Shein Dropshipping in 2022: An Overview of the Rising E-commerce
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Shein Dropshipping in 2022: An Overview of the Rising E-commerce

Shein Dropshipping in 2022: An Overview of the Rising E-commerce

The e-commerce industry has become the target of many new businesses in 2022. The industry is a large sector that accommodates the sales of several products. However, the fashion sector seems to be growing due to its endless demand and supply chain. There are several methods of reaching your potential buyers as a seller but have you thought about Shein dropshipping?

Dropshipping requires little or no purchase capital, as the inventory allows you to promote any fashion items for free. In this case, you only serve as an intermediary between the suppliers and end-users. Do you wish to know about Shein dropshipping? Read further to discover more information.

What is Shein?

Shein Dropshipping in 2022-What is Shein

Shein is a fast fashion industry that distributes items to several fashion enthusiasts worldwide. Not only is fashion trendy, but they are also quite affordable for many people. Since the e-commerce sector is growing massively, Shein will be the primary focus of many people in 2022. Professionals who want to grow big in the fashion industry see Shein dropshipping as a viable platform to launch their businesses. 

The company is located in China and distributes to over 222 countries globally. The website provides clothing and accessories for several age groups and gender but mainly focuses on women's clothing. Despite women's clothing being Shein's primary product, you will find some side items for cats and dogs. This is done to reach a broad audience base and satisfy the needs of more fashion enthusiasts.

Shein has laid some marketing prototypes for some upcoming businesses. Its strong market pull content creators and influencers have attracted more GenZ and millennials. Many people in these generations spend most of their time on social media, giving Shein's advertising team more proximity to potential customers. It makes sense that the company is globally known, especially with its low cost of items. It may not be an expensive brand like Zara, but users are sure to get nothing short of quality. However, you can visit FindNiche to compare suppliers’ prices and recognize the trending items.

Does Shein do Dropshipping?

Shein Dropshipping in 2022-Does Shein do Dropshipping

Shein's distribution and the worldwide base are only possible with the dropshipping business model. With online jobs gaining presence in 2022, many people want to sell in the comfort of their homes. Thus, Shein dropshipping offers the opportunity to start a business with flexible time and no inventory risk. Interestingly, you can never run out of customers when running the dropshipping business. Clothing is an essential human need, and there are plenty of its users worldwide.

Since Shein's adoption in October 2008, it has evolved into many internet innovations. With its strong presence in the United States, it wouldn't have been possible without a smooth chain of dropshippers. People can now shop at ease, with access to several luxurious items. Dropshippers also get the chance to benefit from Shein's discount, reaching about 40% for goods above $3000. First orders also enjoy the benefit of 10% off any item price. The flexible payment options available at Shein include Google Pay, debit card, PayPal, and credit card.

Is Shein a Good Platform to Dropship?

Shein Dropshipping in 2022-Is Shein a Good Platform to Dropship

If you consider the dropshipping business, you should consider Shein as your supplier. You get to buy at a lower price, then sell the items at a considerable amount to your customers. Another reason Shein is an excellent platform to drop ship is the availability of trendy items. The best way to attract customers in the fashion industry is to show them fancy and luxurious items. 

Shein's online presence has made it a better choice than most competing platforms. This is because of its easy interface, as customers can select styles based on categories. In September 2020, the app was rated the #1 most downloaded app on iPhone. The company has formed a large community base for itself on social media. Hence, several influencers online, including celebrities, make a big deal of the marketing platform. You get access to unique platforms with several styles and colors by registering on Shein's forum.

The Shein contains a wide range of collections that meets several people’s need, ranging from basic to highly luxurious items. Although Shein targets customers directly and pays less attention to dropshippers, you can still join the market chain. However, you may not be able to brand the company's package using your customization. The best role you can play as a dropshipper is connecting the supplier to customers. This is why dropshipping from Shein is the best option for beginners because you would not spend too much on brand packaging.

