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Multi-Platform Niches Analytics Tool

The analysis tool of the most popular channels in the e-commerce is the dropshipping's essential winning formula.

Shopify & AliExpress Product Analysis

Findniche searchs and captures the eCom store of Shopify and AliExpress by advanced algorithms, providing you with detailed information of more than 30 million products in popular dropshipping niches.

You can check the number of orders, the degree of competition, the countries / regions where the products perform well, and the dropshipping Facebook advertising information of product.

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eCom Ad Database

With multi-platform e-commerce advertising, you can quickly find ad creatives that match users' preferences and verify whether a product is likely to be a hot selling product through Shopify&Aliexpress product analysis.

In addition, FindNiche has multi-platform e-commerce ads for Instagram/Youtube/Facebook, etc. Massive e-commerce ad database, copywriting, creative and audience analysis can help you effectively optimize ad creative and increase ad conversion rate.

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Advanced Product Filter

Do you want to know which are the best products to sell on shopify? We provide a variety of channels to find dropshipping niches. In addition to the commonly used filters, the  advanced filters of each channel can better meet the various needs of finding dropshipping niches. With over 20 search options, you can easily find a niche product by categories, order number, order growth, top country or custom filters in Product Database. The advanced product filter can keep you ahead knowing winning products with high profits, high demand or performance rising.

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Dropshipping Niches Every Day!!!

FindNiche gives you a list of best products to sell on shopify. You can find the most profitable dropshipping niches in a daily basis. These niches were created by our powerful AI algorithm. Lots of advanced dropshippers say it has helped them a lot with their brainstorming and niche hunting.

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Top Dropshipping Stores of Shopify

FindNiche, one of the best dropshipping tools, has analyzed almost all of the Shopify stores around the world. Here you can track Target Country, Ads Count, Facebook Page Like, Alexa Rank, and the total number of Ads of your competitors or successful shopify dropshipping stores . Want to be the best seller like them? Learn from them!

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Compared With Other Tools

Feature Ecomhunt Alishark FindNiche
AliExpress Products Database
AliExpress Top Chart
Shopify Products Database
Niche Recommendation ✅ 2/day ✅ about 20/day
Top Shopify Stores
eCom Ad Database


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Dropship Spy Alternative               CommerceInspector Alternative


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