How To Choose Winning Products For Dropshipping
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How To Choose Winning Products For Dropshipping

The biggest and ultimately most important question that you’ll need to ask yourself when starting a dropshipping business is what products you’ll be selling. 

For those of you who are new to the concept of dropshipping, here’s a brief introduction to what it’s all about. Dropshipping is a way of selling products on the internet without actually having to keep an inventory stock on hand. You ship these products to end customers via a third party supplier. Doing so helps you avoid the storage costs associated with keeping inventory on hand. You also get rid of other headaches of picking, packing, shipping, and tracking.

Before committing yourself to a product, you need to ask yourself some critical questions. These are:

Does the product serve someone’s needs?

Before choosing a product, ask yourself if the product that you’re considering selling will appeal to a large group of people or not. Take a minute to think about what dropshipping niches like back braces have that make them so popular. You’ll realize that all popular products serve a universal need. They target the broader market with their features. With such products, you have the potential for unlimited growth. Therefore, such products make for a sensible choice.

Is it readily available in mainstream brick and mortar stores? 

You need to choose a product that your target market won’t be able to purchase through conventional channels like physical, brick and mortar stores. If they could go out right now and buy it from the mall right this instant, why would they choose to wait two or three weeks by purchasing it through you? Select a product that’s otherwise mainly inaccessible to your target market as doing so will also give you an edge– the opportunity to raise prices.

Is it an impulse buy?

If you want to play on the safer side of the field, it’s a sensible decision to invest in lower-priced products like pens, towels or mugs (at least initially). Since these aren’t premium, high-cost products, the risk associated with their purchase is relatively low. People won’t put a lot of thought into making the purchase. While admittedly, they won’t give you a wide profit margin, but people will be more likely to buy such products without putting too much thought into it. Not only that, because of their low price point, customers are also likely to purchase such items in bundles. As such, selling a low ticket or low priced item will allow you to earn profits through the size of your sales volume. For all the new sellers out there, low priced, impulse-buy items are your safest bet.

At this point, you might be thinking of some way to make the process less of a burden. We’re happy to tell you that our tool “FindNiche” can solve the problem. Above all, the tool is Free to use. 

How to Find Winning Product Using FindNiche:

FindNiche is a tool that can help you in finding the winning products for your dropshipping store. The tool uses data from AliExpress and the database contains more than 2 million products, 11000 niches, and 700000+ Shopify stores.

Getting Started:

To get started, all you need is to create a free account, search for the product, and see the real-time trends of the market. Our collection of big data can surely help you in collecting all the information about a product.

Write anything in the search box, and FindNiche will provide you with all the products, niches, or stores related to your query. 

The trends from Aliexpress can give you an idea about the interest of the audience. You can then go for any product that more people are purchasing or adding to their wishlists. If you click on a product you can get other information related to that particular product, its link on Aliexpress, its price, performance, top countries of buyers, and an option to explore more products like that.

With all this data accessible with a few clicks of the mouse, you can easily find a winning product for your Dropshipping store. If you have any more queries, please don’t hesitate to ask us in the comments section. We’ll be more than happy to listen to your feedback.

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