What to Sell On Shopify? 21 Top-Selling Dropshipping Products
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What to Sell On Shopify? 21 Top-Selling Dropshipping Products

What to Sell On Shopify? 21 Top-Selling Dropshipping Products
What to Sell On Shopify? 21 Top-Selling Dropshipping Products

Shopify is the best platform to embark on a new digital commerce journey, especially on dropshipping. While thinking about business on Shopify, the first question in everyone’s mind is what to sell on Shopify.

There are abundant products offered by suppliers around the world. However, the vital point of dropshipping with Shopify is to find high profitable products with low competition. But how?

In this article, you will find Shopify top selling products. Furthermore, you will be acknowledged the way to find the best things to sell on Shopify. Without further ado, let’s deep dive into trending products.

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Why is Shopify Important For Dropshipping?

The Shopify platform is the best if anyone is considering a dropshipping business model. It will directly connect thousands of vendors who manufacture, stock, pack, and ship products for you. 

Shopify Dropshipping Statistics

A 2022 global statistics claim that the global dropshipping market reached $196.78 billion and will continue to grow to $476.1 in upcoming years. 💡Nice to Know: The Ultimate Guide on How to Start Dropshipping For Free in 2022

Shopify Dropshipping Statistics

Also, from April 2021, about 12.82% of Shopify stores deploy at least one dropshipping product, while 7.10% of products in all Shopify stores are supplied from a dropshipping service. Here are the best countries to target for Shopify Dropshipping;

Country name  GDP per Capita  Local Shopify dropshipping suppliers 
The United States  $63.5k Modalyst, Salehoo, wholesale2B, etc. 
The United Kingdom $40.28k  AliExpress, Avasam, SourceLow etc. 
Ireland  $83.8k Dublin Gift, AliExpress, etc.
Australia  $51.8k Salehoo, Dropshipzone, Ozdingo
Canada $43.3k DropCommerce, Spocket, Printful, etc.  
Germany  $45.7k CJDropshipping, Alibaba, AliExpress, etc. 
France  $39k Fnac, Auchan, Rakuten etc.
Spain  $27.1k  AliExpress, Globax etc. 
Scandinavia  $67.3k  Zalando, Wish, etc. 

You just need to focus on discovering the best products to sell on Shopify and plan a strategy to market your business. 

What Makes Shopify Popular for Dropshipping?

Here are the amazing features that the Shopify Dropshipping process offers to its users; 

Quick and easy to use, does not require technical skills 

Shopify enables sellers to market for every level of a merchant but especially for the newbies. Its dashboard is easy to use as you don't need any specific skill to develop a store on Shopify. It comes with unlimited storage, products to sell on Shopify, and monthly data transfer. 

Furthermore, Shopify offers 14 free trials to actively develop the top Shopify products collection, find the best dropship vendor, and research top-selling dropship products. 

7/24 customer support 

Providing 7/24 customer support is a key element of any business, whether you are selling online or in person. Shopify offers you the best and easiest ways to interact with your buyers via Shopify inbox or by setting Messenger Sales Channels. 

So, your consumers can ask questions about orders and products and know about your latest products.

What makes Shopify popular for dropshipping?

You can also create a contact form to your Shopify web page by adding your phone number and mailing addresses to update your buyers using email newsletters and messages. This way, Shopify lets you help your customer if they find a problem with your store. 

Moreover, you can contact the support team through the Shopify help center as a shop owner if you face any issues regarding the order process.

Multiple SEO functions 

Shopify offers you amazing SEO built-in functions to assist you in optimizing your content in search engines. You can use auto-generated canonical tags to avoid copy content.

Plus, you can edit the tags, titles, Meta descriptions, and URLs for your products, webpages, collections, and blog posts. Further, you can also change the alt text for pictures using Shopify's multiple SEO functions. 

Numerous apps and themes 

One other best feature of Shopify is that it offers unlimited apps to add business-friendly features to sell on Shopify efficiently. 

You can install apps like Modalyst, Printful, Sprocket, Dripshipper, and others from Shopify App Store and integrate them with your themes. You can also edit your theme by adding, removing, or customizing your theme design. Generate a theme that matches your brand name and product to help make your web optimized in search results. 

