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Best Selling Products On Aliexpress In 2020 – FindNiche

We often talk about the dropshipping business. But why? Now that the global economy is integrated, the business of buying and selling goods has become simpler and simpler. We do n’t even need to invest a lot of capital to open physical stores and purchase goods. All we need is a computer, an online store, and selected goods for sale. Get it on the shelf and ship it quickly from your Aliexpress supplier, with almost no cost.

We in the era of e-commerce can just make money from dropshipping so easily. But all of this has a premise: you need to pick the best selling products on Aliexpress and understand how to drive traffic to your Shopify store.

This is the most critical but difficult step. How to find the best selling products on Aliexpress?

There are many factors that affect the sales of products, its price, popularity, quality and so on. We usually choose on Aliexpress, but in the face of a large number of products, how do we identify and choose the right one? As one of the best dropshipping spy tools for people to easily find out winning products, niches, and Shopify stores, FindNiche ( uses big data to screen out products that perform well on the Aliexpress platform and sell well in Shopify stores For analysis.

In the near future, we will launch a series of feature articles to introduce you to different categories of best selling products on Aliexpress. In this issue, we will comprehensively analyze the 10 t-shirts with the highest sales profits on Aliexpress and Shopify in the past 7 days, and help you check out what opportunities exist within the t-shirt selling industry.

Why t-shirt? Look at the picture below, this is the hot trend of “shopify t shirt store” on Google Trends in the past two years. Every March-April, a search peak will appear in “shopify t shirt store”. So, seize the opportunity of 2020!

1.Baby Yoda Mandalorian T Shirt Men / women Harajuku Star Wars T-shirt Satanist movie graphic tees men T …

Price: $ 4.03- $ 4.54

Selling Price: $ 24.99

7Days Profits: $ 4499

Growth rate: + 8.97%

This is the Satanist movie graphic tees with 16 colors. We can see that for products with low unit prices and high profits, there are usually more orders. From the analysis of FindNiche, it can be seen that the sales of this product have increased significantly in the near future. On the one hand, because of the end of the epidemic in China, most factories have been started, and the production of T-shirts has been restored; on the other hand, the temperature has risen and spring is coming, and the demand for T-shirts has increased. This is very advantageous for explosive products.

2.angel small letter print Women tshirt Cotton Casual Funny t shirt For Lady Girl Top Tee Hipster Tumb …

Price: $ 3.92- $ 4.90

Selling Price: $ 37.52

7Days Profits: $ 3979.64

Growth rate: + 18.1%

This T-shirt was on display on 2019-10-21, in a total of 5 colors. The front of the T-shirt has an “angle” letter print. This is a basic cotton t-shirt casual bottoming shirt. However, the simpler the better. Its main sales country is the United States, followed by Russia and Poland, and Thailand.

3.Ladies Tshirt Tops Tees Short-Sleeve Harajuku Loose Soft Female Cotton Women

Price: $ 7.93- $ 7.93

Selling Price: $ 21.99

7Days Profits: $ 3304.10

Growth rate: + 18.61%

The number of wishlists for this T-shirt on Aliexpress is 11.9K, and the total order is 1.2K. This has performed quite well in recent T-shirt products. It can be seen from the analysis of FindNiche’s data that its main selling countries are Russia and the United States. After experiencing the impact of the Chinese New Year and the epidemic, its sales have also experienced a period of trough and finally rebounded in the near future. We must remember that good products will always be favored by the market.

4.bandana cow Print Women tshirt Cotton Casual Funny t shirt Gift 90s Lady Yong Girl Drop Ship S-883

Price: $ 3.92- $ 4.90

Selling Price: $ 21.00

7Days Profits: $ 1819.30

Growth rate: + 26.71%

This white printed t-shirt has a total of three suits, and the front of the clothes is an artistic sketch of a bull’s head. Throughout January, sales were generally low due to the season. By mid-Vietnam, the data began to pick up. From the data provided by FindNiche, we can see that the T-shirts are sold mainly in Czech, Norway, and Canada. Its 7-day profit rose by 26.71%. Although the number of wishlists is not high, it has a score of 4.8 on Aliexpress.

