Dropshipping Bra Set: Discover Tips&Tricks and Find the Best Suppliers
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Dropshipping Bra Set: Discover Tips&Tricks and Find the Best Suppliers

Dropshipping Bra Set: Discover Tips&Tricks and Find the Best Suppliers

In this article, we will discuss one of these products, the bra set. You will find tips, critical details, and experiences about dropshipping bra set in our article. We will analyze bra set sales on major dropshipping marketplaces such as Amazon, Aliexpress, Shopify, eBay, Etsy, and Walmart. Keep reading to explore more.

Table of Contents for this article.

E-Commerce Golden Age

E-commerce has been experiencing its golden age recently. The shopping volume has increased significantly compared to previous years. More than 2.1 billion buyers preferred online shopping in 2021.

Dropshipping Bra Set: E-Commerce Golden Age

While this situation pushes the buyers to research which product can be purchased with high quality and at a reasonable price, it leads sellers and dropshippers to find low competition niches with high-profit margins.

What products do people purchase online?

Let's take a look at the sales statistics of Amazon, one of the most preferred platforms by buyers around the world.

Dropshipping Bra Set:

Computer & consumer electronics come first. However, we cannot say that this is a good choice for dropshippers. So let's take a look at the second row. 

Here, we come across the apparel & accessories category with the 60 billion dollars sales volume. It can be a good niche for dropshippers because:

  • it is easy to find, 
  • appeals to more people, 
  • it is an admirable candidate for gifts on special days and
  • the shipping and packaging process is relatively easy.

💡 Nice To Know: If you are dropshipping on Amazon, we recommend using AmzChart Tool, one of the best tools for Amazon Product Search.

Dropshipping Bra Set: What products do people purchase online-1

When we examine various estimates, we see that the interest in this category will increase. However, which product should we choose specifically in this field with a wide product range? 

At this point, we come across a product that appeals to every two people in the world with its many different options: the bra set.

Advantages of Dropshipping Bra Set

Here are the main godsends of utilizing the dropshipping strategy selling bra set items online.

Advantages of Dropshipping Bra Set
  • Lower startup expenses

Dropshippers won't need to spend large sums of money on inventory or hiring staff because they'll be working with a dropshipping bra set supplier to run their business.

  • Huge product variation 

Bra set is a huge market with tens of thousands of suppliers. Many suppliers offer both wholesale and retail bra set dropshipping. This is especially significant for small businesses.

  • No more time wasting for the shipping process

Since your dropshipping supplier will be responsible for production, quality control, packaging, and sending orders, you will not waste time and money in this entire process.

  • Low-cost product expansion

Although bra set products are in high demand by buyers, they are low-cost due to the variety of products and a large number of manufacturers. If you find a reliable supplier and the proper items, you can get a high-profit margin. But how? Keep reading.How to Dropship Bra Set in the Proper Way?

How to Dropship Bra Set in the Proper Way?

How to Dropship Bra Set in the Proper Way?

We decided that one of the best categories for dropshipping is lingerie, specifically bra sets. Now it's time to research. In this article, we will evaluate the dropshipping bra set process under the following headings:

  1. Discovering trends for bra set
  2. Learning competition
  3. Find the proper marketplace
  4. Explore the best suppliers for dropshipping bra set.

1) Discovering trends for bra set

If we want to research trends about something on the internet, one of the best and most sensitive tools is Google Trends. Plus it's free. Now let's write bra set and examine the results:

Discovering trends for bra set

As can be seen from the graphic above, there has always been a demand for bra sets throughout the world in the last five years. 

Especially since 2020, this demand continues to grow by accelerating. It is unquestionable fact that this will whet the seller's appetite who are thinking dropshipping for bra set.

2) Learning competition

No dropshipper wants to be involved in a highly competitive niche. Because they will need to spend extra money on advertising, social media, and other marketing strategies to stand out among others. So how is the dropshipping competition for the bra set?

To find out, we will examine Shopify stores that sell bra set. Moreover, we will make a keyword difficulty query for the bra set. 

Shopify Dropshipping for Bra Set

Why did we choose Shopify? Because according to a report of market volume of main dropshipping services 2021 by Statista: “Shopify was the leading e-commerce service for businesses. In terms of the number of dropshipped products, Shopify outdid Spocket and Oberlo. Only in the Americas, Shopify dropshipped almost 1.9 million products, followed by Oberlo with less than 33 thousand products.”

Shopify Dropshipping for Bra Set

FindNiche Shopify Store Analyzer is the tool we will use to discover who are selling bra sets from Shopify stores. Here you can type "bra set" in the search field and examine the results.

Advantages of Dropshipping Bra Set-Shopify Dropshipping for Bra Set-2

As you can see, there are 650 stores selling bra sets from the Shopify store. Not all of these mean serious competitors. 

For example, you determine your target stores that sell more than 500 per month as your competitors. Then you need to filter results by “Monthly Sales>500” in order to discover big players.

Advantages of Dropshipping Bra Set-Shopify Dropshipping for Bra Set-3

Now, you have 75 stores to compete with dropshipping bra set. You can also shortlist these stores by their:

  • Product Numbers
  • Alexa Ranking
  • Facebook Ads
  • Status: Active, Password Protective, and Inactive. 

Keyword difficulty for bra set

One of the other factors that determine the competition for the dropshipping bra set is keyword difficulty. By analyzing this, you can discover how your competitors are using your target word and how they are and the difficulty level of the competition.

