Pexda Vs FindNiche

FindNiche:Find Niche – Winning Products on AliExpress Analytics. Find niche products from your competitors. Get latest insights of trending secrets and best-winning dropshipping products on Shopify and AliExpress.

pexda:STOP WASTING MONEY ON BAD PRODUCTSHi! I’m Jason and I can help your business hunt winning products

Comparative analysis is as follows:

FindNiche pexda
Unlimited products per day
Pricing 0$ 1.95$\24.95\99.95$
Access to special products
Find niches
Facebook Ad report
Targeting Suggestion
The number of FaceBook Links
Store Selling report
Shopify stores
Ad Copy – Fresh Videos
Geography & Device
AliExpress report
The Selling report
Product Research
Site Design
Social Media