Easy shipping process 

Shopify simplifies the shipping process by fixing all the common shipping problems. You can purchase shipping labels and print multiple labels directly on Shopify. 

Now, with Shopify shipping, sellers can get the features like overnight deliveries, tracking order information, international shipping, and more. So, Shopify is the best platform for you to start an online business journey. 

How To Find The Best Products To Sell On Shopify?

Here are the most strategic ways to find Shopify's best-selling products; 

Analyze Top Shopify Stores 

The most significant way to find the top-selling products is to analyze top Shopify stores. For this, you can use the FindNiche Shopify Stores tool.

Analyze top Shopify Stores

You can observe the top selling products by Shopify filtering products and know about the product count, monthly sales, targeting audience, social media, and other aspects. So you can decide wisely when choosing products for your first Shopify store. 

Research Low Competition Niches With Higher Profit Margins 

One of the most effective ways to find the best product to sell on Shopify is to research low-competition niches with higher profit margins. Are some competitors in the market already selling the same product or targeting the same audience as yours? If there are competitors, its means a certain market has already been validated.

Research low competition niches with higher profit margins

Then use niche finder tools of Shopify like FindNiche Product Research Tool to discover lucrative items without high competition. Let’s say you are planning to sell shampoo in your store but need some research. Then, type “shampoo” into the search bar and examine the results.

Browse Trending Products On Online Marketplaces

If you want to get product ideas to sell on Shopify, you can gather inspiration by browsing the most trending and popular products on the online marketplace.

 For this, you should check out sites like Amazon, Etsy, and eBay and search in the list like "what's hot", "what's trending", "Most wished for," and other categories that display current buyer's demands. 

Some tools like Jungle Scout in the market help you find the trending products by allowing you to filter by price, categories, sales, and other characteristics. 

Explore Customer Reviews And Feedback on Existing Products 

If you already had a business on Shopify, then analyze customer reviews and feedback on the existing product list. But if you don't have any business and are thinking of building one, then check out the reviews and products of other companies and sites related to your niche. 

You must consider all customers’ complaints along with positive reviews and find out how you can make products that will fix all those commonalities. For this, Amazon is a great platform for finding honest customer reviews. 

Find Reliable Suppliers 

Shopify offers you a great platform by using a dropshipping business model. To find the top-selling products on Shopify, you should find reliable drop shippers from AliExpress, Salehoo, Worldwide Brands, Doba, 1688 dropshipping, and more. 

Then search the top selling product list from "what's hot" and "most wished for". Find a unique product that is user-friendly and can fix consumers' pain points. 

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21 Best Things to Sell on Shopify 

What can you sell on Shopify? Here we will provide you with a list of 21 top-selling dropshipping products on Shopify with growth rate statistics and top-selling countries. 

We used Google Trends and other paid SEO tools like Semrush to examine user trends around the world. So let's dive in. 

1-Print books and eBooks

Global order growth Year-by-Year (YOY): 21,627%

Top selling country: the United States

The international book market examined a tremendous growth valued at $25.7 billion at the end of 2021. A 21,627%  global sales rate for print books and a 335% increase rate for eBooks are monitored simultaneously.  Books are the best source of relaxation and pleasure in this modern era. There seem to be about 2.24 million searches over the word "book", which makes it clear they are driving more revenue in upcoming years.

Print books and eBooks-1

 So, print books and eBooks can be the best products to sell on Shopify. Here are effective ways to promote your print books and eBooks to increase Shopify sales:

  • You can use various social media platforms to promote your books. 
  • Use testimonials on sites like Amazon to help shoppers determine if certain books are perfect. 
  • Further, podcast interviews also effectively advertise your books and generate more Shopify sales.

2-Vinyl LPs and CDs

Global order growth year-over-year: 25,048%

Top selling countries: the United Kingdom and the Netherlands 

Vinyl LPs and CDs are the second top-selling product on Shopify, with a global market size of $1.3 billion. There is no lack of opportunities to sell records digitally as you can sell them any time of the year, particularly around vacation season. You can also add rare vintage vinyl LPs to the product list to sell on Shopify. 

