Top 50 AliExpress Best Sellers of 2022
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Top 50 AliExpress Best Sellers of 2022

Top 50 AliExpress Best Sellers of 2022

With countless customers, millions of products, and thousands of sellers, AliExpress is arguably the world's largest e-commerce platform. Customers from all around the world visit AliExpress to buy Chinese-made products that are much cheaper.

However, there may be a minor issue with AliExpress in that there are numerous options. Many sellers sell the same or similar products, and it is difficult to distinguish between good and bad brands. This is crucial for those interested in finding the best dropshipping suppliers.

That’s why here, you have a comprehensive list of the top 50 sellers to make it much easier to identify these best sellers and brands. Even some of them have the best dropshipping products to sell.

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How to Identify AliExpress Best Sellers?

AliExpress best sellers typically have the following characteristics:

  • A large number of followers.
  • They are either the manufacturer or an authorized reseller.
  • They have a wide range of products.
  • They generally have higher product ratings.
  • They make higher sales in comparison to other sellers.

How to Find AliExpress Best Sellers?

Based on the AliExpress best sellers' characteristics, you can use FindNiche's top chart tool to find potential top suppliers.

With this tool, you’ll be able to choose between hot and new (recently added products) trending items. You can also pick the time range. For example, it can be in the last 7 or 30 days. Finally, you’ll see 2 different rankings, top orders and top growth.

By browsing through these items, you can find some sellers that may match the characteristics of the best sellers or even a potential future AliExpress best seller. Thanks to having this information you can become one of the most successful dropshipping stores.

List of Top AliExpress Best Sellers 2022

1- Xiaomi

List of Top AliExpress Best Sellers 2022-Xiaomi

Xiaomi is one of the world's largest consumer electronics manufacturers. It is best known for its smartphones, however, they also sell toothbrushes, soap dispensers, massagers, and other everyday consumer goods.

Many people look for Xiaomi products and go to AliExpress to make purchases. However,many sellers on AliExpress sell Xiaomi phones and products, making differentiation difficult.

If you do not want to deal with filtering and comparing, go straight to the Xiaomi store on AliExpress.

2- Baseus

List of Top AliExpress Best Sellers 2022-Baseus

You're missing out if you haven't heard of Baseus. Baseus is a leading Chinese electronics manufacturer and one of the largest sellers on AliExpress.

Baseus sells quick chargers, “3 in “1 wireless charging pads, Bluetooth wireless earphones, portable vacuum cleaners, Bluetooth adapters, battery phone cases, car holders, car fresheners, power banks, USB hubs, headphones, earphones, and cables.

Their headphones, earphones, and charging cables are trendy. They have over 900,000 AliExpress followers, and the official Baseus shop has been open for over 3 years.

3- iLife

List of Top AliExpress Best Sellers 2022-iLife

One of those big companies that you probably haven’t heard of is iLife. They specialize in producing robotic vacuum cleaners of various sizes and types.

They compete with products such as Roomba. They also have dry dust cleaners and robotic wet mops. So, if you're looking for cleaning assistance at home, look no further than iLife.

4- Bluedio

List of Top AliExpress Best Sellers 2022-Bluedio

Bluedio is another consumer electronics behemoth that is a top seller on AliExpress. They have over 100,000 followers, making them one of the most popular Chinese businesses on AliExpress.

They are well-known for their knowledge and expertise in audio equipment such as TWS wireless earphones, headphones, speakers, earphones, and cables. In addition, their headphones are of the highest quality, competing with brands such as Bose.

Bluedio headphones are extremely affordable, with prices starting at around $40. So, if you're looking for high-quality headphones that look great and are reasonably priced, Bluedio is your best choice.

5- Edifier

List of Top AliExpress Best Sellers 2022-Edifier

The Edifier brand is a new Chinese electronics manufacturer. They produce excellent headphones and earphones that compete with Anker, Bluedio, and Onedio, among others.

Edifier is well-known for its Active Noise Cancellation headphones, which are reasonably priced and exceptionally high quality.


List of Top AliExpress Best Sellers 2022-ANKER

Anker is another electronic behemoth that is a top seller on AliExpress. It sells various products, including cables, chargers, power banks, USB Hubs, speakers, headphones, wireless, vacuum cleaners, projectors, and car equipment.

This manufacturer has over 469,000 followers on AliExpress. It has a 98.5% favorable rating and has been on AliExpress for at least 4 years. They have received numerous product design awards for ther simple yet beautiful products.

