AliExpress Shipping Time – AliExpress Logistics Analysis

AliExpress is a platform with its own logistics system, and it also supports offline logistics and overseas warehouses. Now that AliExpress has been developed for 11 years, the logistics methods are really flexible and diversified, but it is worth mentioning that whether it is a different delivery company or a different delivery method, AliExpress sellers should choose the most A delivery company that suits your needs, including express delivery speed, mail tracking, and economic convenience.

Currently, AliExpress has the following express delivery options: UPS, FedEx, DHL, TNT, EMS, TOLL, e-EMS, ePacket, China Post Registered Air Mail, China Post Air Parcel, China Post plus ordinary small parcel, Hongkong Post Air Mail, Hongkong Post Air Parcel, Singapore Post, Swiss Post, YW Private Line, DHL Global Mail, Sweden Post, Aeroflot and SF Express, etc.

AliExpress Shipping Time

General cargo packet

General cargo small package is the most common small package product on the market. It can undertake a variety of general cargo and reach more than 220 countries and regions around the world. With a wide range of postal services and low freight rates, it can provide basic logistics services. Common channels for general cargo parcels are Shenzhen registered, Shenzhen surface mail, and Yiwu registered. The following is an introduction to the quotation tables and timeliness information of these three channels.

  • Shenzhen registration: only accept general goods by mail, and the overall time limit for signing is 10-25 days.
  • Shenzhen surface mail: It is a logistics product of Shenzhen Post. There is no tracking information and no compensation service as a whole. The time limit for signing is 10-25 days.
  • Yiwu Registration: The postal parcel launched by Yiwu Post has a lower fee. The overall time for signing is 10-25 days.

Battery pack

Battery packs are a type of international small pack channel that specializes in undertaking battery items. Can undertake a variety of battery products, including built-in batteries, supporting batteries, pure batteries and other battery items. Common e-mail packets include Dutch registered, Dutch surface mail, and Shenzhen E-mail. The following is an introduction to the quotation form and timeliness information of these three channels.

  • Dutch registration: It can accept a variety of battery items, and the overall time limit for signing is 15-20 days.
  • Dutch surface mail: The same is produced by the Netherlands Post, and the overall time limit for signing is 15-20 days.
  • Shenzhen Eyoubao: It can accept battery items to reach many core countries around the world, and the overall time limit for signing is 7-15 days.

Commercial Express

Commercial express delivery is a type of logistics channel with the fastest timeliness, the best stability, the highest safety, and high-quality services in international air transport, but it is also the type of channel with the highest tariffs. Common commercial express are DHL Express, FedEx, UPS Express. The following is an introduction to the quotation sheets and timeliness information obtained by these three express delivery companies.

  • DHL Express: one of the three major international express, the overall time limit for signing is 3-7 days.
  • FedEx: One of the Big Three in international express delivery, the overall time limit for signing is 3-7 days.
  • UPS Express: a well-known international express company, the overall time limit for signing is 3-7 days.

Dedicated logistics

Dedicated logistics is a first-class channel of one-to-one transnational logistics services created by integrating high-quality logistics resources, and it is highly targeted. The characteristics of dedicated line logistics are faster timeliness, lower tariffs, rich channel services, and strong carrying capacity. Common dedicated line logistics include American dedicated line, European dedicated line, and Russian dedicated line. Below, I will introduce the quotation form and timeliness information of the three dedicated line logistics.

  • U.S. special line: focus on the American route to provide logistics services, the overall time limit for signing is 7-15 days.
  • European special line: focus on the European route to provide logistics services, the overall time limit for signing is 7-13 days.
  • Russian special line: focus on the Russian route to provide logistics services, and the overall time limit for signing is 10-25 days.

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The logistics tips of AliExpress

The AliExpress platform mainly divides the logistics methods according to the order amount, which is divided into three segments: no more than 2 US dollars, more than 2 US dollars but no more than 5 US dollars, and more than 5 US dollars. According to the logistics forms of different service levels in these three areas, the division of logistics levels can be simplified as follows:

The order value does not exceed US$2

Economic logistics, simple logistics, standard logistics, and fast logistics can be used in other countries except Russia, Belarus, and Ukraine, among which economic logistics is the cheapest and most used type of logistics. If the buyer is in Russia, the seller can choose the four logistics methods of Cainiao Super Economy, Cainiao Special Line-Super Economy, China Post's usual parcel, and Cainiao Special Line Economy. Sellers whose logistics destinations are in Belarus and Ukraine can choose the logistics method of Cainiao Super Economy.

Orders with a value of more than US$2 and no more than US$5

Ukraine, Russia, and Belarus can only go worry-free and simple, standard logistics and fast logistics, of which simple logistics is the cheapest and most used. In other countries, you can take economic, standard, and fast logistics, among which the economical logistics is the cheapest and most used.

The order value exceed US$5

By default, all countries for products with an order value of more than US$5 can only choose standard and fast logistics. Among them, the standard category is the type with the highest usage rate.

Final Thoughts

There are many ways of logistics for AliExpress. FindNiche summarized the logistics selection rules as follows:

For goods with a low value and weight below 2kg, the rookie super economic or worry-free logistics standard, or registered postal parcel or E-mail treasure, is based on the country of your customer segment and the goods you sell. The price determines which logistics method to choose. The biggest feature of economic logistics is its low price, which can greatly save our transportation costs, but the shortcomings are also obvious, the timeliness is slow, especially the unregistered parcels are more likely to be lost and cause disputes.

Commercial express delivery can be selected for products above 2kg, with relatively high value and relatively small volume, such as dhl, fedex, ups, etc. This logistics method is characterized by very fast speed, but the price is also very expensive. Choose the appropriate logistics method according to your own needs. For those above 2kg, you can also choose the worry-free logistics delivery method, the official delivery channel, and the price after-sales is still possible.

The setting and selection of logistics in the operation of e-commerce is still very important, and it is related to our daily operating costs and benefits. Increasing revenue and reducing expenditure are also very important.

Of course, before you choose the right logistics, you must have sales, and the most important thing here is that we need appropriate product research. FindNiche is the best dropshipping niches analytics tool for online store, where you can easily get the best products of AliExpress.