Pexda VS FindNiche [Review] - Best Dropshipping Spy Tool
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Pexda VS FindNiche [Review] – Best Dropshipping Spy Tool

Welcome to the latest in our series. In the previous article, we compared Nichescraper and FindNiche products and analyzed their advantages and disadvantages from various aspects. We think FindNiche is definitely the winner.

But now we can see a lot of dropshipping spy tools, their functions are not exactly the same, we can even use multiple tools to find trending dropshipping products at the same time. Today we will compare Pexda and FindNiche.

Here’s a complete Pexda review alongside FindNiche to guide you to your best tool.

What is Pexda and FindNiche?and how does it works


FindNiche is one of the best dropshipping spy tools for people to easily find out winning products, niches, and Shopify stores. The database of FindNiche contains more than two million Aliexpress products with a massive 11000 niches and more than 700,000 Shopify stores. It is designed especially for a dropshipping business.

What problems can FindNiche help us solve?

  • Track niche product orders and their growth rate
  • See the product’s price at Aliexpress and its selling price at Shopify.
  • Monitor product’s recent profit and growth rate
  • Provide product copy and picture reference
  • A full list of Shopify stores


Pexda helps companies find the latest hot products and offers Facebook ad copy queries. In addition, Pexda has its own member distribution system, and members can get a corresponding amount of commission from the sales income of each invited member. Paid services, subscription costs are high. Its slogan is “stop wasting money on bad products”.


Comparative analysis of the functions of Pexda and FindNiche

1. Comprehensive analysis

  Pexda FindNiche
Free ×
New Winning products
Find Niches ×
Advanced Filter ×
Unlimited products per day ×
Shopify stores ×
Stores analysis ×
Club ×
Blog ×

FindNiche and Pexda have their own advantages and disadvantages in a comprehensive comparison. The core functions of the two products are the same, and they mainly provide users with New Winning products.

In addition to helping users find trending dropshipping products, FindNiche also provides Shopify store analysis and Niches search, which is what Pexda lacks.

Pexda is slightly more expensive than FindNiche, but it has its own member distribution system, and registered members can get a corresponding amount of commission from the sales income of each invited member.

2. Sorting method and search conditions

 Srot by Pexda FindNiche
Newest ×
Oldest × ×
FB AD-Likes ×
FB AD-Reactions ×
FB AD -Shares ×
FB AD-Comments ×
Offer Type × ×
Wishlist ×
Price ×
Growth in ** days ×

In terms of sorting, Pexda is better than FindNiche. Pexda can sort products by newest. But FindNiche doesn’t work. In addition, Pexda can sort by FB AD-Likes, FB AD-Reactions, FB AD-Shares, FB AD-Comments, and other filter criteria.

Although FindNiche’s sorting method is not as good as Pexda’s, it does a very detailed search. We can see from the figure below:

FindNiche trending dropshipping products

We can filter products from multiple dimensions such as category, country of sale, country of shipment, the total number of orders, price, number added to the wishlist, number of Aliexpress reviews, order today This is very helpful for us to find Niches.

3. Product details page comparison

 Product Details Pexda FindNiche
AD Copy
AliExpress Report
FB AD Report ×
Device ×
Total number of orders
link to AliExpress ×
link to Oberlo × ×
save × ×
Total stores selling this product × ×
Video × ×
Instagram Influencers × ×

This is an example of a product detail page for FindNiche. From the way, we can see the price, profit, recent sales of each product, as well as his sales in Aliexpress and Shopify stores. We can clearly understand the overall situation of these products through the data analysis of FindNiche and know whether it has the potential to become an explosion.

This is an example of Pexda’s product detail page. Compared to FindNiche, although the basic product information is less than FindNiche, its advantage is that it has more analysis of products in FB advertising.

4. Pexda Chrome extension

Pexda has launched its own extension, the Pexda Chrome extension. This extension can help you hunt any sponsored ads on Facebook.

Although FindNiche does not have such an extension, we have other more powerful ads spy tools to achieve this goal. Such as BigSpy tools.

This article will not expand the comparison of ads spy tool, friends in need can try it.


Niches is a unique section of FindNiche. This section provides users with more detailed niches, which is different from ordinary products. Although their price is not low, these products have more possibilities and profits.

6.Shopify Stores

FindNiche conducted a comprehensive analysis and ranking of 726,612 Shopify stores according to the recent advertising situation, FB popularity, and website ranking. In the meantime, you will get a complete Shopify store directory here. This feature is very powerful and practical, I can find almost everything I want to find in Shopify stores here.


FindNiche has a blog section and Pexda does not. FindNiche provides users with free knowledge services and selection recommendations through professional blog posts.

8. Membership plans and pricing


Pexda is relatively expensive and there is no free trial:

Standard Edition 1.95 $ / 14 days 14.95 $ / month

Advanced 24.95 $ / month

Premium 99.95 $ / month

In addition, Pexda has its own member distribution system, and members can get a corresponding amount of commission from the sales income of each invited member.


FindNiche’s various functions are free to use, but its advanced members have more access rights. FindNiche is currently in the free promotion stage. As long as you invite friends to use FindNiche together, you can get free members with more permissions.

in conclusion

When we compare the two products of Pexda and FindNiche, we find that these two tools are actually very similar, and they can help us find trending dropshipping products.

But by comparison, FindNiche has done a better job in terms of product details and data. At the same time, the price is more cost-effective.

My suggestion is that even if you register one or both of these tools, you still cannot stop your research on the dropshipping business. After all, the success of the dropshipping business requires good operating methods and traffic channels in addition to trending dropshipping products.

Good luck!