Shopify Black Friday 2022: Best Tips, Tricks and Strategies
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Shopify Black Friday 2022: Best Tips, Tricks and Strategies

Shopify Black Friday 2022: Best Tips, Tricks and Strategies

Although the countdown has begun, there is still time to boost your Black Friday e-commerce sales strategy. As the year’s biggest and busiest shopping day approaches, it's time to plan your Shopify Black Friday marketing strategy.

Defining what to sell on Shopify during this holiday season is essential because shoppers spent billions of dollars at various Shopify businesses. As a result, the quicker you set the stage, the more traffic and sales you'll generate. This is why we built up this Shopify BFCM guide (Black Friday Cyber Monday) for you to start right away.

The 2021 US holiday shopping season saw the highest retail rise in over 20 years, bringing in more than $1.2 trillion, a 16.1% year-on-year increase (YoY). Given that shoppers spent nearly $20 billion on Black Friday last year, online retailers should prioritize selling more during these profitable shopping holidays.

So, to make your earnings from Black Friday this year increase, you’ll need to know how to find the best possible deals to give stunning discounts while still profiting. That’s why we will also share with you a FindNiche tool that will become indispensable to reaching your goals.

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How to Find the Best Deals for Shopify Black Friday?

When it comes to finding the best possible deals or offering incredible discounts while still making large margins of profits, in FindNiche you can find the solution.

Sometimes, you can find outstanding products at really low prices, this is magnified, of course, by Black Friday. The major drawback of this is that you should be browsing manually to eventually find a good deal.

This, however, is easily remedied by using a couple of the many tools FindNiche has, the dropshipping niches tool and the Shopify database tool.

FindNiche’s Dropshipping Niches Tool

FindNiche’s Dropshipping Niches Tool-1

In it, you’ll find high-ticket products that are being sold with large margins, and of course, you can use these items to offer large discounts while still earning good money. It also offers you the possibility of rearranging by price, cost, profit, and post time (which is important because it is updated daily).

By default, it will start sorted by post time, which is convenient for staying up-to-date. But, let’s say, for example, that you want to find the largest profit margin opportunities. You just click on the “Profit” column and it’ll be sorted from the higher to the lowest margins:

FindNiche’s Dropshipping Niches Tool-2

Or maybe, your audience is more focused on buying cheap things in bulk. Well then, it’s pretty easy, just click on the “Cost” column and check which are the most profitable cheap products:

FindNiche’s Dropshipping Niches Tool-3

After that, you will be ready to browse and find the best possible products to offer during this Shopify Black Friday.

FindNiche’s Shopify Database

Once you’re done with researching your product candidates to offer during BFCM, you can additionally use the Shopify database on said products. It will provide you with some interesting statistics as well as some information about your competitors:

FindNiche’s Shopify Database-1

You will be able to check how is it selling, which price is being sold for and how many ads and competitors each product has. Let’s take as an example any of the shoes that are trending according to the dropshipping tool:

FindNiche’s Shopify Database-2

You will be able to check how is it selling, which price is being sold for and how many ads and competitors each product has. Let’s take as an example any of the shoes that are trending according to the dropshipping tool:

FindNiche’s Shopify Database-3

Here you will see the product’s price, sales and earnings history and it’s description (good to search for potential keywords). In addition you’ll see how many stores are selling it and which ads are linking to said stores so you can start thinking about a strategy to drive potential clients to your store:

FindNiche’s Shopify Database-4

Find Niches, Multiply Your Sales!

Uncover the secrets of the winning products that your competitors will never tell you.


Best Dropshipping Products on BFCM

Black Friday is the day when many customers search the internet for the best deals. So, it's normal if you wonder what the trending products on BFCM 2022 are.

Well, to answer this question in the fastest possible way, following the steps above mentioned, we made this list of the best Black Friday dropshipping products:

1. Action Camera Gimbal Stabilizer

Best Dropshipping Products on BFCM-Action Camera Gimbal Stabilizer

With Black Friday approaching, you can bet that action cameras like GoPro will have some nice discounts, resulting in more action cameras being sold.

