Droppoint VS FindNiche: Which is The Best Dropshipping Research Tool? (2022 Updated)
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Droppoint VS FindNiche: Which is The Best Dropshipping Research Tool? (2022 Updated)

As a dropshipper, you are probably looking for the best dropshipping product research tool Droppoint, as one of the best winning product Finder, is one of your options. You may be unable to make a decision because of Droppoint's bad reviews. This article will give you a comprehensive overview of Droppoint to help you make a decision and provide you with a perfect alternative.

Droppoint Review: What is Droppoint And How Does It Work?

Droppoint is one of the most popular dropshipping tools among dropshippers. It provides winning AliExpress products analysis (but it's limited) and winning Facebook ads filters. Facebook ad spy feature is more attractive for dropshippers because they can find some proven winning products here and replicate the success they made.

Droppoint takes $5 a month, and you can join their affiliate program to earn some extra cash.

Droppoint VS FindNiche: Which is The Best Dropshipping Research Tool? (2022 Updated)
droppoint.site - FindNiche

Droppoint Review: Features of Droppoint

Winning ali Products

Droppoint offers you the latest winning products from AliExpress. These are the best products sold in the US, UK, Canada and other countries. But unfortunately, you don't get to search and filter the products you want, they are recommended for you by Droppoint's team. Also, Droppoint does not support viewing the winning products for a particular target market.

Live Advertisement Filter

In this section, you can view a large number of product ads. Filtering by conditions is supported. You can filter by keywords, page name, target country, button type, page type, comments type, and other conditions.

Winning Advertisement

Ads that have proven to be successful are displayed in this section. You can get an idea of what kind of ads people are interested in. Searching and filtering are supported in this section. You can filter the winning ads you want by keyword, page name, year, month and post type.

Droppoint Review: Pros And Cons of Droppoint

Pros of Droppoint

  • The winning products from AliExpress are updated daily.
  • The ad filtering feature is powerful.
  • Newbie friendly.
  • Simple pages and easy to use.
  • Free trial available.

Cons of Droppoint

  • The product source only supports AliExpress.
  • Products cannot be filtered and retrieved.
  • Cannot view product details.
  • Advertising sources are only supported by Facebook.
  • Bad customer service.

FindNiche Review: What Is FindNiche And How Does It Work?

FindNiche is a dropshipping niches finder tool for AliExpress & Shopify, which gathers detailed information from more than 1,000,000 products, 11,000 niches, and 700,000 Shopify stores. With it, you can easily discover winning and trending products, not popular but high-margin niches. It takes $1 per month, but trust me, it worth the price! It has a massive product database. With it, you can find almost every winning AliExpress product and multiple analysis indicators regarding each one. You can also find your Shopify competitors that are selling the same product on FindNiche.

Droppoint VS FindNiche: FindNiche Review

Besides, it provides an affiliate program, if you are versed in promoting dropshipping tools, it's a good opportunity to get some extra benefits.

Droppoint and FindNiche Comparison

Features FindNiche Droppoint
Shopify products
Affiliate program
Winning ali products
Daily update unlimited limited
Live advertisement filter
Winning ads
Ads from Facebook & Instagrm & YouTube
Shopify competitors analysis
Free Chrome Extension For Shopify Spy
Products detail
Advanced products filter
Facebook links
Shopify selling price
Resell profits
20 niches picked by AI
Pricing $1/month $5/month

Product Database - FindNiche Has More Dropshipping Products

Compared to Droppoint, FindNiche has more available products to select when conducting product research for dropshipping stores.

FindNiche also provides advanced filter options, by setting custom filter criteria based on your preferences, you can get a long list of dropshipping niches and detailed information such as orders, similar products, shipping countries, numbers of Shopify stores of each one. Meanwhile, you can get the price on AliExpress and the selling price on the Shopify store of this product.

In FindNiche's Niche page, offers products based on FindNiche Selection and uses algorithms to figure out which niche products are profitable.

Winning Facebook Ads - FindNiche has the most powerful advertising database.

FindNiche has a huge database of ads covering Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. You can search by keyword/advertiser name/domain/URL or filter the ads you want by site type, platform, country, ad type, language, Likes, reviews and CTA options.

In this huge database, you can view the ads and products that people are really interested in and also monitor the advertising strategies of your competitors.

Top Shopify Stores - You Can Find More Shopify Stores on FindNiche

More Shopify stores regarding its ranks, target countries, FB ads, categories are provided for you to get inspiration. You can spy on your competitors, uncover the secrets of their marketing strategies, and learn from them.

Of course, you can find more Shopify competitors, AliExpress suppliers as well as Amazon sellers on SellerCenter.

Anyway, both Droppoint and FindNiche are great dropshipping tools for eCommerce businessmen. However, FindNiche is more powerful than Droppoint in terms of product research and ad monitoring. With the help of FindNiche, your dropshipping business will grow more rapidly.

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