Definitive Guide to Dropshipping on Instagram
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Definitive Guide to Dropshipping on Instagram

Definitive Guide to Dropshipping on Instagram

Dropshipping business has grown by leaps and bounds over the last decade. This business model is unique in that it provides sellers with the mobility to sell an item almost anywhere in the world without building a brick and mortar store. So, by using tools and social media sellers are getting a lot of advantages at the touch of a button. 

Instagram, with the positive power of social media, has given users a chance to display their products both nationally and internationally. 

Dropshipping on Instagram, thus, comes with significant strategies such as shoutout examples and influencer impacts. Perfect time to begin.

Table of contents for this article.

Why Use Instagram for Dropshipping?

After launching your dropshipping business model, you need to use various methods to increase your conversion rates. 

Considering the use of social media (9 of 10 internet users now use social media each month) such as Facebook, TikTok, Instagram, and Twitter today, it can be deduced that these platforms are invaluable to promote your store. 

Why Use Instagram for Dropshipping?

According to Social Media Report, there are 4.62 billion social media users around the world. But why should dropshipping on Instagram be preferred?

Why Use Instagram for Dropshipping?

Instagram is the most favored platform among 16-35 age group social media users. It has about 1.5 billion users worldwide. This means the opportunity to reach 18% of the world's population.

Moreover, Instagram enables you to reach 1 billion users with Instagram stories and 670 million users with reals videos.

As a consequence, Instagram, which is preferred by the age group that shops online most and has nearly 1.5 billion users, is one of the most beneficial platforms to use for your dropshipping business model.

How to Use Instagram for Dropshipping?

In order to get your business to work smoothly and expand it through marketing and advertising tools, you are more than welcome to check out these 14 easy-to-follow steps that also include exceptional tips.

How to Use Instagram for Dropshipping?

1.The starting point is to create a business account and complete all the necessary info such as profile picture, username, and bio of course.

2. Your dropshipping on Instagram will be most cultivated as long as you provide your would-be followers with your business, the services you are providing, and details regarding your contact information like phone number and email address.

3. High time to put your items you provide, mention terms and conditions, shipping costs, etc. so that followers know what to expect.

4. Hashtags are the next important factor boosting your sales through this social media platform. Bear in mind, though, your hashtags should be to the point and serve the intended goal.

5. After having created relevant hashtags, you also need to include some captivating captions to draw customers’ attention, giving sufficient information about the products and policies of your business.

6. If necessary, use some paid tools to spy on your biggest competitors in the market. In this regard, FindNiche’s Instagram Ad Spy feature is a great helper, enabling you to implement product research and find winning items for you.

Furthermore, you can filter Instagram ads by country, language, engagement, type, and CTA buttons. After determining the related ads, you can click on them to analyze them deeply.

7. Paid or mutual shoutout Instagram story examples will definitely give you an edge over other key players, leading a boost in your sales. It will be critical at this stage to provide Instagrammers that shout your account out with a well-prepared post.

8. Using paid ads managed by Instagram itself is another important contributor to getting the highest engagement. This social media giant uses AI to specify your audience of interest depending upon many factors such as location, age, and gender.

9. Stories on Instagram last 24 hours, meaning a great opportunity to share your products in a nutshell. Provide the fundamentals, and give some relevant details as well.

10. With new features on the platform, you can utilize Instagram TV (IGTV) for longer videos of products you plan to promote in detail. You can also post a video of 1 minute for pinpointing some of your items.

11. Testimonials and feedback from your customers are what you have to make sure that everything is just going smoothly. Displaying your stories where your customers are 100% satisfied with your products and services is as significant as the previous ones, keeping your customers loyal to your brand. .

12. Keeping analytical research tools active such as Google Analytics, which is totally free of charge, is instrumental in understanding your customer profile and the engagement level of the posts. The more analytical research tools you have, the more traffic you will absolutely get for your dropshipping on Instagram.

13. Personal analysis into your traffic for a duration of a week is also provided by the Instagram insights feature. You can check out your engagement range in terms of likes, comments, and new followers as well as the gender, age, and localization factors.

14. Last but not the least, giving an instant response to a message proves to increase the number of customers on the basis of reliability and dependability issues. It demonstrates that you are there for your customers:)

3 Strategies to Boost Your Dropshipping on Instagram 

It will be an amazing starting point for newbies to find out the basics of the dropshipping world, especially on Instagram. 

First things first, they have to find their niches and thus be aware of the marketing and advertising methodology of their rivals in this arena. It enables them to find winning items through likes and reviews.

Secondly, dropshippers on the platform should use amazing bios to get the most out of it. They will not believe how much impact a well-organized bio can have on their business parameters. 

And lastly, dropshipping Instagram influencers and shoutout examples are going to play a vital role in turning their business into a success story. 

1. Find Your Niche and Use Advertising Tools Effectively

Finding a low competition niche with a high profit requires market research and trend analysis as efficiently as possible. Whether it is kitchen products or health and beauty items, it really doesn't matter. What matters is exactly how you analyze the latest trends in the most reliable way.

Find Your Niche

So, Dropshipping Niche Finder is here to help you optimize your expectations and costs while doing dropshipping on Instagram or any other social media platform. 

Plus, it is a paramount success factor here, giving you the advantage of following up-to-date information about your business and other key competitors in the market.

