11 Best Tools To Spy On Shopify Competitors
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11 Best Tools To Spy On Shopify Competitors

Are you freaked seeing your competitor Shopify store scale the market, and all you get is a penny despite implementing different strategies? Get your nerves relaxed! I've got for you easy-peasy tricks and tools to spy on your rivals.

According to a report by the e-commerce platform, as of April 2021, there are over 500,000 active Shopify stores. Therefore, standing tall in the market requires not just any marketing methods but result-proven strategies.

Interestingly, no need to reinvent wheels. All you need is to look out for what is working, re-strategize, and make it work in a better way.

Spying on your competitors gives you insights on how to run your Shopify store without any hitch. You have access to your rival's:

¶ Best-selling products

¶ Marketing strategies

¶ Successful advertisement campaigns, and a lot more.

It's time to get into your competitor's mind. Are you stocked on how to go about this? No need to go far!

I have compiled the best 11 Shopify spy tools to stay ahead of the competition without consuming all of your time.

These tools will increase your awareness of how successful Shopify stores in your market stay ahead of the bunch. Significantly, you will know the methods to implement to scale through and stay ahead of your competitors.

You cannot wait to check them out.

Let's get started!

11 Best Tools To Spy Your Shopify Competitors

Sometimes, we are curious to know "what's behind the door?" of your neighbor's house. Well, sneaking into a stranger's house is heinous, but yet, you can get a sneak peek of what's happening behind the facade of your competitors' stores with these Shopify spy tools.

Some are free while others are paid. Undoubtedly, you will find a Shopify spy tool that fits your need.

1. BigSpy

When it comes to competitor spying, it's not just about the store that succeeds; several other variables contribute to an e-commerce store's success.

Social media has proved to be an excellent source of revenue for e-commerce stores in recent years. Specifically, social media optimization is a force pushing thriving Shopify stores forward and leaving other stores to wonder what happened.

Interestingly, from Facebook marketing to other social media marketing tactics, BigSpy is an effective Shopify tool to spy on your rivals. Besides, BigSpy is a fantastic free ad spy program.

Furthermore, BigSpy is a useful tool that allows you to scan your rivals from 6+ major social networks; Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, AdMob, Twitter, Pinterest, and more.

Also, this tool gives you the luxury of your competitor's creatives and promotional strategies for generating more sales. Its powerful search feature allows you to filter by formats, industry-type, ad types, etc.

Click bigspy.com to know more about this Shopify spy tool.


Want to be the best seller in your e-commerce market? FindNiche is all you need to get started.


Check this out!

FindNiche is a quality tool for e-commerce analysis. Specifically, you can analyze the pricing, ads, and layout of products in your competitor's stores. Again, you can filter these products by top country, total orders, release date, and more.

Figure 1Source; FindNiche.com

In particular, with FindNiche, you can track the following on your competitor's store:  

¶ Total number of ads.

¶ Facebook page like.

¶ Target country

¶ Alexa rank, and more.

Above all, this Shopify spy tool provides 20 niche recommendations per day.  Besides, peradventure you are searching for top Shopify stores in your niche, FindNiche is a perfect tool to get them at your fingertips.

You don't have to rely on chance to compete against the thousands of stores in your niche. Many are vying for your market share round the clock. Get to know the strategies implemented by blooming stores in your niche with FindNiche today!

No one maximizes the benefits of a substance when not optimized. Try FindNiche today!

You will like to know more about FindNiche. Visit their website today - www.FindNiche.com and explore.


Ecomhunt primarily offers product recommendation services. Its main goal is to suggest and curate successful items for Shopify users.

Ecomhunt gives you all the details you need to start and run an e-commerce company.

Daily, Ecomhunt publishes a list of the “Best Selling Products.” This data is specially handpicked by experts from successful e-commerce stores around the world.

The fact that Ecomhunt's information is updated regularly ensures that there is no risk of receiving outdated data.

Interestingly, every product provided on this Shopify spy tool gives you access to the following special features:

¶ Product's SEO title

¶ High-quality product image

¶ Compelling product description

¶ Profit and cost indicator

¶ Links to the supplier. This feature is limited to paid users only.

Oberlo button. This feature allows you to send the product straight to your Shopify store automatically.

