Epidemic and COVID-19, Some suggestions for shopify seller
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Epidemic and COVID-19, Some suggestions for shopify seller

In the face of the current rampant epidemic situation,although the most recent word I have said to many shopify sellers is ” go with the flow “, we should make some adjustments and responses based on the current situation and our actual operation.

Here is an extract of all 7 tips:

·For novice: familiar with background operation

·Selected Products

·For listing on sale

·For advertisements being put on

·About whether to try DropShiping

·About masks, temperature guns, goggles and other epidemic items

· How about selling paper towels?

·Go with the flow?

1. For novice: familiar with background operation

Try to publish several products more, then delete them after publishing. Carry out some batch operations and some background operations. Solve the problems encountered in operation one by one. Like a boar sharpening his teeth.Don’t wait until the wolf comes to come.

Many operations in the background must be practiced more, Using this time to try to release 100 products, you can understand Shopify’s operation better more than many other sellers.

After the epidemic passes, there will be a large number of orders waiting to be processed

2. Selected Products

For all the sellers, they should do a lot of research on products. We tend to slack off when we have a lot of orders, but now we finally have a large amount of time to let ourselves settle down to choose products, so you can consider more details.

Findnice can use big data technology to help us choose products. Of course, it can also use other similar products.

Most importantly, it’s free, and we don’t need any cost to use it.

3. For listing on sale

Pay attention to the change of sales volume and raise the price properly!

About the rate of events, a lot of hot products are going to be out of stock. Before out of stock, make more money.

But I also need to remind you not to be greedy. If you raise the price too high, you will receive more bad comments.

4. For advertisements being put on

If the advertising conversion is declining and the inventory is about to be out of stock, you may as well reduce the advertising price or suspend it.

Some sellers will say that this adjustment will hurt the advertising weight? Yes, but when the epidemic is very serious, no matter how hard you try, you will get half the result. If you can’t make it, then save it.

5. About whether to try DropShiping

Carry out some batch operations and some background operations.My suggestion is no!

The reason is very simple. The express delivery is not very smooth. I read the e-packet notice specially. It’s very important to say that it’s none of our business if we can’t get there and lose the package. So, there’s no need to be busy right now, but at the end of the day, there’s a lot of refunds.

6. About masks, temperature guns, goggles and other epidemic items

My advice is to try not to touch it! Selling this kind of products, you will face a variety of audits, other countries’ policies are adjusted at any time, the price increase of logistics providers, the seizure of goods by the customs of various countries, the poor evaluation of customers’ complaints.

Some sellers are also confident that I can find an intermediary to audit the category, which is just to make the intermediary earn a little service fee. Some sellers say that my products have CE certification, FDA certification and so on, but many inspection agencies in the destination countries will say that your certification is not false, but they do not recognize your certification.

7. How about selling paper towels?

My question is how much freight is needed for the bulky tissue. Freight is more than the value of goods, and logistics is blocked to death, which is really not an easy business.

8. go with the flow

Can we do nothing but let it be? Apparently not!

As the saying goes, opportunities are for those who are prepared. After the outbreak is over, countries will start different policies to stimulate consumption, and people will spend a long time retaliating. There will be a flood of orders, people will be crazy to choose their favorite goods to buy. And that’s what we’re going to do. The novice needs to be familiar with the background operation, while others need to choose a better industry and commodities, so as to get out of the difficulty in time and realize profits.