Of course, because photography and videography are both passionate hobbies, many people will want to take their pictures to the next level, and an action camera handheld gimbal will undoubtedly help them do so.

According to FindNiche, this product’s cost begins at $23.81 and can be easily sold $139, more than $100 per piece of profit. So, offering a fantastic quality action camera gimbal stabilizer with excellent reviews that is also compatible with several action cameras will undoubtedly make this product a winner.

2. Neck Massager

Best Dropshipping Products on BFCM-Neck Massager

Anyone's neck could benefit from a nice, warm massage after working all day. That is why thousands of people are considering purchasing this product. According to the FindNiche database, this is a massively successful product with a lot of orders and a lot of revenue.

It has a very great perceived value as well as a massive margin. The selling price starts at $49.99, and you can get this product on AliExpress for as little as $10.02 (you can see it at FindNiche’s Aliexpress tool). This means you'll have plenty of room to offer a great deal during the Shopify Black Friday weekend!

3. Robot Vacuum

Best Dropshipping Products on BFCM-Robot Vacuum

This is a high-priced evergreen product. It also has an elevated perceived value and a high profit margin. These robot vacuum cleaners can cost up to $500. So, with effective marketing and a well-branded website, you will undoubtedly be able to sell this item for a profit.

Be aware that there are numerous suppliers of vacuum robots, so do your investigation and choose a high-quality, low-cost option. Thankfully you have plenty of Aliexpress suppliers to source this product.

4. Smart Thermal Bottle

Best Dropshipping Products on BFCM-Smart Thermal Bottle

The market for high-end water bottles has been steadily expanding recently. People are becoming more conscious of how important it is to stay hydrated for their health. This product, however, is not just an average water bottle because it has some pretty cool features.

The lid is equipped with a thermometer that checks the temperature of the drink, as well as a led that will glow as a reminder to stay hydrated. It will allow you to stand out from your competitors and make you highlight.

Moreover, it has thousands of orders in Aliexpress with a starting price of $10.56 and at Shopify you see them being sold by $79.98, by a single competitor. This means that with FindNiche on your side, you can really take advantage of this product this BFCM.

5.  Dog Tennis Ball Launcher

Best Dropshipping Products on BFCM-Dog Tennis Ball Launcher

The pet niche will always be one of the most profitable. Some people spend more money on pet entertainment than they do on themselves.

This interactive dog toy is a tennis ball launcher. This allows any dog to play fetch by himself when no one is around. Another outstanding benefit of selling this gadget is that it has an elevated perceived value and can thus be sold at a high selling price.

This product has a starting price of $10.42 and can be sold for up to $78. There will be enough space for a large Black Friday discount.

6. Foldable 3-in-1 Cat Bed

Best Dropshipping Products on BFCM-Foldable 3-in-1 Cat Bed

This Black Friday item is a cat bed. This pet bed, however, is not just any ordinary one; it can be folded into three different shapes. Everyone knows that cats adore their hiding places. So, if the cat is tired and needs a place to rest, this pet bed can be turned into a small cat house.

However, it may be a little too hot in the summer. Instead of purchasing a new pet bed, simply fold it into a cat couch where the cat can sleep and rest comfortably. You can even fold it into the shape of a honey jar, enabling the cat to play hide-and-seek with its human.

This cat bed comes in a multitude of sizes, so you can be confident that your clients will find a size that is appropriate for their cats.

Shopify Black Friday Marketing Strategies

Black Friday is a major marketing occasion for online brands. It's an excellent opportunity to capitalize on increased consumer interest and to test new marketing strategies. Prepare for Black Friday 2022 with this list of marketing strategies for increasing traffic and sales on your dropshipping store.

Create a Comprehensive Plan for Black November

Many retailers begin advertising their sales about a month before Black Friday. So, you’ll need to schedule your promotions all across what is now regarded as “Black November”. Here are a bunch of important dates to mark on your calendar in 2022:

  • Singles’ Day (the biggest shopping day of the year in China): November 11.
  • Thanksgiving: November 28.
  • Black Friday: November 29.
  • Cyber Monday: December 2.