¶ Potential Instagram influencers, and more.

What's more?

You'll also have more access to Ecomhunt's best products, which can help you grow your company. Also, Ecomhunt comes with a chrome plugin that searches for supported ads on Facebook. Hence, this makes this tool an excellent app and a complete solution to your needs.

For more details about Ecomhunt, click on ecomhunt.com.

4. Sellercenter

 Sir Francis Bacon in his meditationes sacrae (1597) said "knowledge is power". Knowing what is working for successful industries and implementing it takes you off the array of strugglers. Why don't you look out for what is working for other successful Shopify stores in your niche and gain the power to increase your net store performance?

Surprisingly, the sellercenter will get this done with few clicks.

Peradventure you are thinking; what makes this tool unique from other Shopify spy tools?

You are few steps away from the answer.

The Sellercenter is like a magnifying lens that enlarges the difficult-to-discover strategies of your competitors.

Let's break it down!

Importantly, you can search the best Shopify stores in your niche based on traffic ranking, product type, social data, ads, and more.

Subsequently, you can examine the high-quality methods implemented by these stores with this tool. Also, you can analyze the trends in your market to stay updated.

You will like to access all the features that come with this tool. Visit Sellercenter @ sellercenter.io/en


SEMRush is known as a Shopify spy tool for traffic. In addition, it is a tool with emphasis on search engine marketing.

One of the main advantages it offers for both enterprise-level and smaller Shopify stores are in-depth competitor research.

Let's move into details…

You can do the following with SEMrush:

¶ Examine the SEO tactics of your rivals.

¶ Study your competitors across various social media platforms.

¶ Check out the backlinks of your competitors.

¶ Analyze your rival's landing pages and advertisement copies.

Equally important, SEMrush uncovers how to use paid search and the Google Display Network to your advantage.

In short, this Shopify spy tool will assist you in emulating the best SEO tactics, identifying market gaps, and exploiting flaws in your competitors' strategies.

In addition to spying on your Shopify rivals, SEMRush can also be used to; track your SERP positions daily, generate and track your PPC campaigns, get suggestions to improve your content, and more.

Will you like to know more about SEMrush? Visit their official website via; www.semrush.com


Similarweb is a competitive traffic intelligence platform that also offers behind-the-scene analysis to several sites online. In particular, similar web allows you to take an in-depth analysis of your Shopify competitors. Further, you have access to their digital performance and expose their strategies.

In particular, Similarweb helps you mark the best-selling stores in your market. Also, you have at your fingertips, the conversion stat of your competitors. Furthermore, this tool compares your store performance with that of your competitors.

Most importantly, Similarweb identifies marketing channels that yield the highest conversion rate. Again, it gives you access to the most-viewed content of your rivals.

What else does this Shopify spy tool offer?

¶ Audience and industry research

Funnel optimization, and more.

Visit, similarweb.com to know more about this tool.

7. Shopify inspector

Figure 2Source; shopifyinspector.com

Shopify Inspector offers must-have competitive insights that e-commerce stores. The tool has the data of over 800,000+ Shopify stores with best-selling stores included. Surprisingly, you have access to the data and strategies of successful Shopify stores in your niche without moving a hitch.

In detail, Shopify inspector offers you access to:

# Best-selling products; discover the products in your niche that are taking over the market.

# Sales volume; discover revenue value for products weekly.

# Sales trend; follow the sales metric of your competitors for certain products.

# Ads; be up-to-date with ads launched by your rivals on different products.

# Technology optimization; discover the apps used by other stores to drive traffic.

Importantly, the Shopify inspector beat all odds and stands out to be a tool for analyzing successful Shopify stores with techniques to improve your store's performance.

Visit www.shopifyinspector.com to learn more about this tool.

8. Ahrefs

Most successful Shopify stores outrank you by getting a lot of organic search traffic for organic keywords.

Undoubtedly, you require more than a normal strategy to overhaul them and get a bit of their traffic.

You may ask, how do I go about this?

Ahref Explorer Tool

When it comes to SEO, this Shopify spy tool stands out. Besides, it is for all aspects of competitor research.

If you know something about SEO, you're aware that it can get complicated. So, if you're looking for a single tool that can help you with every aspect of SEO, Ahrefs is the way to go!