You can use Google Keyword Planner or other pad tools for this purpose.

Dropshipping Bra Set-Keyword difficulty for bra set

As can be seen from this analysis, it is not a highly competitive word. Therefore, you can set up your own e-commerce site and sell bra sets from there. 

Moreover, you can easily determine your target country in this way. For example, when we look at the keyword results, India is the country that queries bra set the most in search engines. 

3) Find the proper online marketplace

If your preference for the dropshipping bra set will be online marketplaces instead of your own site, then there are many options for you. We will briefly discuss the 5 most important e-commerce platforms.

  • Amazon
  • eBay
  • Walmart
  • Etsy
  • AliExpress
Dropshipping Bra Set-Find the proper online marketplace


Amazon itself has an inventory of about 12 million items across all its categories. But if you go broader and look at all the items that Marketplace sellers list, that number expands to about 350 million. That means a lot of competition but also an opportunity to promote your stores efficiently.

Dropshipping Bra Set-Find the proper online marketplace-Amazon

For instance, there are over 7000 products related to bra set on Amazon.


There are 187 million eBay users worldwide according to eBay reports. This makes eBay dropshipping is an inevitable trend. Dropshippers love eBay as it is a huge marketplace with free traffic and low risk that they are willing to invest in eBay dropshipping.

Dropshipping Bra Set-Find the proper online marketplace-eBay

When dropshipping bra set comes to eBay, we see that there are more than 200K products already listed. So, you must work hard in order to make a spotlight.


Walmart has a total number of 11,501 stores. During the pandemic, Walmart’s e-commerce went up by 74%. Walmart is nearly twice as popular as Target and eBay when it comes to Amazon alternatives.

Dropshipping Bra Set-Find the proper online marketplace-Walmart

Hence if you are doing dropshipping for bra set, you will want to be involved in Walmart since it is a profitable marketplace with low competition.


Etsy processed $10.28 billion in gross merchandise sales in 2020. That’s an increase of 106.84% over the previous year. In addition to this, rising in the number of Etsy shoppers gathered interest from many merchants and dropshippers. 

Therefore, Etsy can be your proper marketplace, especially for those who manufacture handmade bra set.

Dropshipping Bra Set-Find the proper online marketplace-Etsy

It can be concluded from the search results that there are more than 23K products listed related to bra sets.


AliExpress is an e-commerce trading platform for global consumers and one of the top marketplace when it comes to dropshipping.

AliExpress sells more than 100 million items and you can buy goods on AliExpress at the lowest price thanks to the strong industry chain in China. 💡 Need To Know: Aliexpress Dropshipping: Most Complete Guidelines

Dropshipping Bra Set-Find the proper online marketplace-AliExpress

You can also find huge variations of bra set. However, how did you find the best suppliers for dropshipping bra set?

4) Explore the best suppliers for dropshipping bra set

As dropshipping, one of the most important issues that will affect your relationship with customers and therefore your sales is to find reliable suppliers. Not every seller can provide you with enough support in this regard.

Explore the best suppliers for dropshipping bra set

Basic issues such as not keeping their stocks up-to-date, carelessness in product packaging, delaying the cargo process can harm your business. That's why you should work with the best suppliers on each platform. So how can you find the best one? In this article, we will find the best suppliers on AliExpress with FindNiche.

Discovering AliExpress Bra Set Suppliers with FindNiche

Aliy is a seller who prefers AliExpress for dropshipping. However, he wants to cooperate with a suitable supplier in order not to waste time, customers, and money. For this reason, it will use the extensive filtering feature of the AliExpress Analytics Tool.

Discovering AliExpress Bra Set Suppliers with FindNiche-1

Aliy first listed the suppliers selling this product by typing "bra set" in the search bar. Then, by ticking the "dropshipping" box, it eliminated those that were not eligible for dropshipping. Finally, he chose the "Top Brands" tag and aimed to find the most reliable ones. Here are the results:

Discovering AliExpress Bra Set Suppliers with FindNiche-2

Aliy can now pick from around 100 products. The paramount point to consider here is the order trends of the products. If there is a steady boost in the number of orders and customer demands, it may be a suitable product for the dropshipping bra set. 

Examining the results, Aliy decides to select the first bra set and clicks on it to see the product details.

Discovering AliExpress Bra Set Suppliers with FindNiche-3

Aliy can access all the details about the product in this section. At the top, after the summary about the product, a graphic appears. In this chart, the tool offers Aliy Quick View for orders and Aliy sees a steady increase in orders for this product. Aliy can also visit this item on AliExpress or sell with Oberlo with just one single click.

When it scrolls down, the product performance chart arises. The chart shows the number of orders, wishlists and price for the item per day. It is important to note that FindNiche cannot record the daily orders for the item until it is discovered by them.

Discovering AliExpress Bra Set Suppliers with FindNiche-4

At the bottom, there is the Top Countries chart. All countries or regions where this product can be shipped are shown here. For example, Aliy's first choice should be Russia for this product.

Discovering AliExpress Bra Set Suppliers with FindNiche-5

Final Words

Dropshipping is a profitable business model and has many advantages. But you must not break the golden rules. They are a reliable supplier and finding the right product with low competition and high profit margin. 

In this article, we explained tips for dropshipping bra set, how to find the best supplier and how to get a high profit margin. Additionally, we covered the best online marketplaces for dropshipping. We recommend that you do not make a decision without doing enough research and reading our article.