FindNiche VS AliShark: Best Dropshipping Tool?
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FindNiche VS AliShark: Best Dropshipping Tool?

AliShark or FindNiche, which one is the best dropshipping product research tool? If you're stuck with this question, you've come to the right place!

Read this article, you'll get a rough idea of AliShark and FindNiche and know which one is the best for you!

Table of content.

AliShark Review: What is AliShark And How Does It Work?

AliShark Review: What is AliShark And How Does It Work?

What is AliShark?

AliShark is a product research service for Dropshipping sellers, focused on uncovering winning products.

AliShark's product data comes from two well-known Chinese e-commerce platforms, AliExpress and Banggood. You can filter sufficiently to get the best sellers and see the details of these products.

Pros And Cons of AliShark


  • Huge product database: Data from a large number of products on AliExpress and Banggood.
  • Smart filtering: A large number of restrictions help you filter out the winning products.
  • Detailed product information: Product performance, top countries & dropshippers, matching pages, and more.
  • Newbie friendly: You can start your trial for only $1.
  • The data is updated hourly.


  • Single function, not much extra functionality.
  • There are times when filtering products from Banggood shows 0 results. Hope this is an accident.

FindNiche Review: What is FindNiche And How Does It Work?

FindNiche Review: What is FindNiche And How Does It Work?

What is FindNiche?

FindNiche is the best dropshipping niche finder, which is trusted by 40k+ dropshipping sellers.

FindNiche provides dropshipping sellers with dropshipping product research & dropshipping ad spy services, dedicated to skyrocketing your dropshipping business.

Pros And Cons of FindNiche


  • A huge database of dropshipping products & stores & ads. FindNiche is based on 120M+ AliExpress & Shopify products, 3M+ AliExpress & Shopify stores, and 80M+ dropshipping ads for dropshipping sellers.
  • Intelligent filtering of dropshipping products & ads. Filter products by product category, price, number of orders, orders & growth, competition, star rating, top brands and quality store etc. Filter ads by site type, ad source platform, country, language, etc.
  • Recommended niches by AI. 500+ winning products are updated for you every day.
  • Full product & stores & ads analysis. Product information includes product performance, top countries, store info, customer reviews, number of orders, and order trends. AliExpress store information includes rating, number of products, categories, feedbacks and positive scores to help you select the best suppliers.
  • Rich features. In addition to product research, FindNiche provides you with the most powerful competitor monitoring and Ad spy features.
  • Newbie friendly: Newbies can start a 3-day trial for only $1, which can be canceled at any time.
  • FREE chrome extension for you.


  • The number of trial period results is limited.
  • There are not too many mainstream products. But this tool will let you discover those niche you overlooked.
  • The UI of the website is basic, but does not interfere with reading and use.

FindNiche VS AliShark

Description of Database 

Both two tools have a big database of winning and popular products, while there are still some differences between them. 

FindNiche AliShark
Main channels  AliExpress
Facebook & YouTube & Instagram
Main function Dropshipping Products Research,
Best Dropshipping Suppliers,
Dropshipping Ad Spy
Dropshipping Products Research
Volume of Data 120M+ products, 3M+ suppliers & stores, 80M+ dropshipping ads 4M+ products
Updating frequency Updated daily Updated hourly
Language supported  English & Chinese English

Advanced Search & Filtering 

Both tools provide you with a large number of filters to help you get the best product.

FindNiche AliShark
Filter by Keywords
Sort by Categories
Filter by Price
Filter by Total Orders
Filter by Which Country Can Be Ship to
Filter by Which Country Can Be Ship From
Filter by Order & Growth
Filter by Star Rating
Filter by Wishlist
Filter by Reviews
Filter by Top Brands
Filter by Quality Store
Filter by Release Date

Information of Products

After searching out the result, both tools present detailed information about the ads with distinct key features. 

  FindNiche AliShark
Basic product information
Product Performance
Top Countries
Store Info
Customer Reviews

Other Features

FindNiche AliShark
Shopify Store Spy
Dropshipping Ad Spy
Recommended Niches
FREE Chrome Extension

FindNiche is not a simple dropshipping product research tool, but an All-in-One toolbox dedicated to helping you improve your business on all fronts.

In addition to the product research feature, FindNiche provides you with top store analytics from AliExpress to help you filter out the best suppliers.

Shopify store spy & analytics enables you to learn from the product research & marketing strategies of your competitors.

Using the most powerful dropshipping ads spy service, your dropshipping ads will be seen by more people. Double your sales overnight becomes possible!

While AliShark also provides a new function to generate a video. If the product post with pictures, you can make a video by selecting pictures, even you can decorate it with music, active banners, and text, people can also download it after the whole process. 


FindNiche AliShark
Month $9/$59/$99/$199-$499 $20
Trial $1 for 3 Days Trial. $1 for 2 Days Trial.

FindNiche offers different services for different needs, while AliShark offers flat rate pricing.

For newbies, for $1, you can use FindNiche's premium account for 3 days, while only using AliShark for 2 days.

Is AliShark Worth Your Money?

The answer is YES.

If you just want to find a tool to help you get the best out of your products and niches, AliShark is certainly an excellent tool.

If you're looking for a one-stop solution for your product research, vendor selection and marketing, FindNiche is definitely worth getting! It will save you time and money, and your dropshipping business will explode!

FindNiche or AliShark? It depends on your AMBITION.

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