Furthermore, music CDs also experienced a 5,404% increase in worldwide order growth YOY. With Shopify, you can also sell your music CDs and Vinyl LPs nationwide. Nevertheless, after being identified by shoppers, you can expand your product collection by adding related products like headphones, speakers, record players, and more.

Vinyl LPs and CDs-2

Let’s type “LPs” on the FindNiche research tool and see the results. You can also explore the competition and Facebook ads of your competitor.

3-Belt buckles 

Global order growth: 1,902%

Top selling country: United States

Belt buckles are those products that come with persistent high-profit margins. A belt buckle is the most trending product, with almost 90,500 searches each month. So, add this product to your Shopify store by tagging with terms most searched terms like "western belt buckles," "belt buckles for men," "unique belt buckles," "custom belt buckles," and more to get more Shopify sales.

Belt buckles

Moreover, one more perk of this product is that you can take this niche to broad ideas by establishing a fashion accessories store or adding other belt market sub-niches.

4-Vegan products 

Global order growth: 26.16%

Top selling country: the United States 
The increased vegan population makes vegan products recommendable to sell on Shopify store. Vegan products are not only limited to disposables, but now numerous companies also sell vegan beauty products.

Vegan products

You can choose vegan products related to your niche and add them to your Shopify stores. Effective marketing helps you to promote your Shopify store.    

5-Home exercise bike

Global order growth: 1,457%

Top selling country: Australia

In 2019, due to covid-19, gyms became unsafe, causing the promotion of online fitness training and working out from home. In past years, home exercise bikes and other fitness-related products have come in huge demand, drastically increasing its online growth rate. 

It is estimated to increase the demand for home exercise bikes and other equipment in upcoming years. So, you can choose these top-selling fitness products for your Shopify store. 

6-False eyelashes accessories

Global order growth: 1,823%

Top selling country: the United Kingdom 

Are you still unsure about what to sell on Shopify? False eyelashes are seen in the most-trending product category across Shopify stores and other selling platforms. The false eyelashes market was valued at US$ 1,377.28 million in 2021 and is projected to reach US$ 2,046.61 million by 2028. False eyelash accessories are accompanied by many other products, including applicators, adhesives, brushes, and more. It makes false eyelashes the best things to sell on Shopify to generate various product bundles.

False eyelashes accessories

Then after establishing and maintaining this product, you can broaden your product line by adding other trending beauty products to increase your Shopify sales. 

7-Household cleaning supplies

Global order growth: 1,721%

Top selling country: Brazil

Huge growth was observed in household cleaning products at the last of 2021, and the latest trends show that it doesn't die soon. According to the updated reports, the global household cleaning supplies market is expected to reach $320.8 billion by 2028. So, it is the best Shopify product to sell for getting optimized in Shopify searches. A consumer uses household cleaning products for each home area, from lawn to roof, living rooms to bedrooms, and kitchen to toilets.

Household cleaning supplies-google trends

Research has shown that shoppers are attracted to eco-friendly or kind-on-the-skin and environment cleaning products. People are more willing to pay for natural and organic products in this concern. So choose wisely.    

No doubt, competition is a little high in this market, but many retailers like Amazon and Walmart target the same demographics (existing consumers with high disposable income that offer you unique selling chances). 

8-Home office equipment 

Global order growth: 3,032.6%

Top selling country: the Philippines 

The 2019 pandemic has influenced the way we used to work. Numerous companies are now deploying flexible remote approaches to work. So, many people require a productive space in their homes. 

Therefore they need appropriate home office equipment and gear for manufacturing and dropshipping processes.

Home office equipment -google trends

The market size of home office equipment is expected to grow by 8.8% by 2030. This statement support that equipment like computers, mouse, back relaxing products, desks, books, lights, and more can be the best products to sell on Shopify. 


Global order growth: 593%

Top selling country: the Netherlands 

The global cable and wire market reached $183.14 billion in 2020 and is estimated to grow by 4.4% from 2021 to 2028. The demand for cables and wires is increasing daily in residential, commercial, and industrial areas. So, it can be the best thing to sell on Shopify. 

You can add all types of cables to your product line, from multichannel HDMI and RCA cables to hospital-grade MC cables. 