If you have both North American and Chinese customers, those key dates are critical. On Singles' Day alone, Alibaba, China's largest e-commerce wholesaler, generated $84.5 billion in sales. Black Friday is considered as the greatest shopping day in North America.

Your plan should include similar tactics to the following ones:

  • A pre-Black Friday buzz-building campaign that included a countdown, deals, and specials via ads, email, and social media.
  • Sneak peeks at doorbusters and other incredible sales will be available in the weeks prior to and on Black Friday.
  • A unified promotional strategy throughout all online channels (websites, emails, and social media) to maximize impact on the day of your sales.
  • An engagement strategy with influencers and micro-influencers to increase word-of-mouth about special offers.
  • Throughout December, look for post-Cyber Monday offers (e.g., extended sale offers) for last-minute buyers, highlighting shipping dates and gift wrapping.

Run Strong Black Friday Deals

You can't go into Shopify Black Friday and offer 15% off and expect to attract a large number of customers. Everything comes down to your offer; this is the time of year to lower your prices without jeopardizing your brand's integrity. Make your offer a compelling one regardless of the circumstances.

Launching deep 30-55% discount offers on your products can increase your sales up to 10 times. Top brands, however, recommend giving category-specific sales rather than discounting your entire store. The challenge for stores is the pressure on them to give the discounts that their customers expect grows.

Using category-specific sales can give you a number of benefits, including:

  • Generating accumulative sales with higher margins.
  • Keeping email subscribers and website visitors interested for a longer period of time.
  • Assisting you in better managing your inventory, orders, and future promotions.

Let’s say your store is focused on cellphones and accessories, you can offer discounts on earbuds, headphones, etc. You could search what is the best idea on which products should have the bigger discounts by using FindNiche’s Shopify database tool filtering by category like this:

Run Strong Black Friday Deals

You can guess that the products with the highest demand would be the most suitable to offer at discounted prices. After that, you just need to find the best possible dropshipping supplier for that product and you’ll be ready to start attracting your competitors' clients.

Focus on Frequent Customers

Don't be afraid to go above and beyond with discounts and offers to your best customers. One of several examples of offers you can make to your VIP customers during a Black Friday sales event is 35% off everything in the store.

According to a Klaviyo benchmark report, highly segmented VIP emails typically account for only 3% to 5% of your total list, but those customers spend three times more per purchase than other customers in your list.

The 35% off all items in the store, combined with a limited time of "12 hours only" and a call to action (CTA), produces a sense of urgency for shoppers to buy now. These two tactics, when combined, are likely to result in high conversions and sales.

Start Advertising Now

Shopify Black Friday deals are beginning to appear earlier on platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. It allows them to test and learn, determining which are the best black Friday ads for dropshipping, so they can increase their earnings during the shopping weekend.

Some customers are also fed up with the Black Friday ad messaging. Consumers have been bombarded with these promotions for nearly two decades, and they are well aware that Black Friday is approaching.

However, this is not to say you should stop advertising entirely. Through a solid optimized and early advertising campaign following the trends, you can maximize your ROI with a solid customer acquisition strategy.

Additionally, if you want to carefully plan your advertising strategy, you could research what your competitors have been doing so far. For that matter, you could use a tool like FindNiche’s ad spy, where you can find statistics about ads that are already implemented.

With this tool, you’ll be able to search ads for specific products, or even for specific stores (to closely watch your competition). It is important to apply filters like region/country and language to get the most specific results possible.

You can also filter ads that only appears on specific platforms like Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube and by date of release to focus just on recent ones.

This way you will only need to take a working scheme and apply it to your shop and products. Of course, it undoubtedly will save you a significant amount of time and money since you did not have to test beforehand.

Advertise Your Store, Multiply Your Sales!

Use FindNiche to uncover the winning secrets of best dropshipping ads and competitors' marketing strategies.

