/month gives users access to basic tools
  2. Platinium Package - $84/month, allows many more tools with increased limitations
  3. Diamond Package - $209/month, Unlimited access to all the tools with no limitations


Best Dropshipping Tools For Shopify -Ordoro

Ordoro provides a complete solution for an E-commerce store, including Amazon drop shipping. Using Ordoro, users can track their inventory and shipment, and its integration with almost all dropshipping platforms makes it a must in a dropshipping model.


  1. Ordoro is accessible from almost all devices.
  2. Provide multiple shipping carriers for your dropshipping business needs
  3. Easily integrate with all the famous dropshipping models.


  1. Express - $59 per month
  2. Pro - $499 per month
  3. Enterprise - $999 per month

Best 9 Free Dropshipping Tools

If you are starting or a beginner in Dropshipping and unsure whether it can work for you or not, we got you covered. You don't need to spend anything, as these are the best free dropshipping tools you need to start your journey.

 1. AliExpress Dropshipping Center

Best 9 Free Dropshipping Tools-AliExpress Dropshipping Center

The AliExpress dropshipping center comes with an AliExpress account and is completely free. It has built-in key functions like product research, sourcing, and dedicated support for dropshipping.

It is ideal for beginners to start their dropshipping journey on AliExpress.


  1. Dedicated support throughout the process
  2. Product sourcing of wholesale
  3. Product research

2. Google Keywords Planner

Best 9 Free Dropshipping Tools-Google Keywords Planner

Google Keyword Planner lets you research keywords and plans your marketing strategy accordingly. Given that Google is the largest search engine in the world by a huge margin, users come to it first to find any product.

With the help of a Keyword planner, you can find what people are searching for related to your product. You can implement those keywords into a promotional strategy or rank your store/product organically by performing SEO.


  1. Feedback of keywords from large search engines.
  2. Ideas for keyword research
  3. You can find where the traffic is coming from on these keywords.

💡 If you want to use Google tools for your dropshipping business here is another option: Google Trends.

Boost your conversion rate and discover a proper niche based on seasonal trends, Google Trends Dropshipping 2022: Definitive Guide with Handy Tips is the most beneficial guide to follow.

3. Shopify Hunt

Best 9 Free Dropshipping Tools-Shopify Hunt

Shopify hunt is an uncomplicated yet effective Chrome extension that lets you track your Shopify competitor's strategies. It automatically recognizes Shopify shops. The tool lets the user export all the product data into CSV or Excel.

Using the Shopify Hunt extension is very straightforward. Firstly, install the Chrome extension to your browser. Visit any Shopify store and run the extension to get all competitors' data.


  1. Free and unlimited usage
  2. Identifies Shopify Store automatically

4. Walmart Price Tracker

Best 9 Free Dropshipping Tools-Walmart Price Tracker

Walmart Price tracker is a Google chrome based handy extension that lets you track a product's price on Walmart. If you dropship products from/to Walmart, this extension is a must-have, as it alerts you when prices lower, and you can track a large number of products at the same time.


  1. Ability to track multiple products at the same time
  2. Alerts on the price drop
  3. Price history of a product.

4. Grabley

Best 9 Free Dropshipping Tools-Grabley

Grabley is a free google chrome extension that lets you perform product research on Amazon and eBay. The extension has built-in filters that hide or only show relevant information according to our product.


  1. Ability to filter out unnecessary items on eBay and Amazon
  2. Fast button search on Amazon and eBay

5. Shopify Raise

Best 9 Free Dropshipping Tools-Shopify Raise

Shopify Raise is a spectacular Shopify analysis tool that helps you analyze your competitors by reviewing the product strategy and best-selling items. It will be your great assistant to boost your conversion and maximize profits for your Shopify dropshipping business!


  1. You are able to examine store details like store name, web shop theme, categories, and products.
  2. You can discover recently added and top-selling products.
  3. You are allowed to export Shopify store product data to Excel/CSV documents.

6. Amazon Price History Tracker

Best 9 Free Dropshipping Tools-Amazon Price History Tracker

It can be handy to track your competitors’ price history to determine the proper pricing strategy for your products. Because pricing is the key factor in product research. So, you can display all historical prices and the lowest prices of Amazon products through Amazon Price History Tracker Plugin.


  1. Easy-to-use. You can start using this plugin after installation without registration.
  2. It can be used in Germany, Japan, France, Canada, Italy, Spain, India and Mexico Amazon.

7. AliNiche - AliExpress Product Research Tool

Best 9 Free Dropshipping Tools-AliNiche

What does it sound like to do product research for your Shopify dropshipping business model while visiting AliExpress stores and products? Moreover, at no cost. Then AliNiche plugin is for you.

This tool will display equivalent products that are cheaper or have higher sales. Furthermore, it shows which Shopify competitors are selling those products.


  1. Discover Shopify competitors that are selling dropshipping products.
  2. This tool shows the AliExpress shipping time and costs for products with various logistics possibilities.

8. Sales Sort for eBay

Best 9 Free Dropshipping Tools-Sales Sort for eBay

When it comes to product research in eBay dropshipping, you may have trouble finding practical tools or plugins for your business. However, this tool will significantly boost the efficiency of eBay product research.


  1. You can explore the sales of your products on eBay. Plus, you can discover your competitors’ sales.

9. Shopify Store Traffic Analysis

Best 9 Free Dropshipping Tools-Shopify Store Traffic Analysis

You can inspect your Shopify competitors’ Google search and Facebook Ads strategy thanks to this outstanding free plugin. This will allow you to discover the most popular and demanding products.


  1. Explore Google keywords and Facebook Ads strategy of competitors.
  2. Analyze detailed insights of competitors’ store traffic sources.
  3. Discover the monthly trend of website visitors.


The number of available tools in all dropshipping marketplace can get overwhelming, especially for a beginner. We have listed all the best dropshipping tools required that you can use to begin your journey on Amazon, AliExpress, and Shopify.

If you don't want to spend anything on tools, this guide covers all the free alternatives to paid tools. The dropshipping business is booming more than ever. With these tools, you can start your journey and make it successful.


What is the best tool for dropshipping?

The best tool depends upon the platform you are using for dropshipping. AMZ Chart for Amazon, FindNiche for AliExpress, Shopifyhunt for Shopify, and ZIK Analytics for eBay are among the best tools.

What platform is best for dropshipping?

Platforms like AliExpress, Amazon, 1688, Walmart, and Shopify are widely considered the best for dropshipping.

How can I start dropshipping successfully?

To start dropshipping, you need to pick a platform, a niche you are interested in, and a product with potential. Use free and paid tools to find the gap in your niche.

Is dropshipping worth in 2022?

Yes! Dropshipping is not going anywhere. With time the dropshipping business witnessed a successful incline, and it continues to do so.

Do I need money to start dropshipping?

You need to invest a minimal amount to create your dropship store. You can use free tools like dropshipping products finder and others to hunt for products and keywords.