You should use highly researched keywords "electrical cables," "Ethernet cables," "HDMI cables," "RCA cables," and "cables and wires" to get top ranking in the Shopify search engine.  


Global order growth: 580%

Top selling country: France 

If you are a computer user, you already know about mouse pads. Mousepads save your mouse and the place you use it. In 2019, due to covid-19, its sales increased tremendously as people turned to working from home and spending more time online.

Mousepads-google trends

You can stock numerous products like large mouse pads or ones with built-in features and cheaper ones. Trend your business on Shopify by using trending keywords including "mouse pad gaming," "large mouse pads," "custom mouse pads," "mouse pads," and others.  

11-Circuit board and components

Global order growth: 1,478%

Top selling country: Netherlands 

Circuit boards and other components will become the hot niche for starting an online business. It is reported that by 2025 the home improvement and renovating market is estimated to reach $68.4 billion. Isn't the top-selling product on Shopify? 

Now other retailers are also stocking their digital stores with the circuit board and other components like capacitors, adapters, transformers, inductors, and resistors. 

There are plenty of items in which board circuits use, including medical devices, gaming systems, industrial equipment, automotive components, LEDs, home appliances, and more. Further, you can expand your product line to a massive electric store; that feature makes it worth considering a product. 

12-Yoga products

Global order growth: 19.24%

Top Country: Ireland  

The increasing popularity of Yoga worldwide has caused a gush in demand for yoga products over the last few years. It is estimated that the Yoga industry will reach above $17 billion by 2025.

Yoga products-google trends

Various yoga products like yoga mats, props, leggings, yoga wheels, yoga clothes, and others offer amazing opportunities to bundle up the packages. Further, use related high-volume keywords to improve the reach of your Shopify store.    

13-Smartphone accessories 

Global order growth: 110.60%

Top selling Country: India 

Smartphone accessories have shown remarkable growth over the past five years and are expected to grow for the rest of the years. And it is estimated to grow a CAGR of 7.1% from 2019 to 2025. 

Smartphone accessories are the best things to sell on Shopify as you can bundle them with various other products like green screens, headphones, ring lights, mobile covers, chargers, tripods, selfie sticks, and other equipment. 

By stocking all these smartphone accessories, you can provide a single, fastest, and easiest platform to customers by getting all the gears they need. 

Pro tip: You can use trending keywords to optimize your brand and products to get more Shopify sales. 


Global order growth: 7, 18%

Top selling countries: United Kingdom
Doormats are the other best-selling things on Shopify. In the past few years, people have been more focusing home renovation and improvements. So, demands are these doormats and rugs are increasing day by day.

Doormat -google trends

Doormats offer a great bundling opportunity with other products like rugs, carpets, and more. So, choose doormat as its target audience exists in each demographic. 

15-Pet carriers and crate accessories 

Global order growth: 1,520%

Top selling country: Sweden 

In the previous few months, we have observed that pet carriers and crate accessories products explosively increased on Shopify. It is estimated that pet carriers will reach $851.5 million by 2028. This product continues to trend again as people start to take their pets on travels.

Pet carriers and crate accessories  -google trends

There are various types of pet carriers to sell on Shopify. You can use other keywords like "pet carrier backpack," "small pet carrier," "pet carriers for cats," "dog carriers for car," and others to achieve a high ranking in Shopify searches. 

16-Curtain and drape ring

Global order growth: 1,046%

Top selling country: the Netherlands 
There has been a great increase in curtain and drape rings sales. People spend most of their time in their homes and increasingly think about home improvement and renovation. It is reported that there are about 22,200 searches of "curtain rings" per month. So it can be the best product to sell on Shopify.

Curtain and drape ring -google trends

You can title and tag these products with related high search volume keywords, including "curtain rings with clips," "wooden curtain rings," "eyelet curtain rings," "shower curtain rings," and others, to increase the reach of your business on Shopify. 

17-Marine radar

Global order growth: 1,044%

Top selling country: The United States

What to sell on Shopify? Marine radar is another trending product with remarkable growth and is projected to grow by $147.29 million in upcoming years.  

The trend is becoming hotter daily as people are more likely to look for marine navigation and related gadget accessories. You can also expand your product line by adding mounts, displays, transducers, cables, and adapters.

