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Explanation and Examples of Evergreen Products Dropshipping – FindNiche


You might be having a drop-shipping store or planning to start it; that's why you are here! And fortunately, you are in the right place!

After planning to start an e-commerce store, the first and foremost important thing that comes to mind is 'WHAT TO SELL?' Only your product has the potential to turn the game; either it can make your store highly profitable, or you will fail. Almost 99% of the drop-shipping stores fail; the primary reason behind it is the wrong selection of the product.

Well, we all want to have the product that will give us great conversions, but not just once; we want it ALWAYS! If you are also looking for products that always remain in solid demand, then you should select evergreen products for your store. What actually are they? Let’s go through it!

Don’t worry, we will not leave you here. In this article, we will also cover details of an amazing tool (FindNiche) that will help you in finding evergreen products.  

What are Evergreen Products?

Evergreen products are those that are the basic needs of the customers. These products have high demand now, and they will remain popular always. The demand does not fluctuate with the seasonal trends; this is because these products are the need and desires of people.

Different niches have a different set of evergreen products. After deciding your niche, you have to choose the evergreen items of your particular niche that would surely be based on complete market analysis. Some of the examples of such products are bathing soap, fitness products, toothpaste, etc.

Now you might be thinking that from where can you get these products. After our research for countless hours, we came into the conclusion that FindNiche is an ideal tool that can provide you evergreen products. How? Keep reading to know details!

Why Should You Choose An Evergreen Product?

Some of the main reasons that why should you choose evergreen products for your drop-shipping store are:

  • These products are not dependent on trends
  • Helps you in generating profit for years
  • Long-term potential for huge income
  • Not influenced by seasonal dips
  • Doesn’t need aggressive marketing
  • Not dependent on trends
  • Safe investment

What Kinds Of Products Generally Belong To Evergreen Products?

While searching for evergreen products, you should ask yourself some basic questions. If your product qualifies, then it clearly indicates that it is evergreen. You should ask that:

  • Whether that product is a need of the customer or not?
  • Does it have an everlasting attraction?
  • Is it able to solve any problem or issue of the customer?
  • Would you be able to generate profit from it?

We will discuss some of the broad examples of evergreen products, but before that, let us discuss some of the essential characteristics of such products:

It should specifically target customers' needs, and the product should add value to their life. The product should not be readily available in the retail store. For example, the puree of vegetables and fruits will save time and stress for the consumers and are not readily available everywhere.

Usually, all the evergreen products have a reasonable price. Being the need of customers, they are neither too expensive nor too cheap.

These products offer value to the customers and keep on providing the benefits as long as they last.

Some Examples Of Evergreen Niches are:

  • Clothing
  • Furniture
  • Food
  • Bathing/Toiletries
  • Sports and hobbies
  • Weight loss
  • Gaming
  • Beauty
  • Education

Some Examples Of Evergreen products are:

  • Laptop Accessories
  • Posture Corrector
  • Electric Soldering Iron Gun
  • Kitchen and Dining Room Furniture
  • Inflatable Pet Collars
  • Manicure Milling Drill Bit
  • Flexible Garden Hose
  • One Piece Swimsuit
  • Portable Blender
  • Nail Polish
  • Wireless Phone Chargers
  • Face Shield
  • Waterproof Eyebrow Liner
  • Phone Lenses
  • Shapewear
  • Strapless Backless Bra
  • Doormats
  • Front Facing Baby Carrier
  • Car Phone Holder

Home Security IP Camera and much more

How to Find Evergreen Products?

Now, the question arises how to find Evergreen products for your business?

Before deciding on your products, you should specify some niches for your online store. You should follow these basic steps to identify the best evergreen niches for you:

In order to start a profitable business, you need to do proper market research. Fortunately, finding out the facts and figures of any niche in this digital world isn't a tedious task. Just by the use of some good tools, you can have all the relevant information.

Shortlist some niches and then find out how many people are interested in them. You should know that what is the size of your market. What will happen in the future? Do your sales will remain constant throughout the year, or will they grow or shrink? You can get your stats through Google Trends or FindNiche. These tools will help you in providing the analytic that you need.

Now, you have got an idea about your market size. The next step is to identify what type of customer you will target. You should know the age, behavior, gender, and region of your customers and visitors. For this information, you can either consult your own data, or you can conduct different surveys.  Another best way to know your audience is to run paid advertising. This will help you target only the interested audience that will surely enhance your conversion rate.

The next step is to search for your competitors. Evergreen niches are usually saturated, and this doesn't make it something bad. To compete for strong competition, you just have to search long-tail keywords and spend extra time researching. Once you get to know about your competitors, know you can drive the ways to compete with them.  

