Dropshipping Berluti: Luxury Brands Dropshipping
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Dropshipping Berluti: Luxury Brands Dropshipping

Dropshipping Berluti: Luxury Brands Dropshipping

Dropshippers are stuck between two options when choosing the product to sell. Is it wiser to choose cheap items to make money by buying more orders, or is it smarter to select luxurious and costly products and make money? In other words, low-ticket dropshipping or high-ticket dropshipping?

If you pick the high-ticket side then keep reading. In this article, we will cover Berluti, one of the brands that represent luxury and quality when it comes to men's shoes, bags, and accessories. Is dropshipping Berluti a profitable choice or should you look for other products? Details, tips, and real-life reviews are in our article.

Table of contents for this blog.

What is Berluti?

Berluti is a reputable leather manufacturer. It was established in 1895 in Paris by Italian Alessandro Berluti. Since its foundation, Berluti has been creating shoes for the sophisticated man.

Dropshipping Berluti: What is Berluti-1

Berluti uses leather that has been finished with calfskin, alligator skin, and kangaroo skin. Berluti has been creating its own style by combining audacity with fantasy and classicism. 

The ideal wardrobe for men is characterized by expertise in form, leather patinas, fabric selection, and precision of cut.

Dropshipping Berluti: What is Berluti-2

Berluti is one of many brands that has helped men to return to fashion and continues to be a leader in the development of quality men's clothing and shoes. 

Although their rise to prominence took a while, the quality of their work and the high-quality clientele they have built over the years speak for themselves.

Why prefer men's shoes, bags, and accessories for dropshipping?

The shoe industry is well worth exploring, especially considering that it will be worth $320.44 trillion by 2023. To help you target your audience better, there are sub-niches in the shoe category. 

For example, men's boots or sneakers. Because people need shoes for many purposes, they are great items to sell.

Dropshipping Berluti: Why prefer men's shoes, bags, and accessories for dropshipping

Handbag and man’s wallet sales are currently worth an astonishing $139 million and continue to grow at a rate of 5.3% annually. Handbags have seen a significant increase in popularity, especially in the United States. 

Furthermore, there are many styles available in the handbag market, including briefcases, tote bags, messenger bags, clutches, backpacks. Consequently, these statistics make sense for dropshipping Berluti.

What products are sold at Berluti?

Dropshipping Berluti: What products are sold at Berluti

When we look at the official website of Berluti, one of the leading leather products manufacturers, we see that it produces the following products:

  • Shoes
  • Bags
  • Wallets
  • Accessories (Belts, hat, scarves, gloves, key holders, sunglasses, socks)
  • Ready-to-wear garments (Coats & Blousons, Jackets & Suits, Knitwear & Sweatshirts, Shirts, Polos & Tshirts, Trousers & Denim)

As can be deducted from the list, there are items in a broad variety of categories on men's clothing. This reveals the significance of the dropshipping Berluti option.

Overview of Luxury Brands Dropshipping

Luxury brands offer high-ticket products that are much more expensive than commonly sold items. It is known that shoppers usually accept luxury items with their brand recognition, product quality, and unique designs. As Google Trend statistics prove that the interests of luxury brands are held at a higher level worldwide.

Dropshipping Berluti: Overview of Luxury Brands Dropshipping

In fact, Bain & Company projects that as much as one-third of all personal luxury purchases will take place digitally by 2025, with those revenues reaching an estimated $136 billion. This means an amazing opportunity for dropshipper. What about the disadvantages? Let’s briefly cover high-ticket dropshipping.

Pros And Cons Of High-Ticket Dropshipping

Before considering high-ticket dropshipping like Berluti items, here are the benefits and drawbacks you need to know in order to adapt better to various circumstances during your business life cycle.

Below are the advantages of luxury brands dropshipping:

  • Highly profitable and lower competition: If you are looking for a low competition niche with high profit, luxurious brands are for you. 

