Do you know how to do Shopify Analyze?-FindNiche
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Do you know how to do Shopify Analyze?-FindNiche

At present, Shopify is becoming more and more popular. In the market, it is sought after by e-commerce friends. I asked a few friends who are doing a Shopify store. “What are the annoyances you encountered while doing the Shopify store?”.

The answer is: “When we do Shopify, we need a Shopify spy tool to help us do Shopify analyze, and don’t know how to analyze it?”,When I heard this question, I wanted to share my experience:

Before sharing, I would like to introduce a Shopify tool to everyone, it is called FindNiche, is an e-commerce spy tool, the amount of data has reached a million level, the biggest feature is free, can help e-commerce friends save budget costs Currently involved in the sector products, looking for Niches, Shopify store three major sectors.

So how do you do the Shopify analysis with tools? Here I introduce my ideas in several aspects.

First of all, we can do a good job of selection analysis. This is an important aspect of Shopify analysis. Maybe you have passed the period of choosing a product, but for those who just started Shopify, and friends who need to change goods. It seems very important.

In the tool product column, you can view the ranking of the best-selling products. Generally, you can choose to rank the products later.

This is good for avoiding the competition. If you select the product, click on the product details, you need to refer to the product price, sales area, dropship. For the information dimension such as the current sales trend curve, select at least 10 products for comparative test analysis until you determine the core product.

Then the second point, directly find the explosives through the Niche section of the toolbar, you can see a lot of explosive products. Of course, I don’t recommend friends who just started Shopify, because the price of such products is generally high, the relative cost budget will be larger, and the marketing cost is higher. Big, waiting for the store to be more profitable, you can test these products.

Finally, the third point, learn from the top-ranked Shopify store, see how they do it. It is worth noting that this does not refer to plagiarism, but to learn from the well-selling Shopify store, and then optimize your Shopify store, so that optimization based on existing foundation is also innovative, he can help you improve the ranking of the store, Let more people find it as much as possible. Regarding the decoration of the store and the SEO, I will do a special sharing later.

The above is my personal three thoughts, friends, you now know how to do Shopify analysis? Hurry and practice with FindNiche, you will gain a heart of joy.