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Create Excitement Through Social Media

You can create an emotional connection with customers in the run-up to Black Friday by using inspiring pictures and highlighting optimistic testimonials on social media. Then, when Black Friday arrives, use email marketing to generate immediate results.

Share an Instagram giveaway, for example, ten days before Black Friday. Using the hashtag #blackfriday, create buzz around "the biggest Black Friday Sale. EVER." two days before the giveaway.

Concurrently, generate excitement on Facebook while hinting at the enormous size of the upcoming event. This multi-channel approach enables you to communicate with your followers and prospects in multiple locations, successfully teasing upcoming sales well ahead of time of the big day.

Segment Your Emails for Black Friday

Email remains a mainstay of Shopify Black Friday sales. The more sectioned and targeted your Black Friday emails are, the more revenue you'll generate per recipient. You'll also see higher open and click-through rates, which will help you establish and keep a strong sender reputation.

The rates were around 18.29% when evaluating the marketing effectiveness of a smaller, more specific group of contacts (around 1% and 25% of the master list).

Another campaign, sent to the remaining 75% of the master list, had a lower open rate, hovering around 12.93%. Revenue per recipient was also higher in the more targeted segment, at 17 versus 11 in the less targeted send.

Experts outline ten email segments you can use to boost Black Friday sales:

  • VIP customers.
  • Product browsers.
  • Seasonal shoppers.
  • Recent openers.
  • Almost purchasers.
  • Geographic targets.
  • Email ignorers.
  • Hasn’t purchased (but is engaged).
  • Gift givers.
  • Product category buyers.

It's critical to tailor offers to recent openers, browsers, ignorers, hasn't purchased, and almost purchased portions in order to push them to the checkout, or at the very least to open your email.

Send an email to only those customers who received their morning email but did not open it or place an order that day for the almost purchasers segment.

Try enticing email agnostics with free shipping or a free gift with purchase. By the evening of the day after Black Friday, send free shipping plus a free cheap item offer to convert subscribers who did not open an email on the morning of the sale.

Optimize Your Store for Mobile Purchases

The average US consumer spends between five and six hours per day on their phone, even excluding work-related smartphone use. If your site's mobile version experience falls short of that of your competitors, they will spend their time elsewhere.

While some clients still check out on their desktop and browse on mobile, Shopify vendors saw mobile transactions responsible for 71% of all sales last year during Black Friday, compared to 29% on desktops.

You can increase your chances of mobile shopping success by enhancing your site navigation and speed, as well as providing one-click buying to mobile-first customers.

Shopify Black Friday Bonus Tips and Tricks

Don't worry if you're attempting to prepare your Shopify store for the craziness of BFCM! You are not required to figure everything out on your own; here are some pointers to assist you in preparing your store for Black Friday sales.

Conduct a Shopify Black Friday Investigation

A productive Black Friday marketing strategy is heavily reliant on research. It not only helps you understand the market, but it also gives you a general idea of how to attract customers.

A look at Shopify customers' behavior during the peak holiday shopping period may provide you with insights into their purchasing habits. This information can be used to create sales and marketing strategies:

  • What motivates shoppers to go buying on Black Friday?
  • What information can you collect to create Shopify Black Friday marketing strategies for different retail channels?

It is critical to understand these driving forces in order to evaluate the best way to establish your holiday marketing budgets.

Enhance Your Shopify Store

A slow-loading website may lead to a high bounce rate, low user engagement, and a variety of negative sales effects. If your site speed and site performance are adequate, they will not only improve your SEO and user experience (UX) but will also increase your sales.

Furthermore, you must understand how visitors navigate your site, where they click or stumble, and why they leave without purchasing anything. Make it simpler for customers to locate and purchase what they want for a stress-free shopping experience.

You should also contemplate how simple it is to navigate on your Shopify store on a mobile device. The implication that mobile orders exceeded desktop sales last year indicates that this will continue this year. It is critical to evaluate your store's responsiveness and user experience when using mobile devices.

