TOP 10 Best Seller Products On AliExpress In 2020

As one of the largest selection of suppliers worldwide, you can find pretty much any type of products on AliExpress. Also, you can purchase what you want at a relatively low cost and sell for a profit on other platforms such as Amazon, eBay, Shopify, etc. But there are tons of items on AliExpress, how to find best seller products and check if there is a chance for you to dive into, or get inspired by it? And where should you be looking to identify items that are not only in high demand, but there are also profitable?

I am going to show you how to find Best Seller products on AliExpress, as well as tell you how to make use of FindNiche to determine the top10 best seller products on AliExpress in 2020.

How to find the best selling products on AliExpress?

Unlike Amazon, Best Seller products in AliExpress are not that easy to find, that’s to say, there has not a big category that contains all BSR products. But you can still find them.

①Go to AliExpress and choose a category

Decide what kind of products you prefer and dive into the category. Take Curtains (under Home, Pet & Appliances category) as an example.

choose a category in AliExpress -- FindNiche
choose a category in AliExpress — FindNiche

② Narrow down your niche products

Within your preferred category, search for the particular product through the search bar (for example “sheer curtains”), and you will get a large number of results.

the results of "sheer curtains" in AliExpress -- FindNiche
the results of “sheer curtains” in AliExpress — FindNiche

③Set filter criteria to filter out Best Seller Products

Set the filter criteria as presented: sort by Orders, “4-star&up” star ratings, then you will get high rated and best-selling products regarding Sheer Curtains on AliExpress, as it is shown in the image below. The presented results will be sorted according to the number of orders and ratings with more than 4 stars.

ranking by orders and star ratings -- FindNiche
ranking by orders and star ratings — FindNiche

④Check each product details

Check each product regarding its reviews, descriptions, shipping time, shipping methods to make sure if this one is your potential winning niche products.

check product details -- FindNiche
check product details — FindNiche

⑤Repeat the whole process

If you want to find the best seller products in all different categories, just repeat these steps. You can perform the same activity for any niche.

We have to admit that it’s a really good way to find best sellers in AliExpress, but it’s time-consuming. And if you have no idea what niche category you want to dive in to, it will cost you lots of time, and if you Favourite these products, you still cannot compare and contrast these products to find the best niche in the end.

Don’t worry. FindNiche could make things easier. It will save you time and energy to find your winning items.

How to find AliExpress Best-Selling products in FindNiche?

Quite easy. There are lots of filter criteria in FindNiche can be used to filter products, but to find Best-Selling dropshipping niches in AliExpress, we only need these few filters criteria:

Star Rating: 4-MAX
Sort by total orders

And then add your niche category or keywords, or don’t enter any words, just scrolling down the page and search for what you might interest.

AliExpress best selling products -- FindNiche
AliExpress best selling products — FindNiche

TOP 10 best selling products that you want to sell

By scrolling up and down in FindNiche, I’ve got 10 AliExpress best-selling products.

The reason I choose these 10 products:
①it belongs to AliExpress Best-Selling products(large orders, 4+ star ratings)
②pay attention to quality over quantity
③can fix a certain problem
④interesting or special that could attract attention
⑤low competition(not many Shopify stores are selling it)

1.Glass Screen-Protector

top1-Glass Screen-Protector-FindNiche
top1-Glass Screen-Protector-FindNiche

This glass screen protector for mobile phones has been ranking #1 for a while. The total number of orders in the last 30 days is reached 40,100, and it has 86.3K reviews as well as 4.9-star ratings. Obviously, it’s a really great product with good quality, recently, its sales are gradually picking up. Although it cannot make you rich overnight, it’s still a good product for your store.

2.Gel Nail Polish

top2-Gel Nail Polish-FindNiche
top2-Gel Nail Polish-FindNiche

Very common and popular nail products, it belongs to the Nail Arts and Tools category, and it has very stable orders per day. Also, it has 4.8-star ratings with 94.3k reviews. A good choice for you.

