Aliexpress Hot Products in 2020 1H
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Aliexpress Hot Products in 2020 1H

For the e-commerce industry, 2020 is a year destined for tragedy. Because of the impact of the COVID-19 epidemic, most stores have suffered losses. For small stores, 2020 is the only year that can quickly defeat large stores.

Due to the large size, it is very difficult for large stores to transform, and small stores can change their strategies according to the actual situation and run to the front of large stores at a lower cost. The selection of products is the top priority of the transformation. Here are some aliexpress hot products for your reference.

1. Name Choker Necklace Pendant

Jewelry is a new member of aliexpress hot products and this kind of cheap and design jewelry can be more favored by customers. From the historical sales of Aliexpress, it can be seen that the sales of this product have always remained high. And the product has also achieved very good sales today, which shows that even during the epidemic, the product still has a very good popularity.

In related shopify stores, the product can be sold for a price of $ 21.95, with a profit of nearly 100 times! And this kind of goods is enough for the public and the shipping cost is very low without the risk of being detained by the customs, which is very suitable for Dropshipping!

2.Latex Resistance Bands

Home fitness equipment represented by Latex Resistance Bands has always occupied a place in aliexpress hot products. People are paying more and more attention to the sanitation of the fitness area, and the home is the safest and healthiest place. After all, sweat after exercise will cause a lot of bacteria to grow, and the public gym is also a relatively densely populated area.

From the sales data, this type of product seems to be saturated, but don’t be fooled by the data. See Jewelry, the proportion of home fitness equipment demand. The demand for equipment will only increase.

From the analysis of competitors, it can be seen that the product also has a profit of nearly $ 24, which is very suitable as a profit-oriented product.

3. Bag Biscuit Bag Nut Bottle Sealed

The newly introduced aliexpress hot product introduced this time is also the current best Niche Product, which is the designed biscuit sealed bag! From the product form, the sealed bag that simulates various bottles is very popular with users. The most important thing is that there are so many people who add it to the wish list, indicating that everyone is ready to sell the product. If you can get it first, then you can better grasp the opportunity!

This product also has a profit of almost $ 11, which is highly recommended!

As a final reminder, the reasons for not recommending medical supplies such as masks are very complicated. One is that the epidemic has come to an end. Twenty hoarding masks will face great inventory challenges in the future. Such phenomenon-level products will face a cliff style after the tuyere. The price reduction is a very unstable commodity.