How to Find Winning Products?
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How to Find Winning Products?

The biggest mistake of independent e-commerce practitioners is the mistake of choosing products! The characteristics of independent e-commerce determine that the wrong choice of products, everything is in vain and irreparable.

How do profitable practitioners choose products? What are the criteria they consider when choosing products? Researched hundreds of money-making and non-profit-making products, and finally found that the selection of products has the following four directions.

1.Advertising selection

  1. Start with advertisements such as facebook or instagram, and select relevant commodity advertisements with high popularity, high participation, and relatively new creation time. The commodity advertisements here can be not only shopify, but of course there are many other types of e-commerce websites.
  2. Find the relevant e-commerce website through advertisements to obtain the traffic information of the e-commerce website. The e-commerce traffic information is relatively large, indicating that the success rate of the product will be higher. At the same time, due to the relatively new advertising time, the store has not yet occupied the vast majority of the market, and other e-commerce companies have a chance to take a slice.
  3. Through AliExpress and other supplier websites, check the sales volume to prove your point of view, and at the same time calculate the profit and analyze whether the market can meet your requirements.

The better aspect of this modular selection is that it is easy to quantify the indicators. For example, grading the number of interactions on Facebook ads, grading the number and flow of competitors, grading the reputation of suppliers, product pricing, and market. Thus, a comprehensive score can be obtained to evaluate the product.

How to find winning product

2.Seasonal explosion

Search some anti-season keywords through facebook, google, aliexpress, etc. For example, search for ice silk, cool, and mosquito repellent in summer, and keep warm, antifreeze, frostbite in winter. Such keywords can increase the weight of related products in a certain period of time.

3.Special label

You can easily find the related special classification through the content of the product name. For example, all the goods sold by shopify with the theme of animals are related to animals.

For example, this store sells around Trump. This kind of store sells content around the spoof content of the US president. The goods he sells include not only dolls, but also cups, short sleeves and other contents. This type of product has a special keyword (spoof) on AliExpress.

4.Long-term hot sale

For shopify recommended products, the focus is on 70% of stable products, and a list is needed to display such long-term demand products. This kind of commodities are more selected from the perspective of stable sales and profits.

The evolution of product selection strategy is a long-term task that requires continuous exploration and experimentation. When there are not enough analysis tools to use, although manual selection of products is a waste of time, it can better form its own selection concept during the selection process.