    You can make on average a couple of ten dollars or even hundreds for every successful sale. Moreover, dropshippers are more inclined toward selling low-cost products due to the many disadvantages of the high-ticket model

    🔢 For example, let’s say the acceptable profit margin for your high-ticket good is about 35% and you determined the sales price as $400. Each sale will make you a profit of about $140 and it is not lowly for a single order.

  • Less Market Saturation: You will be among rare individuals promoting big-ticket products since not every dropshipper is brave enough to take the risk of selling luxury items.
  • No Annoying Customer Service Issues: Big-ticket dropshipping means more occasional clients but more earnings. This has the advantage that you will have to deal less with complaints.
  • Effortless Way To Upsell & Cross-Sell: Shoppers who purchase pricey products tend to be more inclined to spend money on accessories and a product warranty.
Dropshipping Berluti: advantages of luxury brands dropshipping

Here are drawbacks of the high-ticket dropshipping:

  • Low Chance of Good Conversion on Your Own WebShop: Consumers will do online research and are likely to opt for renowned brands or more well-known marketplaces like Amazon or eBay to purchase luxury items like Berluti. Therefore if you go with your own webshop you need to pay attention to marketing a lot.
  • Hard To Discover Winning Niches: If your product’s sales price is costly then it should have a unique selling point. Otherwise,  it’s tough to convince people to buy it.
  • You Should Build a Giant Level Of Trust: Buyers will never purchase from a store that doesn’t look proficient and trustworthy. Also, you will need to have a lot of genuine photo reviews.
  • Challenging To Promote: The prevalence of audiences on most social media platforms are moderate and low-income. Thus, it’s demanding to explore and promote your high-ticket products to the proper customers.
  • Needing Rigorous Selection & Trustworthy Suppliers: Finding trustable suppliers is also vital in dropshipping Berluti or other luxury brands. You need to examine your good as well as suppliers comprehensively to guarantee quality and fast shipping time.

Why choose Berluti as a high ticket dropshipping?

Once you decide to sell men's shoes, bags, and other accessories for dropshipping, you can source cheap products, especially from suppliers in China. 

In this case, you imagine that you will be able to appeal to more customers than you will sell your products at a low price, and thus, you will be able to achieve high conversion rates.

However, this doesn't always work. Because competition is high in low-priced products. In addition, customer satisfaction may be low due to the cheap materials used in such products and possible careless workmanship.

Dropshipping Berluti: Why choose Berluti as a high ticket dropshipping?

At this point, it may be more profitable to proceed with luxury and target audience-specific products. Needless to say, Berluti is one of these brands. So why should Berluti be preferred for dropshipping?

Customer Satisfaction

One of the most noteworthy points to consider when doing dropshipping is customer satisfaction. Dropshipping Berluti will assist you a lot in this respect. 

Because the combination of quality leather and superior craftsmanship will please all your customers. Some of the real-life experiences below support this case:

Dropshipping Berluti: Customer Satisfaction
  • Carry Michael: “Without question, the most comfortable and the most beautiful men's shoes on the planet.”
  • Roberto Piazza: “Best shoes a man will ever wear!”
  • Michael Glad: “I was there with a rich friend of mine and the overall experience is very luxe and different. Prices are up in the sky but that's that.”
  • Slava Mishalo: “Simply the best shoe money can buy.”
  • Mukul Yadav: “Berluti's shoes are very good. Everything from the materials to the craftsmanship makes Berluti shoes some of the best in the world.”

High Profit

If you're selling handmade goods in a luxury niche, it's no astonishment that your prices are pricey. Accordingly, if you are dropshipping Berluti shoes, bags, or other men's accessories, your selling prices may be high. 

This means a high-profit margin. Let's analyze Berluti items sold on eBay.

Dropshipping Berluti: High Profit-1

Imagine selling a shoe for at least $1000 and a jacket for $2000. If you are dropshipping Berluti, this is no longer a dream.

You don't have to do dropshipping only on online marketplaces. You can set up your own e-commerce site and expand your profit margin even more. For example, let's take some webshops that rank first in search engines for the keyword "Berluti".

