11 Trending Dropshipping Products That Will Boost Your Business In 2020
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11 Trending Dropshipping Products That Will Boost Your Business In 2020

When you decide to start a dropshipping business, one of the first steps you’ll need to take is to find your winning products. But you may wonder:

How to choose a niche?
What niche has the best potential now?
Which product will make me more money?

We’ve talked a lot about what typical features these winning products have in common in the previous articles. Overall, dropshipping products that have low competition and high-profit margins can be overwhelming.

So to help you go on the right track, we’ve done a lot of product analysis from Google Trends and FindNiche, we ranked products separately according to 7 days orders, 7 days profits, 30 days orders, and 30 days profits, also referred to the growth rate and Google trends, and then excluded those products with very strong seasonality, a large return quantity, no reviews and the score lower than 4.5.

After doing this work, finally, we’ve found 11 top trending dropshipping niches on AliExpress that will boost your business in 2020.

1. Bluetooth Wireless Earphones

Price: $2.83 – $4.80
Selling Price: $27.68-$66.95
7 Days Profits: $57932.07
30 Days Orders: 5436

At the beginning of this year, we recommended this product, which is one of the typical winning products with low competition and high margins. Since have being launched in January 2020, it’s orders have risen steadily, and it has reached the highest total profit in the past 7 days, $57932.07. In recent years, electronic products and their peripheral products have been getting more and more popular. It can be seen from Google Trends that the popularity of wireless earphones has been on the rise in recent years, even though it has dropped a while ago, it is gradually heating up. This product may not make you rich overnight, because it is not that unique, but it will make you considerable income.

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2. Quick USB Charger

Price: $0.99
Selling Price: $15.61-$19.93
7 Days Profits: $41608.52
30 Days Orders: 9587

This is an upgraded (version3.0) USB charger that can charge quickly (it’s said “speed up 80%”) and has 4 holes that support 4 electronic devices charging at the same time. It’s not surprising that the USB charger can achieve such a high profit, because the pricing of it is relatively lower than it’s selling price, and they have become a necessary household hack to keep those smartphones, tablets, watches, etc charged. Although its order volume in the past month fluctuated greatly, it can still be regarded as a winning product. In addition, 80% of the orders for these products are from Poland.

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3. Reversible Bucket Hats

Price: $4.74
Selling Price: $34.95
7 Days Profits: $34922.76    
30 Days Orders: 3857

It’s a fashion item, a reversible bucket hat. Actually, you may rarely see a normal hat with such a high margin, but this one did. Launched in April 2020, it has done a great performance over the next two months. If you went into the detail page of this hat on AliExpress, it will show you a lot of different designs and styles of it. And when you scroll down, you will see many high-quality reviews with beautiful images and praises, most customers said it’s stylish, aesthetic and also has a good quality. It’s a good niche for you to choose if you sell something about fashion, this one follows the fashion trend, that’s why people like it so much.

4. Band For Apple Watch

Price: $2.32-$4.41
Selling Price: $19.99
7 Days Profits: $30999.87
30 Days Orders: 6212

One of Apple’s peripheral products, which made of stainless steel with Milanese fashion, the target audience of this product is very accurate, aiming at people who have bought Apple Watch, so it’s easier for you to deliver ads on the different social media platform. There are many orders of this band on AliExpress, and it has 4603 customers’ reviews there. Overall, it’s a high recommendation niche for you.

5. Hair Accessories

Price: $0.59-$1.32
Selling Price: $4.95-$11.17
7 Days Profits: $22553.46
30 Days Orders: 11297

Another fashion item with 167 different styles and colors, and can also be worn on any occasion, most importantly, it’s really cheap, although the selling price of it is not that high, the orders are stable to a certain degree. 82% of customers gave 5 stars to this niche. Some say” the fabric is soft and the design is accurate to the photo”, it’s very cost-effective.

6. Mosquito-Repellent Stickers

Price: $0.01
Selling Price: $3.95
7 Days Profits: $19751.22
30 Days Orders: 18363

This is the product with the most orders in the past 30 days. Perfect for human protection against disease carried by mosquitos on any occasion, home, traveling, camping, fishing…… Besides, it made with natural citronella essential oil, non-toxic, and does not contain any chemical compounds, safe for pregnant women and children as well. Additionally, one packet contains 120pcs, and per stickers will stay for 72 hours. With which, you can use to protect families anytime and anywhere.

Are you still worry about how to find the best niche?

This 5-minute YouTube video may offer you some help.

7. iPhone Cases

Price: $0.83-$1.23
Selling Price: $14.11-$30.00
7 Days Profits: $26238.24
30 Days Orders: 4297

This is another Apple’s peripheral product, it’s only designed for iPhone users, from iphone6 to the latest one, it’s very simple and clean with different colors, and it’s mainly sold to Russia.

8. High-Pressure Water Gun

Price: $7.77
Selling Price: $26.99-$45.39
7 Days Profits: $6946.38
30 Days Orders: 5076

It’s a pressure power washer made of high-quality steel which can easily wash your car, truck, camper, or boat. And it can be sprayed on a large area which can easily clean the dirt in †he distant glass, car roof and tires. Almost every family needs such a product to help them do house cleaning stuff, such as cleaning your way, watering your plants and it also has a strong impact force, can tackle dirty wheels and rims. It has such powerful functions. Even though there are 6 Shopify stores are selling it, it’s not late for you. You can find these Shopify stores on FindNiche and track their marketing strategies and store operations, then focus on doing better than your competitors, you may have a chance to stand out. 

9. Pets’ Pad

Price: $3.49-$10.14
Selling Price: $19.90-$26.9
7 Days Profits: $7780
30 Days Orders: 2238

The pet economy has skyrocketed in recent years, more and more people are spending more money on their pets, and this map specially designed for pets with many sizes to meet the needs of the small and large pets. It also has some special features, cooling fabric, light and simple, easy to clean.

10. Gym Fitness Resistance Rubber Band

Price: $0.78-$1.57
Selling Price: $22.34
7 Days Profits: $20437.68
30 Days Orders: 3517

The resistance band is one of the most popular, simplest, and most versatile fitness tools. For those who want to enter the health and fitness market, resistance bands are a great business idea. They are lightweight, easy to be carried, cheap and in demand, and they support a wide range of exercises, with it, you can do exercise anywhere and anytime. It is expected that the market will grow by 11.99% between 2018 and 2022.

11. Muscles Massage Gun

Price: $67.32-$102
Selling Price: $119.99-169.99
7 Days Profits: $23672.16
30 Days Orders: 1841

Massage guns are hand-held massage devices intended to be used after a workout to relieve muscle stiffness and soreness and promote blood and lymph circulation. For athletes, it can speed up recovery after sports and sports injuries. For personal or personal use, this is a physiotherapy gun that improves the overall health of the human soft tissues and prevents inflammation caused by adhesions between the fascia and muscles. This is definitely one of the hot trending products to sell, although many Shopify stores are selling it, there is a bigger market waiting to be discovered. Video marketing is one of the best ways for products like massage guns, you can target your ads around particular Instagram/Facebook groups, especially for those fitness groups.

I have recommended 11 trending dropshipping niches for you this time, but I would suggest you discover your winning products by yourself on FindNiche and Google Trends. Hope you can find the best unique niche yourself.【UPDATED JUNE 2020】