Marine radar -google trends

Regarding search volume, "marine radar" is getting about 12,100 searches monthly. Shoppers are also using other related keywords like "marine radar packages," "marine radar app," and others to get certain best Shopify sellers on Shopify.  

But keep in mind that, the rising demand for this item is between December to May. Thus, if you want to sell this lucrative item on Shopify, you should take care of the date.

18-Face masks

Global order growth: 27.6%

Top selling country: New Zealand 
The demand for face masks has increased from covid-19 years and is estimated to grow in upcoming years. So, as a beginner, face masks can be the best product to sell on Shopify; later, you can expand your product line by adding related products like soap, foam, shampoo, and more.

Face masks -google trends

As one of the top Shopify products, the face mask offers a great opportunity to boost your brand as it has a target audience of all demographics.

19-Measuring cups and spoons 

Global order growth: 758%

Top selling country: Sweden 

One trending product that is popping up recently is measuring cups and spoons. In previous years, the kitchen utensils market has increased to 4.25%. Now sellers are coming with the latest designs of measuring cups and spoons. 

While thinking about measuring cups and spoons, choose between different types, including plastic, wooden, gold, and more. About 201,000 searches of measuring cups and spoons are observed each month, and you can estimate whether it is a top Shopify product or not. Use other keywords like "plastic measuring spoons," "measuring spoons in grams," and others to increase your Shopify sales. 


Global order growth: 764%

Top selling country: Brazil
Shampoo is another current trending product to sell on Shopify. Like many other beauty products, shampoo has also experienced a sold breakdown in 2019. But in early 2022, it shows an impressive comeback as part of hair care with about $94 billion in the market.

Shampoo -google trends

You can sell different shampoo categories such as dry, organic, and anti-dandruff. People rely more on organic and natural products, so make your product free of chemicals to get more Shopify sales. 

There are also use different high-intent keywords like "organic shampoo for hair growth," "organic shampoo for hair loss", and others to rank on the Shopify search engine. 

21-Pendant necklaces 

Global order growth: 249.02%

Top selling country: Ireland

Shopify is a great platform to sell pendant necklaces and jewelry as it offers you full control over your business. So, invent unique and different styles of pendant necklaces to attract more buyers. 

Further, as a best Shopify selling product, you can bundle it with other jewelry products like rings, bracelets, earrings, nose rings, and more. You can also expand your pendant necklace business to the best jewelry fashion store to increase Shopify sales.  

Final Verdict

In short, Shopify is an amazing and profitable platform for starting a dropshipping business. You can choose various products like jewelry, office home equipment, car accessories, vegan products, fitness equipment, housewares, smartphone accessories, and many others to increase your Shopify sales. 

However, the crucial point of Shopify dropshipping is to select lucrative products with low competition. Otherwise, you may have ended your e-commerce journey without making money.

In this article, we used Google Trends. Find Niche and other statistical tools to discover the 21 best-selling dropshipping products. Hope you find the best answer to what to sell on Shopify.  

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q. What should I not sell on Shopify?

Here is the list of products that you should not sell on Shopify according to their policy;

  • Tobacco and e-cigarettes 
  • Alcohol 
  • CBD
  • Fireworks 
  • Solvents 
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Firearms and weapons 

Q. What is the most profitable business on Shopify?

Shopify has numerous profitable businesses, but Fashion Nova is one of the best on Shopify. In 2019, this brand made up to $400 million in revenue. Gym Sharks is the second profitable business on Shopify. 

Q. What do the most successful Shopify stores sell? 

Here is the list of products that most of the successful Shopify stores sell;

  • Cosmetics and other beauty products 
  • Fitness equipment 
  • Footwear 
  • Clothes 
  • Jewelry and other fashion accessories 
  • Home office equipment and more 

Q. What are Shopify’s alternatives for dropshipping?

Even though Shopify offers outstanding benefits, dropshippers may decide to use alternative platforms. Here are top Shopify alternatives:

  • WooCommerce
  • BigCommerce
  • Shift4Shop
  • Squarespace
  • WebFlow
  • Ecwid
  • OpenCart