Using FindNiche For Finding Out Best Evergreen Products

FindNiche helps you in finding the evergreen products for your drop-shipping store. This tool is one of the best drop-shipping niches analytic tools for online stores. You can search out products for AliExpress and Shopify both; let's get to know how you can do this!

On the top menu bar, you will see an icon of AliExpress; by clicking on this, you will get details of unique, evergreen products. Just follow these steps to find out an excellent drop-shipping product.

Through Filter Method

From the common filters, select the category in which you are interested in finding out the product. Make sure that the niche is evergreen, for example, home & garden, women's clothing, electronics, etc.

The next step is to choose the top countries on which you plan to focus. This selection will depend on your target audience if you have completed your market research so you can easily choose your target country.

Now, choose the total number of orders that your product should have till that time. If you are looking for a trending and evergreen product, then choose a higher number of orders.

After this, you have to select the percentage of the number of orders in the last 7 days. This will give you an idea of the current sales of the product and about its growth.

You can also filter your product based on many other factors that you want in your product. You will get some great recommendations for fantastic products. You can categorize all those products based on the number of orders in the last 3 days, last 7 days, or by other filters.

Go through the stats of all those recommendations and click on the product that you find most interesting.

It's time for PRODUCT ANALYSIS now!

After clicking on the product, you can check the price, order stats, product performance, and profit margin.

Through Keyword Method

Just write the keyword of your product on the top bar and apply some filters of low competition or hot selling products if you want to. This will give you some amazing recommendations for products. You can check the statistics of that product in the same way as explained above.

FindNiche helps save you a lot of time as it will provide you the products that already have the best sales. You can find the Shopify products having a lot of potentials. With this tool, you don't have to use any other tool. How to do that? Let's uncover!

Similar to the AliExpress method, you can search the product either by putting keywords or by selecting the category from the drop-down menu. You can also apply different filters based on your preferences.

Select the country you will focus on, from where you are going to ship, price range.

Moreover, the best thing about this tool is that it also allows you to filter the products of your category available on top Shopify stores and other top brands.

It also allows you to filter out the products that have less competition than others. From the recommended results you can see the 7 days profit, 30 days profits, and orders too. Isn’t it something amazing?

Click on the product you feel good about based on the stats. Now you can analyze your product, and you can see the same product on AliExpress or Shopify.

It doesn't end here; you can also look for the Shopify products recommended by the experts of FindNiche. Choose the product having excellent stats, and start your drop-shipping store confidently.

Pricing plan of FindNiche

It has three plans free, pro and elite. Each of these has its own features; if you are really serious about dropshipping, then you should definitely go for the premium version instead of free. The premium version allows you to have unlimited queries daily, gives full data access, niche analysis, online support, and much more.

6 Top-selling Evergreen Products in 2021

As you will get access to the premium version of FindNiche, you can easily find hundreds of products for your store. Out of all those products, you can choose the best one for you. We have shared with you 6 top-selling evergreen products that have excellent performance and significant profit margins. These products are suitable to sell in your store in 2021.

No matter what the season is, women love to look classy. The product performance is incredible; you won't find a significant decline in it. It is cheap in price and has a good profit margin. You can also have a look at stats from this picture!

You would be amazed to see the rise in the peak. Bluetooth earphone is a must to have item for everyone. Its high demand throughout the years makes it the best evergreen product.

The demand for toothbrush holders remains stable. It is the need of everyone, irrespective of age, gender, and region.  

The digital multi-meter is the need of every household. Stability in the performance curve makes it a good product for your online store.

Mobile holder has become a necessity, and the rise in its orders and performance makes it one of the top-selling evergreen products for your Shopify store.  

This dog pool swimming pool is an evergreen product as it has consistent product performance, and it keeps on getting in good order throughout the year. Bathing dogs is a necessity, no matter what the season is.

Pros of Evergreen Products

  • Allows you to make money for years
  • Increases the traffic of your site
  • Such products last for years
  • The market is already established
  • People already have an idea
  • Long term potential
  • Less risk than trending products
  • Requires fewer marketing strategies

Cons of Evergreen Product

  • Lots and lots of competitors
  • Usually, products are readily available everywhere
  • Does not yield quick profits

Final Verdict

Evergreen products will make a massive difference in your drop-shipping store. Through the FindNiche tool, you can find the best products for your online store in no time. Save your time and efforts by using the correct method of searching for products.

Who doesn’t wants to have passive income? So, let’s get started!