Advantages of Shein Dropshipping

There are several reasons you should consider using Shein dropshipping platform. Some of these reasons are:

  • Shein has a wide range of relatively cheap products. This means you would not run out of options when shopping for trending items.
  • It is readily available online in many marketplaces, making you shop efficiently. Since there are several available styles, you can meet the needs of various customers.
  • The company provides goods of different sizes to meet the needs of various body fits.
  • Shein is a marketplace that delivers across various countries. This helps you run your business in different locations, as long as you can get through to your supplier.
  • The company's website is frequently updated to provide new products daily. Hence, you can be sure not to get outdated styles.
  • This lucrative fashion business encourages buyers to choose among several competitors by offering discount prices.
  • A refund policy caters to displeased customers, provided the reason is genuine.
  • Shein's staff of operations are from different races, making it possible for dropshippers with diverse languages to interact smoothly with them.
  • Dropshipping from Shein offers transparent customer service, allowing you to relay complaints and make inquiries.
  • Customers are not limited to payment options because the company provides alternative deals or transactions.
  • Shein chooses excellent and quality products to maintain the level of integrity they have attained across the globe.
  • The company's services are highly reliable, as it entertains suggestions from customers or users.

The Disadvantages of Shein Dropshipping

Just like everything existing, there are good and bad sides. The common factors that have been a turn off for dropshipping from Shein are:

  • Maybe because of the reduced prices, some products on Shein are of low quality.
  • Most of the female clothes are transparent, which many users find uncomfortable.
  • Although Shein has various size options, the delivered item may not perfectly fit you.
  • Some buyers complain about the delay in shipping due to unfavorable weather conditions. However, Shein needs a storage method to prevent the delayed goods from damaging.
  • Some refunds may take longer than usual, depending on the bank involved. Also, the formalities involving the refund of items are somewhat stressful.
  • Shein dropshipping is not ultimately cost-effective for dropshippers since you will be required to buy a sample before having the product image.

How to Dropship From Shein?

Shein Dropshipping in 2022-How to Dropship From Shein

To dropship from Shein, you can either order from Shein’s website directly, or transfer the product to your Shopify account.

Dropshipping from Shein to Shopify

If you want to import your goods from Shein into Shopify, you can use any third-party applications available. The most commonly used one is the Importer or Sheinimporter.

Step 1: Register on the Importer or SheinImporter app.

Step 2: Choose a dropshipping plan that is best suitable for you. 

Step 3: Go back to the Shein website and click on the product you would like to export.

Step 4: With the “cross” button at the top right side of your chrome browser, you successfully added the item on Shopify. You will need to provide the item details, including the title and proof tag given as Shein. 

Step 5: Click the “add product” button and happily enjoy your dropshipping business.

Follow the following steps to dropship from the Shein’s website:

Step 1: Find the Niche Product

Shein has a collection of specific products on their webpage. When you go to a category, there are different size options. Make sure to read the product description beneath the image to find out if it belongs to your business niche.

Step 2: Search for Products on Shein

If you are new to the business, you may want to start by ordering items in small sizes from Shein. The big sizes usually attract extra shipping fees. Also, bear in mind that products like baby foods, industrial items, beverages, and chemicals, will require you to carry out paperwork. The extent of the certification depends on the state you are importing it into and the importation rules there.

Step 3: Consider a Cheaper Alternative

Many naive people lose out on the goodies available on Shein’s website. Before spending your dollar, confirm if there is any available freebie to be won. Here are various means you can identify if you stand a chance of winning a giveaway or freebie.

  • Creating an account: To enjoy the free trials available at Shein, you need to create an account with the company. With this, you can get yourself some clothes for free. Also, ensure you fill out the correct details when creating an account. This includes your email address and location. More so, make sure the security pass to your account is strong enough to shut off cybercriminals.
  • Navigate to the free trial section: If you search for the free trial sector on the app as a new user, you may likely not get it. Hence, navigate to this sector via Shein's website. You can get a maximum of three clothes weekly, and you can drop a review within ten days if you win the trial.
  • Live shows and gift card draw: You can try the free trials through live performances and gift card draws. The live shows are when Shein gives out fashion tips to customers and informs them about the new products available. Once you have the gift card, you can purchase any item on Shein for free or at a discount. 