7- Huawei

List of Top AliExpress Best Sellers 2022-Huwei

There’s not much to say about Huawei as they are one of the world's largest smartphone manufacturers and one of the AliExpress best sellers. They make fantastic products, and their phones are more affordable on AliExpress than anywhere else.

8- Shein

List of Top AliExpress Best Sellers 2022-Shein

Shein is arguably one of the world's largest online shopping brands. They have conquered the online world of fashion and sell worldwide, with a strong presence in the United States and countries such as India and China.

Shein focuses on two main aspects: super affordability and great style. If you look at Shein's collection, you will notice that all of their clothes are in the latest trend and style. So if you're looking for great clothing at a low price, Shein is the place to go.

9- Deko

List of Top AliExpress Best Sellers 2022-Deko

Deko is a manufacturer of power tools. They create incredible power tools for construction teams and home renovation experts, among others.

They manufacture welding and cutting equipment. Because these are direct from the manufacturer, they are extremely cheap compared to what you will find in your home country.

10- Lala Ikai

List of Top AliExpress Best Sellers 2022-Lala Ikai

If you can't get enough shoes, you'll spend hours browsing at the Lala Ikai store. On AliExpress, they have the best women's shoes. They are a well-known brand that sells high-quality shoes at a reasonable price. High heels, pumps, sneakers, and sandals are all examples.

11- Rock

List of Top AliExpress Best Sellers 2022-Rock

For those who enjoy gadgets, you will enjoy Rock's products. Travel chargers, TWS Bluetooth Earphones, Fast Charging plugs, power banks, magnetic USB cables, and other accessories are reasonably priced.

All of their products are highly distinctive. They don't make ordinary products; instead, they add value to them.

Their plugs have three USB pins that can be connected simultaneously. In addition, their cables have a magnetic tip that can charge either an iPhone or an Android phone. They also have mind-blowing car accessories and wireless chargers.

12- Dave and Bella

List of Top AliExpress Best Sellers 2022-Dave and Bella

If you always wanted to dress your child in the most fashionable clothes, then dress your child in clothes from the Dave and Bella shop. This is among the few stores that sell formal clothing for young children, baby boys and girls, ideal for parties and events.

13- Cobbler Legend

List of Top AliExpress Best Sellers 2022-Cobbler Legend

The Cobbler Legend store has over 375,000 followers on Instagram. This is one of AliExpress's most intriguing bag sellers. They have extremely unique, custom-made products. Check out this shop for the best bags if you're looking for classics.

14- Lotus Fun

List of Top AliExpress Best Sellers 2022-Lotus Fun

Jewelry does not have to be expensive. The best jewelry at bargain prices can be found at the Lotus Fun store. Pendants, necklaces, and earrings, among other things. They are both fashionable and inexpensive.

15- NaviForce

List of Top AliExpress Best Sellers 2022-NaviForce

One of the most popular watch sellers on AliExpress, NaviForce, also has its brand. They create incredibly fashionable and reasonably priced luxury watches for both women and men. For those who adore vintage metallic watches, Naviforce has you covered.

16- Fabiyan Store

Fabiyan is a fantastic AliExpress store that specializes in everything nail-related. It includes false nails and brush pens to stampers, drills, and even full 18-piece manicure kits, all for under $10-$15 each.

If you own a manicure/pedicure salon, or enjoy doing your nails at home, this is a great place to shop. Each item on this page is made of high-quality materials and is safe to use. Over the last 8 years, the Fabiyan store has received a 97.3% satisfaction rating on AliExpress.

17- Caranfier

This brand sells formal and casual men's clothing, such as genuine leather jackets, pants, shirts, pullovers, and even underwear. Prices for their products range from $8-$10 to $50 or more, based on the design and type of clothing purchased.

Caranfier has been active for a little over four years and has amassed a sizable fan base in that time. They have a 93.3% rating, and the majority of their clothing is made of high-quality materials such as leather, cotton, and polyester.

18- Ugreen

Ugreen is among the most popular brands on the market. They manufacture incredible electronic accessories such as wireless chargers, screen protectors, USB cables, cases, Bluetooth receivers, TWS earbuds, fast chargers, power banks, and more.

19- Miegofce

On AliExpress, the Miegofce store is renowned as the jacket store. They are well-known for their fantastic jackets. Moreover, their jackets are incredibly inexpensive for the quality that they provide.