Dropshipping Berluti: High Profit-2


Men shop less than women for items such as shoes and bags. Therefore, they seek quality in these products. Since Berluti leather products attach significance to quality since its establishment, you will not have any crises in this regard.

Dropshipping Berluti: Quality

Therefore, although you do not see the products you sell while dropshipping Berluti, you will not concerned about quality.

Traditional Craftsmanship

Dropshipping Berluti: Traditional Craftsmanship

Berluti shoes are a staple in contemporary men's fashion. They are made from a combination of fine leather, other materials, and traditional craftsmanship. They are clean and elegant, and often don't have any frills, despite being trendy.

Brand Awareness

When both fashion experts and consumers are asked to rank the best, most luxurious, and most expensive brands in the world for men's leather shoes and bags, Berluti will find a place on the list. 

Where to dropship Berluti products?

One of the key factors to success when selling online is selecting the proper target audience. When we look at the user intent for Berluti products, we see that there is the highest demand from the following three countries:

Dropshipping Berluti: Where to dropship Berluti products
  1. France
  2. United States
  3. Japan
Dropshipping Berluti: Where to dropship Berluti products-1

When we examine the visits to Berluti's official site, we discover that these three countries are at the forefront.

After analyzing the online shopping trends of these countries in detail, the most suitable e-commerce platform should be selected for dropshipping Berluti.

How to Choose an Ideal Platform for Dropshipping Berluti?

Now that you have determined the target countries, it is now time to choose the most ideal online marketplaces for dropshipping Berluti. By the way, keep in mind that dropshipping is not limited to marketplaces and you can also sell on your own site with CMSs such as Shopify.

The most popular marketplaces in France were determined as follows: Amazon, Cdiscount, eBay, AliExpress, Leroy Merlin according to the study that was published in 2021.

Dropshipping Berluti: How to Choose an Ideal Platform for Dropshipping Berluti?

In Japan, unlike in France, e-commerce is dominated by two marketplaces: Amazon and Rakuten. When it comes to the most popular online marketplaces according to online sellers in the United States, eBay, Bonanza ve Ruby Lane steps forward.

To sum up, If you go with online marketplaces eBay and Amazon will be your best friends for dropshipping Berluti. 

Analyzing Berluti Dropshippers

One of the things that help dropshippers to make a suitable decision is to do a competitor study. It can be uncovered how it markets these goods, what methods it uses, and which products have more demand.

Dropshipping Berluti: Analyzing Berluti Dropshippers-1
Source: Pagely

Although there are multiple forms to do this analysis, one of the most acceptable is to scrutinize Shopify stores. Because Shopify is one of the leading e-commerce platforms, with almost 20% market share.

At this stage, we will use the Shopify Database Tool developed by FindNiche. Type “Berluti” into the search bar and analyze the results:

Dropshipping Berluti: Analyzing Berluti Dropshippers-2

Bear in mind that you can also shortlist the results by various tags like:

  • Matched on AliExpress: Products have been sold in Aliexpress
  • With FB Ads: The product has Facebook Ads
  • Available Products: If unchecked, the results will include both available and unavailable products.

Let’s suppose we will focus on the first listed item. Click on it to see the details.

Dropshipping Berluti: Analyzing Berluti Dropshippers-3

As can be seen from the product details, a revenue of over 2000 dollars was obtained from a single sale. This once again shows us how profitable dropshipping Berluti is.

For more information please visit this tutorial: How To Find Winning Products And Niche With FindNiche–Shopify Guide

In Closing

If you are an entrepreneur brave enough to do high-ticket dropshipping, Berluti products may be a wiser preference for you. Thanks to the brand's reputation since 1895, you will not have trouble with premium male shoppers. Furthermore, your profit will be higher compared to low-ticket items. However, you will also face the same cons of luxury brands' dropshipping.

In this article, we dived into the dropshipping of Berluti in all its aspects. If you have not yet decided on the niche you will sell, you can use FindNiche tools to step forward.

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