What Is The Best Ecom Spy Tool For Finding Niches?-FindNiche
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What Is The Best Ecom Spy Tool For Finding Niches?-FindNiche

As everyone knows. We must choose good goods and suppliers when we are doing online shopping malls or stores. The traditional way is to find cooperation on some third-party vendor platforms.

Then carry out bulk stocking of goods. The biggest drawback is the inventory backlog. Once the goods are sold, they cannot be sold. Causing great risks. Also waste too much time looking for products and suppliers.

This is also because many people ask me if I can have good methods or tools to improve efficiency. So I shared how to use the FindNiche tool to monitor the e-commerce. Making work more efficient.

Now .Introducing the FindNiche tool I mentioned. Finding niche products from the market and your competitors. Discovering the best performing dropshiping products of Shopify. So what can we do with this tool?

1, Choosing products and helping you to save more time

Before the product is officially sold. We will choose to sell a certain product in various aspects. Waiting for the customer to place the order and deliver the goods to the customer after successful order. But what products do we want to sell? This is a very annoying problem. And FindNiche can help you make it more valuable.

It can help you make some decisions. On FindNiche. you will see a lot of goods currently on sale. In order to ensure a more scientific choice of goods. You need to pick at least 5 products from it.

Recording product information such as product price, number of ad connections, sales trends, number of times viewed, regional distribution, etc. Making a comprehensive comparison of the data of the 5 products and select the products you decide to sell.

2, The creative optimization of shopify shop

On FindNiche you can see the shopify stores section. Maybe you will ask what is the role of this? First you can check the sales situation of the top ranked stores. Learning from the same type of shop decoration style as your product, and the typesetting of the product.

Second, through the store ranking data, you can know the strategy of store marketing promotion. In general, the shopify shop has a lot of marketing on facebook. Learning from the good shops that have done you can save you a lot of trial and error costs. Save time to focus on your core business.

3, Dropshiping analysis

Compared to traditional logistics and distribution. Dropshipping will be more direct and flexible. Choosing the best products When choosing products on FindNiche. Quick access to suppliers via “show on Aliexpress”When viewing product details.

No need to spend time looking for suppliers. If you want to find more products that sell this type of product. Just click “show on like this” and you will get many different suppliers of the same type of products. You will get many different suppliers of the same type of products. Comparing time, shipments, delivery range, etc. of multiple suppliers. Choosing the best optimal dropshipping.

After reading the above three major usages. Have you already learned about the power of this tool? The tools are still in continuous optimization upgrades. It can bring more data. it is excited to know that there are such good tools. Hurring and experienceing The Best Ecom Spy Tool!