Ahref excels at evaluating backlinks and identifying connection goals.

Importantly, Ahref gives you access to Shopify stores' domain authority, referring domains, backlinks, organic traffic, and other details.

“Number of referring domains and where these ties are coming from,” is the most significant and essential data provided by Ahrefs.

Without a doubt, it's critical to understand how easily the rivals acquire new ties. You may want to set a more realistic target if they're acquiring hundreds of links every day, right? This tool will assist you in furthering your SEO strategy planning.

Other features this tool offers aside from spying on your rival's Shopify store include:

¶ Site explorer

¶ Keyword explorer

¶ Rank tracker, and more

Visit their official website - www.ahref.com

9. Xpareto

Xpareto is a spy tool for best-selling products. Additionally, this tool gives you access to top Shopify stores using keywords or URLs. It will display regular traffic, a ranking, a link to the store's best-selling items, and a link to the store's Facebook campaigns. However, the use of the above method to review the Facebook ad campaigns of your competitors is more effective.

Furthermore, finding the Diamond SKU, which is available in any Shopify store, is another choice. Diamond SKUs are Shopify's best-selling items not sold on Amazon. Further, Shopify merchants do not want their best-selling items to be visible to the general public on Amazon. You can conceal a product and only sell it on your Shopify store if you don't want people to know what your store's best-sellers are.

However, here is a simple test to locate diamond SKUs on the Shopify platform:

Simply add /collection/all?sort_by = best-seller to any Shopify URL to get the same results as Xpareto. This "secret" page will reveal the items that are the best-selling in this store and how much each item costs.

You can take advantage of this new knowledge in two ways:

# Copy this competitor's tactics for promoting similar best-selling items on your website but make it your own with your selling point. You may emphasize how your product is superior or include a more comprehensive product overview so that consumers feel confident about their purchase.

# Collect ideas for new goods that you might create and sell.

Do you know what?

You have at your fingertips information not exposed to everyone. Now, you know, maximize it!

Learn more about xpareto by visiting their site - www.xpareto.com

10. Builtwith

BuiltWith is a Shopify spy tool for tracking. Builtwith looks underneath the hood of the store to see what's driving its success, going beyond SEO and search results.

This tool will help you figure out what's driving your rivals' websites, how they make money, and what you can do to keep up.

Over 370 million websites – including your rivals – have been indexed by BuiltWith.

Simply enter the URL of the Shopify competitor you'd like to investigate, and you'll get detailed results.

You can access your competitor's data such as:

¶ Tracking tools.

¶ Website speed up analysis

¶ Monetization tool

¶ Type of SSL certificate used

¶ Email hosting service provider used.

¶ Add-ons used, etc.

What's more?

You can track the technology being used by your competitors on Builtwith for free.

There are more to access with Builtwith. Visit builtwith.com for more details.

11. Pangjiva

Panjiva is a great place to look at the suppliers of your Shopify rivals. This subscription-based Shopify doy tool provides import and export information for global commercial shipments based on customs authority data. In addition, it also has 100 percent transparent foreign trade data and offers insight into how global trading works.

Panjiva's data aggregation can be used in many ways:

¶ Find new clients to attract using comprehensive reports that show who the rivals do business with. If you learn more about what your competitors get, you can learn about new locations, demographics, and more.

¶ Investigate foreign rival suppliers or distributors to see where their inventory is distributed.

¶ Follow your competitor's trading partners to see where they get their goods and what they send.

¶ Follow the supplier's customers to discover new inventory outlets and better prices, and more.

Furthermore, you can also use Panjiva to find new leads, business prospects, evaluate Shopify stores' commercial relationships, and even look for new products to help you beat your rivals.

Panjiva offers more than you read here. Click on panjiva.com to know more about this Shopify tool.

Get Started!

Access to your competitor's strategies gives you a competitive edge over your market. Furthermore, you can implement a good growth strategy for your store to better compete better and thrive.

Now you know the 11 best tools to spy on Shopify competitors. I hope you will find these tools helpful.

In conclusion, create and implement an effective sales strategy that automatically places you on the path to the top.

Do you have questions or comments? I will like to hear from you. Kindly drop your replies at the message box below, and I will ensure I reply to you as soon as possible.