Make an Awesome Offers Page

The best way to promote your Shopify Black Friday sales is to create beautiful banners with graphics and visuals. You can change your banner or hero image to reflect the Shopify Black Friday sales. This can help you attract potential customers and ultimately increase your sales.

The navigation of your website is critical to the overall shopping experience of your customers. Proper website navigation allows customers to quickly move from one section to another without much hassle or confusion. So, don't forget to select an appropriate theme for Black Friday.

In addition, you must highlight your best collection or festive collection on your Shopify Black Friday landing page during this event. This will entice customers to buy those products and even check out more similar products from your store.

Make Sure to Have Enough Stock and that Support Is Prepared

Make Sure to Have Enough Stock and that Support Is Prepared

Before planning a Shopify Black Friday marketing strategy to advertise your products, make sure your inventory is efficient.

If your sales and marketing practices are successful, make sure you have the infrastructure to handle increased sales. Inventory, fulfillment, customer service, and returns must all be reliable enough to handle the increased business.

This way, you'll be ready for the sale and won't have to rush at the last moment, making it a little smoother on yourself in this area given how hectic the holidays are.

If you think you will run out of some items, make the most of it. The first thing you should do to reduce cart abandonment is to restock as quickly as possible. Second, you can turn this scenario into an opportunity by creating a sense of urgency on your website.

Don't lose valuable sales by employing the Back in Stock & Restock Alerts that the Shopify app provides to automatically notify your customers when their desired items are restocked.

Customers can choose to receive push notifications when your products become available via their browser, SMS, or email. They can also return the item to complete the purchase. This way, you can also increase sales and provide excellent customer service while expanding your contact list.

Parallelly you can make sure you have enough suppliers for your top products, just in case one fails, you have a backup. This is where FindNiche, once again, has a perfect tool to help you with this. Let’s say you sell home appliances, and you’ll be offering discounts on air humidifiers.

Normally you will rely on a single provider (probably the cheaper), but if he runs out of stock, you’ll be losing sales. You can deal with this by easily finding other suppliers by using the AliExpress database tool, yes, they may be a little more expensive, but it’ll be better to have a slightly lower profit than no profit at all.

AliExpress database tool

Make the Checkout Experience Simple

The average American spends more than $300 per month on impulse purchases. Reduce the on-site barriers to purchase to increase impulse purchases on Black Friday.

Customers who use one-click purchasing can buy products with a single click, with their payment information saved in a secure mobile wallet. Businesses can allow one-click purchases by providing the following options on their website:

  • Apple Pay
  • Google Pay
  • Shop Pay
  • PayPal

To increase mobile transactions, you can also include dynamic checkout buttons. Once a customer has chosen their preferred payment method, Shopify's back end remembers that choice and displays that payment button on all subsequent visits.

Similarly, you can shorten the checkout process by placing those buttons directly on item pages, giving users the option to buy now or add the product to their cart.

Rescue Abandoned Carts

Shopping cart abandonment remains high in online retail, at an astounding 69.82% globally. While many retailers continue to rely on email marketing to recover abandoned carts, new automated processes are becoming increasingly important for millennials.

For example, you can use any message automation software to help you with the following tasks in Facebook Messenger automatically:

  • Recover abandoned shopping carts.
  • Create a Messenger subscriber list.
  • Personalize conversations based on onsite behavior.

If a client views a product on your website but does not purchase it right away, the message automation system can offer a discount automatically. Customers can return to the checkout with one click and see their cart rebuilt, with the price reduction automatically applied.


By now, you are prepared for this year’s Black Friday. Just remember to have checked all of the Shopify Black Friday checklist items following:

  • Check for the best deals using FindNiche’s tool.
  • Make a list of the products you’ll be selling and make sure there’s enough stock.
  • Define a strategy to create expectations.
  • Build a segmented e-mail list.
  • Spy on your competitor’s ads with FindNiche and start your own advertising.
  • Improve your page’s mobile experience.
  • Start profiting from Shopify Black Friday.

You’re ready to make this year’s sale a big income opportunity for your business and FindNiche will be your best ally.