20- ToYouth

AliExpress's ultimate youth fashion store. They have some pretty cool styles that are unique and trendy. You will look extremely fashionable by purchasing and wearing something from this store.

21- Sophitina

The Sophitina store is a one-stop shop for all footwear needs, particularly for women. This store sells boots, pumps, slippers, sandals, and heels, among other things.

22- Durex

AliExpress is also well-known for its popular adult products. The issue is that safety can be an issue for products like this, making it difficult to purchase this.

The Durex store comes in handy here. Durex, as many of you may know, is a well-known condom companyfor its condoms. However, it's on AliExpress is a best seller that offers more products than just condoms. It sells a wide range of adult toys and intimate items.

If you're looking for high-quality, safe adult toys, then the Durex Store is the place to go. They have over 161,000 followers and have been active for three years.

23- Livolo

Look no further than Livolo if you want the world's best wall sockets and switches. They create fantastic home automation products like auto switches.

24- Simplee

Simplee is one of AliExpress's most popular clothing brands. In addition, they are at the top of the list when it comes to high-quality fashion or what is known as fast fashion. They offer everyday styles at reasonable prices.

25- La Moon

La Moon is one of AliExpress's most popular jewelry brands. They are well-known for their gemstones, pendants, earrings, and extremely realistic-looking imitation jewelry.

26- KUGE

Kuge Official Store has been on AliExpress for two years, with a user satisfaction rate of 98%. Its primary business is the sale of various headsets, the most popular of which are Bluetooth headsets.

Earphones from Kuge Store are inexpensive. An average pair of earphones cost about $10, and free shipping is available worldwide. Another benefit of the Kuge Official Store is the ease of return.

27- Rosalind

Rosalind Store has been operating on AliExpress for three years. Its user satisfaction rate is 95.8%, owing to this store's low overall price of nail polish. Most products cost less than $1 and the colors are beautiful and vibrant.

Its products have a high appreciation rate, but many people give low scores in the logistics review, so it is worth it if you can wait a while for low-priced products.

28- Uslion

If you're looking for cheap magnetic cables from China, look no further because Uslion is the ideal supplier. This store sells magnetic cable and standard cable, with many of their products priced under $1 and free shipping.

29- Reera

Reera Jewelry Store has been on AliExpress for four years, with a positive rating of 97.2%. This shop's product categories are diverse, primarily for women, and the prices are very reasonable. A hundred of hair accessories, for example, cost $0.01.

30- Cabochon

Cabochon Store has been selling on AliExpress for 7 years and has received 98.8% positive feedback. Its products are more often than not raw materials. Each raw material is very cheap, and you can buy different products for $0.01.

31- PZOZ

PZOZ Store sells all mobile phone accessories, including phone cases and tempered glass. Mobile phone holder, data cable, and so on. This store has been on AliExpress for 7 years and has achieved the status of "Best Seller".

32- Tracy Nail Art & Make Up Beauty

They have been selling on AliExpress for ten years. It primarily sells nail-related items. Tracy Nail art Make Up Beauty received 5-star ratings from 110,641 users in the past 6 months.

33- TOPK

TOPK was founded in Guangdong, China, the province with the largest economy in the country. This store has been selling mobile phone accessories on AliExpress for 5 years. In the past 6 months, the official store has received 117,001 top-rated reviews.

34- Finetoo

Finetoo is a store that sells women's underwear. It has 620,000 followers and a 96.6% approval rating in the last two years. All of their products on AliExpress are of low cost and high quality, with prices starting at less than $5.

35- Party Decorative Favors Store

Party Decorative Favors Store sells holiday party decorations such as Christmas or Halloween and thematic party supplies. In the three years since it opened, the store has gained 190,000 fans, with an appreciation rate of up to 97.7%.

36- St.kunkka

The St.kunkka store primarily sells jewelry design materials. He has been selling on AliExpress for two years and has a 98.5% approval rating. St.kunkka Official Store has received five-star ratings from 98,184 users in the last six months.

37- Elite Watch Accessories

Elite Watch Accessories specializes in Apple Watch peripherals, and 99,928 customers have given them a five-star rating in the last six months. With prices ranging from $0.01 to products for all tastes, going from silicone to stainless steel items.

38- Fantasy Electronics CO., Ltd

Elite Watch Accessories specializes in Apple Watch peripherals, and 99,928 customers have given them a five-star rating in the last six months. With prices ranging from $0.01 to products for all tastes, going from silicone to stainless steel items.