2. Create an Amazing Instagram Bio (5 Outstanding Tips)

Having a great bio on Instagram is a precursor in this business arena and it gives the viewers or followers the first impression on what your dropshipping looks like. So, what makes a great bio to attract a lot of people with different interests to your account.

Adding Keywords for Your Niche and Link

While filling out the basic information such as name, website, username, etc., please note that SEO-friendly keywords and catchy names can be an important indicator of drawing more customers to your account. 

Telling the World about Your Business

Giving a sense of what your business is like to viewers and visitors is the most critical part here. You have to make sure that you understand and respond to the needs and interests of your potential customers completely.

Bear in mind that your bio has a maximum of 150 symbols, making it as short and captivating as possible:) Of course, it comes down to the fact that bio ideas need to be carefully detailed and informative.

An Increased Authority

This is the part where you provide visitors with confidence in your products and services. They want to make sure that they will make the best out of it. In this regard, you are expected to display the strength of your store as much as you can, giving numbers and statistics as a sign to boost your authority.

The Power of Hashtags and Emoji

Sometimes a catchy and persuasive bio itself may not be enough to catch visitors’ attention. That is exactly where emojis and hashtags come in to fully support your message to your potential customers.

They do work perfectly for the engagement of visitors in your bio attentively. So your message to the world out there has been delivered successfully:)

Calling for Action: Let’s Get to Work!

Reading an incredible bio is beyond doubt more meaningful when it is practiced with a little push visitors see in your account, letting them purchase the item willingly. It activates their enthusiasm to get engaged in the process.

Bonus: Captivating Instagram Bio Examples

While some of them are pretty funny, others make you think creatively. They will somehow motivate you to be key players on the platform. Without further ado, let's get inspired by these catchy bios:

  • Trendy furniture, incredible low prices 🎉 Free home delivery on all products 📦🚀 Enjoy your vidaXL moment now 💜👉 #sharemevidaXL 
  • Discover makers, independent designers, and creative entrepreneurs around the world, all in one place on #Etsy. ✨
  • Spotlighting athlete* and 👟 stories #BlackLivesMatter and #StopAsianHate
  • Everyone has a story to tell. Tag #ShotoniPhone to take part.
  • Online visibility management SaaS platform that has been used by over 10,000,000 marketers🔥
  • 🌎’s largest marketplace 🙌 Up & Running for Small Businesses 📸 #ebayfinds #ebayseller 🌟Enjoy and shop our feed▼

3. Influencers and Shoutouts as Business Partners

Partnering with influencers has proven to be instrumental in reaching out to a broader range of audiences when you intend to promote your item on a larger scale. It sure is a great alternative to collaborate with them to expand your business, boosting sales of your company in a short period of time.

So, how does influencer marketing work on the platform? Dropshipping Instagram influencers implement a couple of different ways to promote a given product. They form partnerships in three channels:

  1. Instagram Stories
  2. Sponsored Posts
  3. Live Promotions on Instagram

When it comes to shoutout examples on Instagram, they stand out among other paid alternatives. Most paid ads are shown by force, meaning people don't want to see them most of the time and ignore the majority of them.

These shoutouts are also paid, but different in that they are shown in popular bloggers’ and vloggers’ accounts. That’s why they are not like adverts, enabling visitors or viewers to like, share, and leave a review about them. 

Most Instagrammers really love leaving alike for a shoutout. Here is how you get it in simple steps:

  • Deciding on the suitability of your niche on the platform
  • Creating a business account for the store
  • Selecting which items to promote
  • Finding proper accounts for the shoutout
  • Purchasing a shoutout
  • Providing information for the shoutout
  • Sharing it in your store’s account
  • Analyzing the outcomes

Best Dropshipping Instagram Accounts

Instagram manages the advertising market very well thanks to allowing free traffic for users and introducing shops’ features for sellers and buyers, enabling them to buy and sell the items directly. What a convenience for dropshipping on Instagram.

1. Kawaii Pen

A perfect bio and attractive visuals are what make this amazing account special. Kawaii Pen stands out by providing a great selection of story sections as well. If you take a closer look at what it looks like, you will definitely be flabbergasted by these customizable items.

2. Meowingtons

This cat store Meowingtons is different from the others in that it really meets all the criteria necessary for a full and captivating bio. Posts and stories complete each other in a perfect way. A must-see store for cat lovers too 🙂

3. Bluecrate

Bluecrate gives the impression of selling stylish gifts from all walks of life. In fact, it serves the purpose of providing custom and personalized presents, which makes it a great hub for curated gift lovers. Plus, posts and IGTV are in perfect harmony when promoting the items. 

4. The Mellow Dog

The dog niche store is really incredible if you place great importance on the comfort of your dog. The Mellow Dog is selling dog beds and it makes full use of the Instagram page. The niche clearly fits the purpose. 

5. Notebook Therapy

This account is all about showing their items perfectly such as feeds, stories etc. The page is also very popular with over one million followers. You should definitely check it out to get some inspiration for your store.


Dropshipping on Instagram may make a huge difference especially when you promote your items by using advertising tools and implementing strategies. This social media giant is all about visual content, making it a busy hub for businesses across the globe to grow their business and boost their sales significantly. 

Moreover, it is full of opportunities for sellers using the power of influencer marketing and shoutouts. They don't look like paid ads by their nature and followers are in favor of them most of the time. 

You can also check out great dropshipping examples on Instagram to get inspiration from them. It is highly likely that dropshipping through Instagram is here to stay.

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