Step 4: Select and Contact Shein Suppliers

Even when you win products from Shein at a discounted price, the next thing is to contact a supplier after making up your mind. The good thing about Shein is that they love to do business directly with customers, so this is an added advantage for you. Contact the supplier information available on the website to confirm the availability of a particular good. Since there are several suppliers on the Shein platform, make sure to keep in touch with yours regularly to confirm the product is still available at the time of payment. Suppliers' policies also vary from one another, so make sure it is in your favor.

Step 5: Place the Order

You need to confirm you are ordering from a trusted supplier to sustain your business integrity. For instance, your business can get a bad reputation from poor reviews on popular websites like Amazon. You can order a sample first before ordering in considerable quantities to avoid misunderstandings. Also, this will give you a better estimation of the shipping cost. Although shipping costs are attached to each product, there may be other legal necessities that demand extra payment

Other Factors to Consider When Dropshipping from Shein’s Website 

Shein Dropshipping in 2022-Other Factors to Consider When Dropshipping from Shein’s Website
  • Understand product descriptions: It is crucial to understand the description of every product on Shein. This includes the material, which determines the cloth quality. For instance, synthetic materials will not hold as much pressure as natural fibers.
  • Consider the cloth measurement: Every product on Shein's website has the measurement attached to it. Make sure it will fit your body size, either as a plus-size or slim body.
  • Inappropriate content/Quality review: Shein does not accept inappropriate content such as violence, abuse, or other brands' watermarked images or videos. Any offensive review or comment will not be published. Also, the review word count should not be above 400 words or below 80 words. It must be detailed information to help other customers shop on the website.

Alternative for Dropshipping from Shein

There are several e-commerce companies available on the internet. However, if you are looking for a similar supply operation with Shein, you should consider the top three companies.


Shein Dropshipping in 2022-Emmacloth

Emmacloth operates on the same sales policy as Shein but with a different identity. As you would have gotten from Shein, Emmacloth is a suitable alternative if you want a fast delivery process.

2. ModeShe

Shein Dropshipping in 2022-ModeShe

ModeShe provides dropshipping services to several parts of the world. The company runs varieties of fashion items that catch the interest of fashionistas. You would not need to worry about inventory costs as a dropshipper; however, it focuses on women's apparel.

3. Fulfillbot

Shein Dropshipping in 2022-Fulfillbot

Another alternative to Shein is the Fulfillbot e-commerce platform. The company helps sellers to shortlist goods from China to the buyers. Hence, it provides one of the best one-stop dropshipping services.


Does Shein Produce Good Quality Clothes?

Shein products are diverse, having high and lower quality clothes. While some women complain about transparent apparel, others love the luxurious texture. Hence, you get the quality you want based on your needs and budget.

Does Shein Work with Shopify?

Shein does not use the Shopify website, but you can import your products from Shein to Shopify. You can use the SheinImporter app to transfer the selected items to Shopify. However, make sure to signup for a plan on the website.

Where Does Shein Get Their Clothes From?

Although Shein started as a Dropshipping service before becoming a retailer, it now operates in big parts of the world. The company gets wholesale clothing from the Guangzhou China market, exemplified during the China-United States trade war. In 2020, it became the famous brand of Instagram and TikTok and YouTube.

Wrapping Up

Shein is undoubtedly one of the top companies that offer the latest fashion trends. It has warehouses in several countries, leading to a fast delivery process. However, ensure to follow every legal procedure when dropshipping from Shein. For instance, present your brand product's picture since Shein will not permit you to use its own. 

It is also advisable to inquire about all you need to know about Shein dropshipping before starting. Some dropshippers have ignored the law, which they had to pay.

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