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With globalization, eCommerce is rapidly developed all over the world. Different from the traditional business model, dropshipping attracts an increasing number of entrepreneurs. While it is fairly difficult to choose the potential winners among millions of products. So a product research tool that can present the most trending bestsellers is essential and significant to dropshippers. 

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1. Overview of these tools 

FindNiche is a leading dropshipping niches analytics tool with a huge eCommerce intelligence database. It typically serves the functions, finding niche products and trending Shopify stores. 

AliShark is another hunt tool for best-selling products. It provides data analysis about the winning products. Users can easily access completed information about a winning product. 

2. The main features of these two tools 

1)Description of database 

Both two tools have a big database of winning and popular products, while there are still some differences between them. 

FindNiche AliShark
Main channels  AliExpress
Main function Dropshipping & Trending stores Dropshipping
Updating frequency An hourly basis An hourly basis
Language supported  English English

2) Advanced search & filtering 

Both FindNiche and AliShark have access to all the data you need about a product, while they also decorate with individual features. 

FindNiche AliShark
Top country
Facebook ad links
Shopify Competitors Analysis
Total orders range 
New recommend 
Niches Picked by Algorithm
Recommend Filter Settings

3) In-depth analytics

After searching out the result, both tools present detailed information about the ads with distinct key features. 

  FindNiche AliShark
Shipping country
Related products
Original page on  AliExpress 
Product performance 
Top countries 

4)Other features

Regarding these two tools, both of them have individual features. As for FindNiche, users can find products on AliExpress, but also they can access the niches on Shopify. According to their details of niches on Shopify, people can sort the niche rate to find out the right products. Meanwhile, after clicking the details, people can match the product on AliExpress. 

Importantly, users can search out the trending Shopify stores with FindNiche by typing the keywords or domain, and selecting the categories and top country, it would be helpful for users to refer to the original webpage to check their store design and business strategy. 

While AliShark also provides a new function to generate a video. If the product post with pictures, users can make a video by selecting pictures, even you can decorate it with music, active banners, and text, people can also download it after the whole process. 

3. Pricing 

FindNiche charges $20/$29 per month, but you can access lots of products, FB ads, and store data! As for AliShark, users can get a 2-day trial with $1, after that the monthly payment is $20. 

4. Conclusion 

As presented above, both FindNiche and AliShark are great tools for dropshipping business, especially when people try to find winning dropshipping niches on AliExpress. If users need to design their online stores or learn from related trending stores, it would be a wise choice to log in to FindNiche. As for AliShark, it provides new tools for people to make a video. While regarding the price, FinidNiche is definitely attractive with its incomparable price. 

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