39- Inman

Inman is another excellent women's clothing store on AliExpress. With 900,000 AliExpress followers and over 98% amazing positive feedback, it's easy to see why this is an AliExpress best seller. This brand launched its AliExpress store in 2017,and it has gained worldwide acclaim in such a short time.

From the official Inman store on AliExpress, you can select the best quality and trendy clothing from a wide range of products. You can look at the latest designs of blouses, dresses, T-shirts, skirts, coats, and pants for all occasions and seasons, formal and casual wear, and so on.

40- All Goods Are Freeshipping

This store has been selling on AliExpress for 5 years and has received 98.5% positive feedback. In addition, 95,814 users rated the product 5 stars in the last six months. All items are freeshipping from a store that sells circuit-related tools and electronic supplies for less than $10.

41- Realme

On AliExpress, Realme is the second most popular Chinese smartphone brand. It also works with audio devices such as earphones for smartphones. It has over 1,000,000 followers and 96% positive feedback from customers, making it the top brand on AliExpress.

It also has approximately 200,000 followers. Realme smartphones are also popular worldwide, and you can find them on nearly every well-known online shopping website.

42- ZNP

ZNP is a mobile phone accessory store. The most popular product categories are data cables, tempered film, and mobile phone cases.

The success of ZNP Official Store in the fierce market competition is primarily due to its very high-quality products and low prices. The prices of the items in this store are less than $2.

43- TwoTwinStyle

TwoTwinStyle is a women's clothing store with 1.1 million followers and 95% positive feedback from thousands of buyers. Making it one of the best sellers on AliExpress.

TwoTwinStyle has a large selection of seasonal and occasion dresses. Tops, jackets, bottoms, coats, shirts, shorts, skirts, hoodies, jeans, jumpsuits, and other items are available. Hats, belts, gloves, scarves, jewelry, bags, and other trendy accessories are popular.

Check out the official store for the latest fashionable dresses and accessories.

44- Umidigi

Umidigi is another of AliExpress's best-selling smartphones. It is also a global Chinese brand known for its smartphones, accessories, smartwatches, and other products.

Many of its products are available on several shopping websites, some even better than AliExpress. It has over 1 million followers on AliExpress and 94% positive customer feedback. For more information on its products and prices, visit the Umidigi official store.

45- Jiji Nail Art Products

Jiji Nail Art Products has been selling nail art related tools on AliExpress for 5 years and has 310,000 followers. They have received five-star ratings from 83,048 users in the last six months.

46- Meizu

Meizu is available not only on AliExpress and other Chinese websites, but also on other major shopping websites around the world.

It, like other brands, sells products other than smartphones, such as audio devices and accessories. It has over 600,000 followers and over 98% positive customer feedback.

47- EAM

The theme of this clothing brand is "comfortable, fashion free," and the colors are black and white forever. Every design incorporates black and white elements.

In 2014, EAM launched its AliExpress store. Today, it has over 600,000 followers and over 98% positive feedback from thousands of buyers, demonstrating its popularity and trust among global buyers.

EAM offers a wide range of trendy clothing for work and casual wear. You can select your preferred Shirts, Vests, Jackets, Blouses, Sweaters, Coats, Skirts, Jumpsuits, Pants, and so on. In addition, hats, scarves, shawls, gloves, and other matching jewelry and accessories are available.


Many Chinese, AliExpress, and many other worldwide shopping websites sell LEMFO. It has a variety of smartwatches that you can purchase based on your budget. LEMFO has over 1.4 million followers on AliExpress and receives 97% positive feedback from its customers.

49- Only

It was founded in Denmark in 1995 and opened its first store on AliExpress in the middle of 2018. It quickly gained popularity and now has over 200,000 followers and 97% positive comments from buyers, making it one of AliExpress best sellers.

Only has more than 2000 stores in China and has expanded to over 40 countries worldwide. It offers a diverse selection of stylish clothes for every occasion. You can select your preferred blouses, jumpsuits, jeans, pants, shirts, sweaters, nightwear, hoodies, and more.

50- Yi

YI is one of the top consumer electronics brands on AliExpress. YI specializes in security cameras and IP-based cameras. YI Official Store has approximately 1.3 million followers and 95% positive comments from its customers. To see the entire product line, go to the YI Official Store.

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Now you know 50 AliExpress best seller stores plus how to identify and find potential new ones. When buying in this enormous Chinese marketplace, having this kind of information is crucial regardless of whether you buy it for dropshipping or for yourself. You'll save time, money and headaches.