3.Xiaomi Mi Band Bracelet Replacement

top3-Xiaomi Mi Band Bracelet Replacement-FindNiche
top3-Xiaomi Mi Band Bracelet Replacement-FindNiche

With the hot sale of Xiaomi bands, bracelet replacement is also on sale. This product has 22 different color options and is well compatible with Mi Band 3/4/5. In the past month, its order volume has also been stable between 50 and 300. This is a relatively stable product with continuous demand.

4.Stretch-Lids-Caps Pot Cover

top4-Stretch-Lids-Caps Pot Cover-FindNiche
top4-Stretch-Lids-Caps Pot Cover-FindNiche

It has strong elasticity and good sealing, easy to clean, and can be adapted to containers of various specifications. It is no exaggeration to say that it occupies an important place in the kitchen. This is also a relatively stable product, with a certain amount of orders every day. Also, it has low competition, only 2 Shopify stores are selling it with a reasonable profit margin.

how many Shopify stores are selling it -- FindNiche
how many Shopify stores are selling it — FindNiche

Find Your Winning Items

5.Tank Crop Top

Tank Crop Top
top5-Tank Crop Top — FindNiche
how many Shopify stores are selling it -- FindNiche
how many Shopify stores are selling it — FindNiche

This female underwear product with a score of 4.8 is also a good niche product. In the past month, although the sales volume has fluctuated, the overall situation is relatively stable. And there are many Shopify stores selling this product, it has a certain degree of competitiveness. And, almost all of this product is shipping to Russia. If you want to sell this product, it is a good strategy to target the Russian region.

6.Bluetooth LED Strip Lights

top6-Bluetooth LED Strip Lights-FindNiche
top6-Bluetooth LED Strip Lights-FindNiche

LED lighting products with fast shipping are good product choices for your store. Also, it has many features, such as waterproof, long life, low power consumption. It has a wide range of uses, ideal for decoration of construction lines, landscape lighting, theme entertainment, and can also be applied to holiday sculpture of light, decorative figure, active signs, displays, and showcases. It will be more popular on holidays.

7.Rubber-Bands Fitness-Equipment

top7-Rubber-Bands Fitness-Equipment-FindNiche
top7-Rubber-Bands Fitness-Equipment-FindNiche

Indoor fitness equipment is in high demand this year because of the spread of coronavirus, but not every equipment is in continuous demand, rubber-bands are the exception. As it has shown clearly, it still has demand in recent month. However, it has high competition, because there are many Shopify stores are selling the same products. You have to find a strategy to make your products stand out.

shopify store sellers -- FindNiche
Shopify store sellers — FindNiche

8.Portable Mini Refillable Perfume Bottle

top8-Portable Mini Refillable Perfume Bottle-FindNiche

An interesting gadget at a very low price. This container is designed for travel, very tiny and cute. Nowadays, it still has high demand and the orders are increasing gradually. There are only 3 Shopify stores are selling this product, and they make a reasonable profit. It’s a good choice for you as well.

list of Shopify stores -- FindNiche
list of Shopify stores — FindNiche



This is a seemingly ordinary beauty product that supports delivery to multiple countries. But its biggest advantage is that it supports no reason to refund within 15 days, as long as you feel uncomfortable you can get a refund, and it is free shipping, which is very friendly to dropshipping sellers because returns are often very difficult to handle. Of course, its sales and profits are also considerable.

list of Shopify stores -- FindNiche
list of Shopify stores — FindNiche

10.Octopus-Tripod Sponge Camera

top10-Octopus-Tripod Sponge Camera-FindNiche
top10-Octopus-Tripod Sponge Camera-FindNiche

The tripod is mostly made of plastic and it has a white rubber pad on top and white non-slip rubber feet. The tripod legs are covered in a non-slip type of sponge, they are bendable and can be attached to railings and tree branches, it’s very versatile. The phone clip is very tight it takes a lot of strength to open it all the way! People with large phones or phablets need to look at the seller’s measurements to make sure their device will fit.

We’ve filtered out the TOP 10 Best Seller products on AliExpress through FindNiche. You can have your own product ideas, but I think some of them could give you some inspiration and you don’t have to burn a lot of cash and time to test all products, just follow the blueprint, and you will dig out something.