Trending products for Dropshipping During UEFA Euro-2024
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Trending products for Dropshipping During Euro-2024

By: Jack Wong 2024-05-17 10:35:07

The European Cup is in full swing. Sports fans are coming from all over the world to watch the games and the heat is at an all-time high.

Everyone is busy watching the world's most popular sporting event, but that doesn't mean you have to waste an entire month in front of the TV.

In fact, you can take advantage of the Euro hype and energize your eCommerce store for the season.

If you sell the right things, the Europa League could well become your best-selling event. However, it's not easy to figure out what to sell at such an event.

Don't worry, small entrepreneurs, we've got your back. You don't have to look around for the hottest selling products during the tournament.

We've already done that work for you. We've researched products and souvenirs that can be sold during the football tournament for you.

Changes in fan habits

Digital technology has infiltrated the game of football and changed fans. According to FIFA, 83% of fans use their smartphones while watching TV. A noteworthy point is that the younger generation of fans are more multitasking, mobile-oriented and always connected. They are also highly passionate about behind-the-scenes content in addition to 90-minute matches.

It's not just the way fans experience football that's changing, but also spending habits. Fans across the globe will enjoy the league online!

People will also be more and more inclined to buy football-related merchandise online, which is a great opportunity.

From plain designs to personalized patterns, a quality football ball is a necessity for every football fan. Whether you are training or playing a match, remember to choose the right football ball. It's also a great idea for kids to get a good football ball as a birthday gift.

Now is the hottest time to sell football balls. With football fever at an all-time high due to the Euro Cup, football fans are looking to buy the official Euro Cup ball.

Through our website, you can find that football balls are starting to show a hot trend on aliexpress. Some items can even reach 2,000 in a week!

football sell trending

Football training pants are another popular item today. Football training pants are in the athleisure category and people can wear them as everyday pants or use them for gym/football training. A comfortable training pants is the best combination for football training.

Training pants have always been a popular item for resale, but with the football craze on the rise, these football training pants could be the next best seller.

You can even sell training pants with official international team logos so people can show their love and support for their home team.

What's the most important thing when playing football? A football ball? Yes, of course, but you also need specialized football shoes or cleats to play.

football shoes

Fans and football enthusiasts want to train and play in high-quality football shoes. The passion for football is at an all-time high due o the Europa League. You would do well to start selling sneakers and fooball cleats to eager fans.

You can also market children's cleats to a younger audience, as small children are die-hard fans of the sport and want to feel like their favorite superstars while wearing professional football shoes.

This is a huge market, so pick and market it.

Everyone wants to be the captain and leader of their football team. You cannot be the captain of your football team without wearing the captain's armband. The armband is the absolute identification of the captain.

arm band

Football captain armbands are the perfect accessory for any football fan. You can sell these armbands now and make every football fan feel like a true captain.

Country based armbands will also sell like hot cakes now because everyone wants to wear their country's flag on their arm to show their appreciation and support.

football agility ladder

Agility ladders are great for working on agility and speed. Football players love agility training to become lightning fast and flexible.

You don't have to market these products only to hardcore football fans and players, you can market them to almost anyone interested in fitness, weight loss, physical training and more.

If you have a fitness store, sports and leisure store, or football store, these agility ladders are a great product you can sell right now to ride the Europa League fever.

What's a tactical board you may ask? It's the magnetic board you see in every football team's locker room where the coach tells them what to do.

The tactical board has magnetic pieces that indicate individual players. These magnetic pieces can be used to set up the team's formation, the opponent's position, and more.

This is a great product to have at the moment as both children and adults love to have these. Football players will feel like a professional team when they use these tactical boards in Sunday leagues. Therefore, sell them while they are hot.

tactic board

What's a great way to show your true love for football and your national team? Stylish scarves that you can wear everywhere.

What to show your true love for football and your national team? Stylish scarves that you can wear anywhere.

These scarves are brightly colored and printed with the names and colors of the international teams, including the team logo. You can always sell these scarves as all football fans love to wear their team's scarf to the stadium.

A uniform scarf shows which team you support, and when with other fans, waving the same scarf is the best way to support your team.

football scarf


Now, you don't have any more excuses, okay? We have provided you with the most stylish and hottest products that you can easily sell during the Europa League and ride the wave of great profits.

Want to discover the merchandise yourself? You can use our website.

All you have to do is to sell these products on your online store.

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