5.Jeansian Men’s UPF 50+ UV Sun Protection Outdoor Long Sleeve Tee Shirt Tshirt T-Shirt Beach Summer L …

Price: $ 9.98- $ 9.98

Selling Price: $ 39

7Days Profits: $ 864.54

Growth rate: + 11.79%

This navy blue long sleeve is decorated with a “glacier” color graphic on the front and sleeves, using a 70/30 blend of viscose bamboo and soft organic cotton fabric. This special blend adds a soft touch to these durable shirts and naturally provides perspiration, deodorization, and UV protection.

This is a T-shirt that is a men’s clothing on the highest profit list in 7 days. Its main function points are perspiration, deodorization, and UV resistance. It ships from China. Its profits reached $ 32.02.

6.Riverdale Harajuku Snake Print T Shirt Women Southside Serpent Ullzang Cartoon T-shirt 90s Graphic T …

Price: $ 2.91- $ 4.88

Selling Price: $ 40.00

7Days Profits: $ 772.64

Growth rate: + 10.89%

The supplier provided 27 patterns of T-shirts to choose from. It is the basic model of white cotton T-shirts with various printing patterns in the middle, which looks very trendy. Its profit is relatively high, reaching 35.12 USD / piece.

7.New 2019 Fashion Summer T Shirt Men Short Sleeved Male Turndown Collar Casual tshirt Colors T-Shirts …

Price: $ 2.55- $ 3.78

Selling Price: $ 22.30

7Days Profits: $ 703.76

Growth rate: + 7.39%

This is a men’s T-shirt, available in six colors. It has performed well in the last 7 days. Although the number of orders is not the highest, the number of people who add it to the wishlist is 1.9K. As the season changes, I believe it has the potential to become a sales explosion.

8.Women Tshirt Print Latina Funny Girl Casual Cotton Gift for Lady Yong Top Tee Drop-Ship

Price: $ 3.92- $ 4.90

Selling Price: $ 30.00

7Days Profits: $ 702.80

Growth rate: + 4.45%

The country where this T-shirt is sold is the United States. Its order volume has been fluctuating, but the fluctuation range is small. The store to which the products belong is top brands. It has 1.8K wishlists and a total of 524 orders.

9.YUETONGME 2019 Women Tank Solid Color Sleeveless sexy top T shirts Women Fashion Cotton Tshirt Cute …

Price: $ 3.52- $ 4.40

Selling Price: $ 14.95

7Days Profits: $ 623.10

Growth rate: + 20.33%

The purchase price of this product is low, and the selling price is also low, so the single profit is not high. If you want to choose it, unless your Shopify store has a lot of traffic, you can do small profits but sell more. Or maybe you have a newly opened Shopify store that needs low-priced items to attract people’s attention. Either case is suitable for you to sell this product.

From the data of FindNiche, we can see that its main sales country is Russia. Orders have been very sluggish throughout January, but have increased significantly in the recent past. Spring is coming.

10.Tshirt Cotton Tee Hipster Letters Girl Top Funny Print Women Casual -Momlife Lady 6-Colors

Price: $ 3.92- $ 4.90

Selling Price: $ 19.98

7Days Profits: $ 618.28

Growth rate: + 3.07%

The sales of this T-shirt also continued one after the other in January, and have been greatly improved until recently. Why can it be sold in winter? Find a store from FindNihce that sells this T-shirt. It turned out that its sales benefited from the bundled sales of other clothes, and the three pieces purchased together would have a very strong discount.

It can be seen from the data provided by FindNiche that its main sales country is the United States. The number of people who added it to the wishlist reached 5.4K, and the total number of orders was 1.2K. This is a proven explosive product.

Conclusion: Through the analysis of shopify t shirt store, we found the best selling products on Aliexpress mentioned above. So, what do they have in common?

  • Their unit price is between 20-30 US dollars, and the purchase price is mostly between 3-4 US dollars.
  • Among the top 10 products in 7 days, women’s T-shirts accounted for 80%.
  • After the downturn in January-February, the T-shirt market has ushered in a recovery. We need to prepare early for the bright spring.