Don’t Miss The Best Shopify Analyze Tool If You Are Doing E-commerce!-FindNiche
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Don’t Miss The Best Shopify Analyze Tool If You Are Doing E-commerce!-FindNiche

“I am very distressed, I want to build a Shopify store, but I want to compare the good Shopify store, I want to find a Shopify analyze tool”.

A friend told me who wants to be an e-commerce company. I asked him why he was so annoyed.

His answer: “Just started Shopify. I am very confused and don’t know how to choose a product. I don’t know how to Find Niches. I don’t know to reference to choose the Shopify store which does better”. When I heard what he said. I went to ask a few friends who are E-commerce whose answers are the same.

Therefore, I personally feel that I need to share what I know. Helping everyone reduce the hardships in building Shopify and improving efficiency. Here I need a free Shopify to analyze tool. Its name is FindNiche. I think he is the best Shopify analyze tool I have encountered so far.

So how do we use this tool to do Shopify analysis? This question is confusing to many friends who have just started Shopify. I share the following points, and I hope to help you reduce confusion.

1. Selecting product analysis, choose the product that suits you

On the home page of the tool, select the product section and you will see a lot of current Best-selling products. These products are ranked by today’s sales. If you are a friend who just started Shopify.

It is not recommended to choose the top product because its competition is also fierce. And you can test the goods in the middle of the middle, so you can guarantee your limited budget and avoid excessive cost loss. If you say that my budget is sufficient, then you can consider the top10.

In addition, after selecting several products, go to the product details page and make a comparative analysis of the product information dimension. The main data includes price、 region、fb links number、product performance、quick vie、 express etc., through comparison to choosing your product.

2.shopify store analysis

Maybe you will ask: “I am going to open a shop myself. Do I have to go to other people’s shops?” The answer is yes because it is not necessary to completely innovate a completely different shop. The top-ranked Shopify store by reference. It is also innovative to do optimization on top of its own products.

FindNiche has this Shopify store analysis for your reference. From the perspective of data analysis, there are store rankings to help you intuitively select reference objects.

In addition, there are product categories, target regions, number of ads per unit time, and number of FB links. And enter the store directly through the store address. Appreciating the good Shopify store decoration style and product category layout.

Ok, with this Shopify analyze tool, will you still be confused? Quickly experience it.